VT-BC Baseball Broadcast

Last night Hokie Vision hosted their first linear broadcast, carrying the VT-BC baseball game on ESPNU as part of the ramp up to the launch of the ACC Network. I watched about 2/3 of the game and the broadcast quality was pretty solid. Here is some of the stuff from Twitter surrounding the broadcast:

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That is some sweet broadcast setup stuff! I watched the game until the unfortunate hop at 1st that scored BC runs 4 and 5, it seemed over at that point. Looks like they're set up for August!

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Watched parts of the game last night and Great Going to HokieVision. A lot of camera views that assisted the umps in replaying calls, although, it was funny watching how far the umps have to jog back to the field from the replay monitors. Baseball field and stadium looked really good. Can't wait for the football broadcasts!

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I did have a pretty good laugh every time there was a review. The length of the run just adds to the suspense of the eventual call I guess. Building in some theatrics.

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