Upgrades to Merryman Offices.

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First thing I noticed was that all of the photos on the wall are from the Fuente era.

Is that such a bad thing as we continue to move into this new era?

but we will have to repaint after the pie coalition gets him fired!


Nah. If anything I'd say it's a good thing. He's gotta be able to sell this as his program. No disrespect to the previous era, but Fuente can't be "taking over for Beamer" forever. He's gotta be able to advertise it as his program.

Agreed and #25 is prominently placed in one of the pictures. It's Fuente's program, and we should reflect that, but it's also the house that Beamer built, which Fuente has done a great job of incorporating.

Not necessarily a bad thing, as it's clear that Fuente is trying to mold this program into his own now, and the upgrades do look very nice and were much needed.

But, I can't help but wonder how this approach of emphasizing only things in the current coach's tenure would go over at a true blueblood school. It could likely alienate a lot of people and put that coach in a tough spot with player alumni and fans if he doesn't win (hmm sounds familiar).

The point is, our glory days as a program happened well before Fuente arrived. We haven't won much of significance yet in this era, and though we are starting to build some NFL legacy under the new staff, most of those guys were before him as well. It wouldn't hurt to have a few pictures of those guys, or players hoisting an ACC title/Major Bowl trophy on the wall as recruits walk by.

Not a major gripe as I do like the renovations, but more a commentary on the overall direction of the program's makeover.

I can't help but wonder how this approach of emphasizing only things in the current coach's tenure would go over at a true blueblood school.

We're not a blueblood, so we shouldn't concern ourselves with that.

We haven't won much of significance yet in this era

Given the pedigree of the teams we are recruiting against, pretty much all with their own collection of National Championships, you could argue by comparison, we haven't won much of significance in our history. A few conference titles and 2 Alliance/BCS wins isn't going to knock the socks off any of the recruits we are after when they go to other places like Bama, Clemson, FSU, Penn St, etc and see rooms filled with National Championship and Heisman trophies.

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I think that is a good thing, to be honest. He is trying to build his culture here- something the Hill's, Mook's, Kumah's, Jackson's had an issue with on some level. Let's go all in on the Fuente culture and see where it gets us.

Agreed. It's also a sign that getting to the natty once in 2000 isn't what we plan on hanging out hat on. Eyes forward get a lot more done than eyes back.

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Yea heard they're updating the sign in the tunnel beside the hokie stone to say "For those who have passed*. For those to come. *as long as it was after 2015"

Glad to see they're constantly updating facilities though. Goes a lot further with recruits than you think.

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Much needed. Glad we are making moves in this regard.