4-5 Games Left: Redshirt Status??

Here's hoping for 5 games (ACCCG), but I was still thinking that we are at/near the time where we can play some true freshmen, now with some additional development, without losing their redshirt.

Anyone you expect/hope to see on the field over the next few games? (#sauces appreciated)

Anyone who has played some but who is likely done to preserve a RS?

Any chance Hudson or Nester redshirt next year with Hoffman becoming eligible?

Go Hokies!!!!

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IMO there is 0 chance Hudson or Nester redshirt next year.... I don't even think Hudson was suppose to play C but because of no Hoffman this year, they pushed him to center.... I would think he moves over to G/T next year.

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I could see Nester redshirt next year. I think we keep Hudson at center and slide Hoffman over to RG in 2019. Nester would then be behind Hoffman and probably Cannon

Nester has had an......uneven season.

LSmith on the other hand has been very good. And Cannon is quite good in the run game.

I like the idea of redshirting Nester to accommodate Hoffman

Correct. I also see Dzansi spending a lot of time inside next year, especially if Tyrell Smith gets his medical redshirt granted. A year of being able to focus on technique would be huge for Nester

I personally would like to see some more of the human bowling ball known as Tahj Gary. The 4 carries for 24 yards he had against URI definitely left me wanting to see more of him on the field.

I suspect we'll see him and/or Holsten in the remaining games.

Indeed. It would be especially nice to see him come back to Atlanta this weekend and stomp some mudholes in GT buttholes.

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Holston and Gary maybe show up?

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Any word on Holston's injury? He got hurt against BC and hasn't seen the field since. I'm curious as to how he'd be handled, since the change to the "medical redshirt" rule allowing a player to take one even if he's already taken a normal redshirt season only applies if the redshirt season was taken in his first year of eligibility. I feel like Holston might get held out for the rest of the year so that they could apply for a medical redshirt, if needed, in a future season. Though, technically, if a player fully recovers from his injury before the season is over, I believe he is no longer eligible to receive a medical redshirt, meaning it may not actually save anything.

As for Gary, I only expect to see him on the field again in garbage time, unless 2 out of McClease, King, and Keene get hurt.

IIRC, Fuente said before the bye week that he had been recovering more quickly than anticipated and could be ready sometime after the bye week (which has obviously already happened).

What does a medical hardship redshirt have to do with anything? He's already a junior and has never taken any redshirt.

If I understand the rule correctly, if he takes a regular redshirt this year, he wouldn't be eligible for a medical hardship waiver in a future season if needed. While there's only a small chance of that happening, it's still something to consider.

If he doesn't take a redshirt this year he definitely loses a year. Why would he not take it?

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My question is, will they hold him out entirely and retain eligibility for a medical hardship waiver down the line, or will they play him in up to 3 games and retain his redshirt status for this season, but lose future eligibility for a medical hardship waiver?

I get what you are saying now. I was not aware a red shirt would be viewed differently. Even so, he already played week one, so would that have any bearing?

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According to the rules for applying for a medical hardship waiver, a player must have participated in no more than 30% of his team's regular-season contests (3, for football), and none after the mid-way point of the season. Playing in the first game would not preclude him from applying (and almost certainly being granted) a medical hardship waiver if he were unable to return.


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Any chance we'll get to see a glimpse of Jaden Payoute? We're pretty solid at WR, but would be nice to see him get a little PT within the redshirt.

I was thinking this during the WF game. I have no info how far along he is, but he might be a nice option to stretch the field a little if he's remotely ready.

Not sure how many games he's played but Robinson just stole PR job.

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He's played in all of them. Definitely not a redshirt

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Payoute is my #1. Saw the kid play in high school and he is dynamic. Very excited for his future. Would also love to see some reps for JR Walker and Amare Barno but imperative we keep them within the 4 games to retain a year.

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All of the beast, game changing true freshman receivers except Robinson are going to redshirt, and that is a good thing.