CMY Ball Recruiting - November 2019

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BAM!!! We a basketball.....and football school.


and wrestling!

With Bamisile and Darius Maddox, we could have 5 of the top 20 recruits to sign with VT in the past 20 years on next year's team.

Nolley (if he stays)

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I don't see Nolley leaving after this year. After next year maybe.

Nolley will be a first round pick like NAW if he keeps up what he is doing, and in that case he will certainly leave and it would actually become a selling point for us in recruiting

Go for it

Not to mention Alleyne and Ojiako reclassified to the class of 2019 for VT as 3*. They probably could have been a lot higher rated had they stayed another year.

We're in the Top 4 for Frenchman Daniel Batcho and his fresh Kid 'n Play haircut. Currently on the U18 French National Team.

He 6-10 with or without the boxtop hair cut?


A real Marshall Wood look

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Any news on any other 2020 targets? I know we missed on the big ones but got to think CMY is looking for some size. Or is it just gonna wait until the spring? Haven't followed basketball recruiting too much until recently to know how much happens during the season.

A basketball coach with a proven track record of in-game coaching excellence, a winning personality, and a staff that recruits top 100 players? Is such a thing possible at our beloved Blacksburg Institute? Giggity!

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6'8" and athletic, can play on the wing and decent moves in the post. Looks perfect for the 4 spot ("power forward") in the modern game.

Just decommitted from Georgetown. Maybe someone we can go after? Says he was interested in ND and Michigan before he committed.

Staff are dedicated to monitoring this stuff. I'm 100% sure they're aware a top 100 guy is available and planning any efforts if there is any plausible chance/desire of him going to VT.

Jamari Sibley is the guy we really want.