Michigan's Beilein to Coach Cleveland Cavaliers

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University of Michigan coach John Beilein has agreed to a five-year contract to become the Cleveland Cavaliers' coach, league sources told ESPN.

Beilein reached a deal with the Cavaliers on Sunday and informed Michigan's administration of his decision to leave for the NBA on Monday morning, sources said.

Totally out of left field for me, and I'm really glad we weren't also competing with the ripple effect from this when we were filling our own coaching vacancy.

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It's weird to see Mr. Beilein whose kids I went to school with as this huge coach now. Long way from UoR.

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Benedictine grad?

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'02 Sheppard Street Alum not this West End Goochland crap.

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Based on legs I'm not the only BHS alum in here?

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Interesting what the domino effect is going to be. Conservatively, Michigan is a top 20 college basketball job. Cronin would have been a really good fit.

UVA is a great place to take a dump.

Good for him, he left WVU in a good position and while they were sad to see him go they understood. He didn't tell his recruits to stay away fro WVU. So a lot of people from the state wish him the best.

Rich Rod leaving for Michigan on the other hand.....

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Oh no, that state hate him.

They act like they do but would love to have him back. Every time Holgorsen lost a game, they were screaming for Rich Rod to come back.

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Well WVU hasn't made great decisions since him, so they are fine with the abusive relationship.

Arizona isn't exactly enamored with him, either

One benefit of Buzz leaving, we don't have to panic about UM poaching our coach.

Also. Tony Bennett to Ann Arbor. Please?

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As much as it pains to hear it, Bennett is going to be coaching the Harvard of Charlottesville for at least the next 10 years.

I thought he coached at UVA, did he leave?

I'm fairly certain he's a UVA lifer, and unless things go terribly wrong he'll retire there.

But a guy can dream...

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Yep, the good news is that he won't win a national championship though, no- the packline is easy to figure out and if Hunter gets cold, they can't score... oh wait.

The fact they had one of the easiest tournament schedules in recent memory (never had to play a 1 or 2 seed, four games playing a 5 seed or worse) played to their advantage. UVa still isn't recruiting at a "blue blood" level (that may change starting in the 2020 recruiting cycle and with the advent of the NBA rule changes). I saw this season as a statistical aberration. Top 15 program but still not Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Kansas etc.

Meh, sour grapes. They rolled through the ACC- the toughest league in America- in the regular season. They have been excellent for a number of years now. People on here downplay them, and I get that, but they are a legit top 5 program now. You can't argue that. They have like a 90% win % in the ACC the past 3 years- that's sick.

Nice upgrade, without bron-bron there me might actually get to coach the team...

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Knowing their lottery luck, who knows if they so happen to snag Zion also.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

I wonder if Buzz would be interested in Michigan? It's not his current job, so probably

Anybody we can steal from the Michigan commits?

I'm pumped about this hire! Really nice to see the Cavs go after a coach who may actually know what he's doing. Also excited to see how he deals with Larry Nance Jr., guy's a freak athlete but just needs a system where he can be able to play off the ball with more freedom.