Virginia Tech vs. Lehigh Thread

Hokies up by three midway through the first half. The ball movement has been phenomenal the last few possessions with four freshmen on the floor. Mike Young is a very good basketball coach.

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They are getting turnovers,Lehigh hasnt scored in the past 4 minutes

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Sounds like Cassel has a decent crowd. GO HOKIES!!!

Apppears about half full to me, student section looks full

Sold out technically, but 60% attendance. Students showed.

Anyone have a way to listen or watch?

I'm streaming it from the ESPN app via PSVue.

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ESPN watch YouTube TV

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can stream from watch espn.

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Thanks all, my WatchESPN won't let me because I'm supposed to "demand that my TV subscriber carry ACCN"

YTTV is a good option, if you're open to cutting the cord.

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Then you can't in most places watch the football game today.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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how so?

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I think he doesn't realize that you can watch ACCNX games on the ESPN app with your YTTV login.

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These are are RSN games, many places the games are blacked out on watch ESPN.

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If it's blacked out where you are on the ESPN app then it will be on a local station on YTTV.

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Fox sports sun isn't on YouTube TV here that I've found. Granted I only have a free trial.

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Oh gotcha. I've got it here but I'm in SC.

Using /s is for cowards.

Agreed, switched to YouTube TV from Comcast at the start of football season and haven't been disappointed. Especially with the reduction in my bill each month!

Cord already cut, I guess I should say the login I use for WatchESPN doesn't work for ACCNX, haha

CMYBALL forcing turnovers like Bud. Hokies up by 14 now

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Kyle cattoor!!!!

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Anyone else watching the game wanna quit smoking, lol? I don't smoke, but feel like I should quit after all the Chantix commercials.

I did. Seven years ago, with the help of Chantix. Other than a 9-year break in my mid-30's, I had smoked since I was 13.

Hey congrats man. Proud of you!

This is not meant to insult, I'm genuinely curious....I've always wondered how someone can quit for so long, 9 years in your case, then pick it back up

Congrats on quitting

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Because cigarettes are THAT addictive.

I never quit for 9 years at any time before starting up again, but I smoked 3 separate times in my 20s and early 30s and the two non-smoking gaps in between were something like 9 months and a year and a half, respectively. I finally quit for good (crosses fingers) in 2006. But they will call to you for several years after quitting.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

Sorry, just saw this. It was a drunken night in Acapulco back in the late 80's, after multiple 'bombers' at some crazy clubs. My then wife and I were back in the room and the resort had, as one of their many amenities, packs of Marlboro's in the room. I remember thinking "well, there's nothing else to smoke", lit one up annnnd, that's all it took.

If only the valet had come up with some weed earlier that night...

Cattoor with a sweet block followed by a three ball!

These commentators are garbage. Said the Clemson game was an SEC game and said the block by Cantoor was just a mis by them. 😑

I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them!

That's what you are gonna get on ACCNx


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It's like Lehigh's controller froze up this 2nd half. There's like 5 minutes left and they've only scored 10 pts

lol had to run to the store to get replacement AA battery

β€œI'm addicted to placebos. I could quit, but it wouldn't matter”~steven wright

So Nolley is a pretty good scorer huh?

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Ojiako is going to be a good Big man for us when he grows up. Needs a little weight and muscle to play in the ACC.

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Great win. Obviously going 4-0 is great but the only conclusions I can make:

1) The team plays hard and is well coached
2) Landers Nolley is really good
3) We're not going to be an embarrassment which is better than my initial expectations

The Maui invitational will be a great litmus test for us. If we have a respectable showing, I'll be more bullish about conference play.

Came here because I heard Nolley is pretty good 😊

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This team plays good defense and rebounds the ball well on both ends. PJ Horne is a monster on the offensive glass. I still think an NCAA Tournament bid is highly unlikely, but I think the NIT is within the realm of possibility. That would be a successful first year to me.

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I would absolutely take an NIT this year

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