Ask TKP: Do we need a QB for 2020 Recruiting Cycle?

I thought this was worthy enough for its own thread separate from the Nov Recruiting thread.

Let's start by looking at our QB Room for next year (Eligibility is from current class listed on Hokiesports):
Hendon Hooker, R-SO
The current starter, most likely has the upper hand in the QB competition for next year. I can't see him transferring considering the amount of effort he has put in to come back from the transfer portal and eventually become the starter.

Quincy Patterson II R-FR
Right now, QP II is the next man up, while not the starter he's getting a good amount of playing time. He also likes VT's academics from what he stated during his enrollment. I don't see him wanting to transfer out.

Braxton Burmeister R-SO
While we haven't seen Braxton play in a Hokie uniform, Fuente was really trying hard to get him immediately eligible and potentially compete with Willis. Braxton was a .8941 composite 4-star recruit at Oregon before transferring to VT. I also don't see him wanting to transfer if he just got here last year and had to sit out.

Knox Kadum True Fr
Knox is one who might find it hard to get playing time with potentially 3 in-front of him and Dematrius Davis coming in 2021. However he has run a similar offense at Rome high school and could be a valuable QB to us when his time comes.

I believe we have at least one Walk-on (Trevor Jackson)

2021 - Dematrius Davis
Davis is the #4 overall dual-threat QB according to 247 rankings. This is one exciting player that the fans are looking forward to and I'm sure the coaches are too. Plays in a solid football state for high school.

Recent QB Visitors from the 2020 Class:
Tate Rodemaker
A current USF commit but recently visited VA Tech on Nov 9; however he is a Pro-style QB and I'm not sure if he fits our scheme. But potential changes at USF might convince him to flip to VT especially if we are looking to add to the QB room.

Chandler Morris
Yes the son of Chad Morris is a composite 4-star QB with a .8925 and #13 overall Dual-threat QB. Is visiting VT this weekend. I really like his throws, they're right on the money and highlights also show his running ability. A little undersized at 5-11, 178 but he would have time to get Hilgartized. De-Committed from Arkansas.

So What do you all think?

We have 4 QBs, plus one coming in 2021 who is highly rated. If we pick up a QB in 2020, is the room crowded? Or can we say that we can never have too many? I'd say if we have a chance at a guy like Chandler Morris, let's get him.

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IMO you can never have too many capable QBs.

Too crowded and with the size of the class we need to sign (i.e. very small) we're better off putting our efforts elsewhere for the rest of this class.

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numbers always work tho

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No doubt.

But with Burmeister ready to go next year, we've got a good 3-deep with QP, Hooker, and Burmy. I'd much rather keep loading up in the trenches to win the LOS battle than to continue adding at QB in such a small class. Either that, or add on another RB or WR for us to use.

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I always forget about Burmeister.

So will the depth chart at QB be:

1. HH
2. QP
3. Burmeister


1. HH
2. Burmeister
3. QP

4. Knox Kadum
5. Trevor Jackson (?)
6. Noah Kim

I think Hooker is safe as QB1 next year, the pitchforks and torches will come back out if he gets demoted to QB2 after what he's done for us this season. If Patterson got passed, I would not be surprised to see the portal come calling. Although IF Hooker stays throughout his senior year, both he and Burmesiter will graduate together, that would still only leave 1 year for Patterson as starter, if he is ready, and by that time Davis will be in town...

It's a good dilema to have as a coach, I imagine

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Noah Kim decommitted.

I see Burmeister at #2 competing with Hooker for the starting role.

Recruit Prosim

thanks, somehow I missed that nuggett

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Unless HH falls apart in the next few weeks, I really hope we don't do a charade of a QB competition in the offseason

I share this desire, but it doesn't seem to be Fuente's style.

Recruit Prosim

Ham Oink decommitted late October and is now a Sparty commit

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I'd say Hooker is going to enter the year as the established starter. He's proven an ability to compete and win at this level, and now the onus will be on everyone else to prove they are hands down better than him if they want to get playing time.

Burmeister will be competing with QP for the backup spot. I know there were reports about him arguably being QB1 this year if he was eligible, but I do wonder how much of that was a true statement about how good he was against the rest of the guys, or if the coaches knew they got all they could out of Willis last year, and with Hooker reportedly being hurt to start the year, they needed that other option, and the NCAA blocked it from happening.

I kind of agree about Patterson. I love the kid, and as a raw talent, he's awesome, but eventually he's going to have to put it all together. Life comes at you fast, and assuming the DD commitment holds up, he's in danger of getting squeezed out.

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add on another RB or WR for us to use.

Could you imagine? 6'4" 245 LBS at RB?

Sounds like an H-Back

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Brandon Jacobs has entered the chat.

I kind of agree about Patterson. I love the kid, and as a raw talent, he's awesome, but eventually he's going to have to put it all together

Reminder that QP has only been at the program ~15 months, and his unique HS situation, and not to mention that he has already started to put it together. He'll be ready to go by the time HH graduates/enters the draft.

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Exactly. I have said this many times here, but the QP criticisms about where he is as a QB 15 months in lack context and any sort of realistic approach.

He was recruited as a PROJECT. He only threw 70 passes per season in HS without a lot of talent to throw to. He is incredibly smart, has bought in, is a natural leader and has vastly improved.

Talking about other positions and acting as if he isn't where he should be is just getting old and lacks any understanding at all. Realistically he wasn't going to be ready to be a star until his redshirt sophomore or junior year.

I want to see Burmeister line up as QB with Hooker and Patterson in the backfield. Potential to option to HH or QP, Burmeister could throw, as could either of the other two. Seems like a nightmare for a defense to cover considering how many different things you could do from that, or am I delusional?

I love the enthusiasm but I'm afraid it's a bit delusional.

Even if it's delusional, why wouldn't you do something like that? Genuinely curious. It seems like one of those things that would give opposing coaches a "what the actual @#%$ is going on here" moment if they saw that on the field

Might be useful to install a few wonky looking goal line or 2pt plays, but it's definitely not the basis for an offense -- see how Lamar Jackson, RGIII, and Mark Ingram all line up in the Ravens' "Heisman package". Lot of window dressing and wonky motion and such, but definitely not how you want to run the offense on every down. Especially since you're exposing the three-deep at QB (ostensibly) to injury on a single play.

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Yeah, sorry, should have specified I didn't mean as an every down type set, but one you could run once in awhile for a play you could do a lot from.

I am VERY out of the loop here, can you explain why we need to take such a small class? I have sort of ignored recruiting (I'm not getting hurt again /s) and just looked on 247 and saw our super small class.

Because we only have a certain number of scholarships to give considering how young our team is

Thank you, and everyone else. Makes sense!

Only 5 Seniors this year and it's a one out, one in situation.

We only have 5 seniors on the roster. Even with transfers, we're just not losing enough to take in a big class unless we start showing kids the door.

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Do we even graduate five seniors on scholarship? Floyd, Willis, Quillen and.....

Tyron Smith didn't do senior day and seems to be applying for a 6th year.

Is Ish Seisay on scholarship? Probably not. Same for Daniel Griffin.

I think we effectively have three seniors.

very few graduating seniors means that we'll need to find any other available scholarships from those with eligibility remaining

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Yes. Injuries suck but they happen. Unexpected transfers suck but they happen. A recruit flipping sucks but it happens. Better to have one more than you need than to need one more than you have.

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You don't have to go far back to find a time when Virginia Tech had serious depth issues in the QB room. You don't want to go back to a situation where the Hokies have to take a transfer just because they need bodies.

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Also just because someone is a highly touted recruit doesn't mean they will pan out. You always hope the top guy you bring in can perform at the next level, but you always have to be ready incase he can't

Yeah, check out all the comments from earlier this year when Hendon Hooker entered transfer portal. I think we're all pretty happy he stuck around.

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Yikes, that wasn't the right spot


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This is true

Besides, if we don't need him to be a QB down the road... he can always be a beast at safety or a TE. This always works out in NCAA Dynasty Mode

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Won't Burmeister be a redshirt junior next year?

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(Eligibility is from current class listed on Hokiesports)

yes tho

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Jeff Sims also a possibility? I know 904 said something about him being interested with the FSU coaching change.

He decommitted from FSU this week after Norvell said he didn't fit his model.

Consensus seems to be Sims to GT, unfortunately

In the age of the transfer portal. I think you do take a QB every year as long he fits the system.

Assuming both HH and BB stay healthy, I don't think its stretch to assume the one not starting transfers out after the 2020 season. Does QP decide he needs more than one year as a starter and transfer as well? What if QP wins the starting job, do both HH and BB transfer out? Throw some of the other unpredictable stuff that happens to college athlete, off the field issues, injuries, or a bad recruiting evaluation and you can suddenly find the QB room pretty empty. The flip side of course is that you might be able to get someone out of the portal, but to rely on that to bolster your depth is risky. Then again:

The portal taketh and the portal giveth

Even if 2 transfer out (unlikely) you still have 2 left and DD coming in 21. I say pass on QB this year and get more D lineman.

People are paranoid on transfers. This year it's highly unlikely.
Braxton - already sat out. Will stay.
hendon - returning starter and meeting star. Will stay.
QP - committed guy and only will be 3rd year next year. He would have to sit out, so why transfer. At least wait a year and play it out.
Knox Kadum - knew situation and is just a redshirt freshman. He would have to sit out and needs to develop,

I don't see it. I think we are in great position for 20 and 21 at the QB spot

Definitely some scuttlebutt on QP out there.

Well if we are certain Davis is in the fold, and even better if he can enroll early, then I say no. We have a logjam of quarterbacks that are about the same age.

I expect Hooker to stay until he graduates, and I do not expect him to leave early, meaning that he'll be the guy for the next two years.

QP will be a r-SO next year and has three years left, so I would expect him to take the reigns in his final year, as well as in any clean up duty, injury replacement, and, possibly but not probably, beating out HH at some point in the future.

Braxton is in a tough spot. He's a r-SO now, will he be a r-JR next year? If so, his timeline matches up exactly with HH. He's not a guy who can take over for his final year unless HH leaves early (unexpected), so he's left with the option of winning the job over HH and QP or transferring out.

What this all means is that we are set for QB, barring injury, suspension, or departure (early or transfer), with these three guys for the next two years. And I'm not even talking about the walk-on guys. That takes us through the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

If Davis is a lock, then I say no, don't take a QB in 2020, address other needs. If we have a dyed-in-the-wool VT lifer in this class who is really highly rated and fits the scheme, then give him a scholly, not much harm in having another great guy, since it is definitely a good idea to take a QB every class. If we have a dyed-in-the-wool VT lifer who is...not...highly rated and fits the scheme, then let him have a walk-on opportunity. No harm in having a blue blood amongst us.

But don't go out and try to find someone this class. I'd say the answer is no, don't bring in a QB.

@RockyPere77 Great topic, BTW.

I'm not so sure we should rule QP out for winning the starting job next year just yet. He is already ahead of schedule and could definitely pass Hooker at some point. They also apparently get along quite well so it may be a dual effort at times. Like tomorrow, I would not be surprised to see QP get quality reps if we need to control the ball on the ground. I can't envision Burmeister staying in the race but who knows. Always take a qb if he is willing and fits the system. I would rather have good ones leave than get caught without a good one. You just can't win at this level without quality qb play.

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From what I've seen of QP's ability to read a defense and go through progressions, he would have to have a huge leap in the offseason to beat out Hooker

He would, but it is conceivable even if improbable

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I feel like there is some inevitable QB attrition left in our QB room, and just about every QB room in the country for that matter. I think you should take a QB in at least 3/4 classes, but with the increase in QB transfers I may be changing my tune to it's safest to take one in every class.

If you have a chance to get someone elite, always say yes. I think the staff does not want to be left without at least 2 viable ACC starting caliber QBs at all times. Injuries happen. Guys go pro. To have 2 viable options you need at least 4 total in the pipeline. 4 4-star and above guys. That means 1 per year every year. 50% will never see the field. Each one will probably start 2 years max. That's just the trend in college, if you can put together 2 strong years after redshirting/sitting 1-2 years you take a shot at the pros. Strong competition is always good

With our current stable if be more interested in going after a high ranking RB. I'm not asking for Saquon, I'll settle for David Wilson.

@RockyPere77 Great topic, BTW.

Right on brother...Let's hope we get some news soon on recent visitors plus and any word on Jeff Sims.

Also I'm hoping we can get maybe one more at D-End for depth purpose.

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The only thing I worry about is QP not seeing the field much and transferring out. He was gung ho on VT's engineering program, but guess what? He's not an engineering major anymore. He's a business major.

For whatever reason, the football coaches or somebody else, are talking these guys out of majoring in engineering. I know firsthand that QP isn't the only player that's been talked out of an engineering major. I don't know if their reasoning is that engineering takes too much time away from football and/or there's a chance that with the workload they might not stay academically eligible. Or if they're telling them that it's useful for engineers to be knowledgeable in business and they can go back and get their engineering degree after they're done playing football. I don't know, but I find it dishonest to recruit these kids and tell them they can major in engineering and then during their first semester of Gen Eds, "urge" them switch majors.

I agree. I'm kind of worried that QP is going to transfer out.

If he is going to transfer, this is the best year. If he sees himself sitting behind HH/Burmeister the next two years then he gets a max of one year as the starter. If he transfers now he sits out 2020 and has 2021, 2022 as a starter somewhere else.

I don't want to lose QP either, but if he transfers out it's probably a reflection that we have 1-2 guys ahead of him that are performing at a higher level. If we hold on to Dematrius Davis (big if, this far out) he *might* never start if Hooker stays til his eligibility expires and DD is as good as he looks.

It's the nature of the beast nowadays. I expect QB grad transfers/transfers in general to continue to rise. Guys just want to play and it's a position where there is only one starter per team and not a lot of "rotation" going on in most cases.

"passed/buried on the depth chart" is quickly becoming one of my favorite tkp memes

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Are you saying you know first hand that QP was talked out of Engineering by the coaches?

Regardless, it would be very tough. Engineering is intentionally inflexible so I could see it being very difficult to work around the scheduling conflicts.

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QPs instagram seemed to have a lot of stories about how difficult the engineering coursework was

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I can see that. Freshman engineering courses are weed out classes to see which students actually want it - which students are willing to put in a lot of time. It's a good test because most will have to by their junior year. And if you are also a college athlete who has to memorize a brand new playbook and start learning the nuances of a passing game you were never really exposed to, it can probably be a lot to take on

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I know first hand that another player was talked out of Engineering. And then you have QP come in and talking about how he wants to be an engineer and they took him to see the new engineering building before anything else athletic related.

And then boom, business major.

Only engineering major i've ever seen come through the program was Jeff Beyer.

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You know pretty early in the Engineering program if you're going to cut it or not - in a lot of cases, it's more to do with time than it is with smarts. Not only that, but if you're lucky enough to be in a program that's paying your way (sports, ROTC, etc.) your advisers can see it too.

You're exactly right. In these cases it is more to do with time than smarts. So why tell the kids they can major in engineering when history shows they won't have time? I would be understanding if it was a try and see if the kid has the smarts kind of promise. You don't know until you try. But clearly a lot of people seem to already know there just isn't enough time in a day to succeed in D1 football and big boy engineering.

Recruiting is selling and he was sold on a chance to play football and a chance to study engineering. Nothing wrong with that - chances are both he and the coaches knew ahead of time that doing both for 4-5 years was a long shot. Nobody coming in is promised a specific degree just like nobody is promised a starting spot on the team - you're promised a chance. Somewhere in the process of juggling priorities, decisions need to be made on which ones are more important. You can always go back and get an engineering degree in 10 years, but you can't go back and finish your college football career.

I agree with you 100%, but during the recruiting process, the slim odds of succeeding in both is severely downplayed to the point of getting into some gray areas of the truth.

I think, and I can't believe I am about to say this about VT Football, the QB room is deep enough. I agree with the people that have said that we have bigger needs elsewhere on with the small class. If we end up with transfer attrition, there will be a dozen QBs in the portal that can bridge the depth chart gaps until DD takes the reigns.

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It is worth noting that Coach Fuente was said to be a "quarterback whisper" when he was hired yet has not had the same quarterback be the starter two full seasons in a row. Maybe Hooker will be the first to be around to fully benefit from his focus as a multiyear starter but a full house of QBs in the years ahead might mean no one QB gets his full attention.

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Inaccurate. Jackson was the starter in his second year (and playing well) before he got hurt. Not sure how you blame the coach there.

He was playing ..... okay...before getting hurt.

That's fine. My point is the comment is inaccurate and out of context. Jerod went pro or he would have certainly been the starter, Jackson got hurt and they tried to start Willis. I believe that is evidence they really want someone to win the job and take it for several years. It just hasn't worked out thus far in that way.

I said two full seasons. I was not blaming the coach, only noting that his ability to be a "quarterback whisperer" probably has a time factor which he has not yet had.

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Okay that's fair. My fault for misinterpreting. Makes sense.