Jay Bilas thinks Final 4 is a legit goal for Hokies Basketball

Despite him going to Duke, Jay Bilas is probably my favorite college basketball analyst. Never comes across as a homer and gives the most un-bias analysis, especially people on ESPN.

Buzz Williams has done a remarkable job with Justin Robinson out and perhaps not coming back this season. Kerry Blackshear Jr. is one of the best big men in the country, and Nickeil Alexander-Walker is one of the best offensive players in the nation. With Robinson, the Final Four was a legit goal. Without him, the second weekend would be a great success.

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From my perspective, Jay Bilas is the Kirk Herbstreit of college basketball. High praise from Bilas, indeed.

I dont know if that's a good thing.

I think it is, Kirk has slowly grown into an very balanced, objective, and highly articulate analyst IMO. Beyond that, his ability to quickly react on the fly without looking like he is correcting Lee Corso on GameDay is a talent not many possess. I also appreciate his admiration for Corso.


I never really like Corso, so I dont see what there is to admire. I dont watch game day so I dont see that side, all I see is him calling games, which while he is one of the best for espn/ABC, I really hate to listen to him or really basically all announcers, they just say so much inane stuff that doesn't relate to the game they are calling. Like when they call Josh Jackson a dual threat.

Well Corso hasn't called games in a while, at least since his stroke however many years ago that was. The comment above was more referring to how Corso (after his stroke) will usually be about 50/50 in terms of being fully aware of things and able to stay on point, and Herbie (who he's very close with) kind of acts as his filter - he monitors what Corso says, keeps him on script, and gently corrects him if he goes too far into the wrong direction.

(Unless you were talking about Herbstreit, which could also be possible from how you wrote it, it was just a little unclear)

Sorry I was ambiguous, I was talking about Kirk.

ever comes across as a homer and gives the most un-bias analysis

not to mention he called out the NCAA live on air for the Landers Nolley situation

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Yea he is a big advocate on any NCAA corruption which I think we need more high-profile people to do

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......with Justin Robinson.....

Let's see if he plays, first

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I love how Bilas relentlessly rants about how long reviews take every time they happen.

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