Here I go being optimistic again

Today sucked. It sucked bad. Probably one of the lowest points in the last 15 years for the program.

But I actually feel good about the future. I think this team has a real opportunity to return to form next year. We lose Floyd and maybe Farley to the NFL... but we return a ton of production and we saw exponential growth on both sides of the ball this year.

Our recieving corp is still close to the best it's ever been with Turner, Hazelton, and Robinson. Hopefully Grimsley gets healthy and we see some more Payoute next year to take the top off.

The running backs feel good. McClease has improved tremendously and King is legit. Another year in the weight room will do him wonders. We have some more talent coming in and will probably trim some of the fat.

Our OL is super young and they've made huge improvements since Kill came in. Nester and Hudson played incredible for true freshman. Silas, Darrisaw, Lecitus, and Tenuta have all been steady.

Hooker turned our season around. QP will continue to develop if we can retain him. Burmeister will push Hooker for the starting spot and will provide solid depth if nothing else.

Keane's the F'ing man and James Mitchell is a freak athlete that will be great.

Our D line has been a weakness but we've actually seen them grow a lot too. We've had way more sacks than I anticipated. This is still our biggest area of need recruiting wise, but I don't consider it a gaping hole anymore.

DBs will be filth if we can somehow keep Farley but think he will be gone. Waller and Conner have also played incredibly well and had several ACC player of the weeks. Safety concerns me a little but I think Hunter has played solidly in his minutes this year.

Linebackers Ashby is the most consistent player on the team. Dax has made some good strides (can't wait to see him play his natural position) and Tisdale is waiting in the wings.

I think that with a good offseason and some potential staff shake ups we have a lot to look forward to. I think next year we go 1-0 and start a new streak against these buttholes.

Future is bright. Go Hokies.

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We'll be fine.

They will not.

They still don't even know what to brag about, I'm still getting Equestrian National Title arguments.

Things about them seemed fishy this year. They will get crushed by Clemson and we will win by 28 next year.

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They also lose the heart and soul of their team. Perkins was a warrior and I have nothing but respect for him as a player. They will miss him tremendously.

Recruit Prosim

We also should've still beat them with 3 extra turnovers. They're not good..., Still a firm believer there was strange shit in play today.

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What strange shit?

Probably the strange shit that allowed us to make it 15 games in a row last year.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

ehhh I hate to say it but I think their win today was less flukey than our win last season

I 100% agree. I just meant that after that win last year I think we used up all of our end game magic/voodoo/sorcery/luck in the series since the 2012 game.

Not sure why this was downvoted. Gave you a leg to even it up, and cause I'm curious about the perceived strange shit afoot as well

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Yeah. 'Strange shit' insinuates that the game was fixed or an advantage was unfairly given to UVA. Comes across as extremely sour grapes to me.

I find it odd their field was as muddy as it was and when you check the past weather reports, there hasn't been any amount of rain within the last week to cause that.

Noticed it the first drive of the game with our players losing their footing and then the announcers even joked about the one dumb UVA kid slipping on the hill.

We got a ton of rain last week vs Pitt and it wasn't even that bad.

How your grounds crew over waters that much raises a flag in my book.

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Don't go this route. We aren't UNC

I did notice something odd with the middle of the field. Our guys slipped several times. I saw Perkins slip once.

My personal theory was that it was caused by the skydiver pregame, but that was based on a very small clip I saw at the end of the first quarter, but not a clear view because the TV feed kept sputtering at times.

The logos painted on at midfield can be really slick and it looked like each slip was happening on that paint.

Gobble Till You Wobble

Chunks of grass were being pulled up by players sliding. Very odd when you've had no rain.

Grounds crew must've left the sprinklers on by mistake Thursday night.

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LB with the word KILL in eyeblack, 3 facemasks by D not called, 2 facemasks by Dubois not called, Deablo getting an unsportsmanlike penalty after he got pulled by the facemask over to the wall and hit by Dubois, chop block to Belmar, about 60 uncalled holding penalties, a catch out of bounds called good, a good catch by us overturned on replay that NEVER SHOWED THE BALL HITTING THE GROUND, defensive holding on a pass play at the 1 yard line that should have been pass interference, illegal forward pass on a spike resulting in a 5 yard penalty and 10 seconds run off clock, the center judge running onto our sideline and two arm pushing Deablo in the chest for no good reason after he ran Perkins out of bounds, the Ref and Center Judge going to the UVA sideline before the game even started and patting the UVA QB on the back.

You know, strange shit.

Call me Dale Gribble, but I agree with all that strange shit. Too much strange shit.

Did anyone hear an explanation on the illegal forward pass? If they gave one i missed it

I thought it was because the snap was fumbled so the ball had already hit the ground before he picked it up to throw.

That made more sense yesterday than it does now, because I know I've seen plays where the snap is fumbled, but the QB still recovers and throws it downfield.

Just today Trevor Lawrence fumbled the snap and threw a td pass

exit light

Yeah they called it an illegal forward pass, but I think it really should have been called intentional grounding. Normally, the grounding rule has a loophole for spiking the football. Once it is dropped, the qb is considered under duress and can no longer spike it. At least that is my understanding.

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I thought I saw what looked like KILL in eye black. Deablo did swing at the guy so that penalty was fine. It was stupid that he was pulled to the wall.

The replay booth was atrocious. I thought they should have gotten the interception at back of the end zone. That was definitey a catch by us and an incomplete pass by them.

I tried to find more information about the fumbled spike. It looks like a spike is a special case in regards to the intentional grounding rule where as long as it's immediately after the snap it is not intentional grounding. This is from the NFL rule book so it may be slightly different or the refs called it incorrectly.

I'm all for calling questionable things against our team "strange shit" hereforth. It sounds less whiney and sore than "bullshit" or "horse shit", it retains the "shit", and adds an air of skepticism said shit likely deserves. It might not imply every call against us was incorrect but the mounting evidence indeed deserves scrutiny.

Strange shit afoot, indeed.

"Yeah, it do." - Mike Vick

I thought the game was called pretty fair, except for the Hazelton catch being overturned and that other catch at the end they said was good. But, my Uva friend did text me before that game about a prophecy. There have now been seven different coastal champions in the last seven years. He said it was written before the game, that this was the way of the coastal chaos.

They dont just lose Perkins, they also lose WR #8 Hasise Dubois, who had 139 yards receiving, #2 Joe Reed, who had 66 yards receiving and their starting TE #44 Cowley. Defensively, they lose DT Hanback, who had a forced fumble, and wrecked plays all along the line today. LB #4 Jordan Mack, 6 tackles, also will not be back next season. No real heir apparents for the offensive side, not really sure about the defensive side.

I can't see Farley leaving this offseason, we will be fine going forward the qb room gets better and more experienced by the day and our recieving core is stacked with young guys. The line gets a big boost with Hoffman next year as well I feel good about a full off-season for this team now we need to keep recruiting momentum and finish out the class and focus on 2021

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Heading into this week he was the highest graded corner in coverage in the country via PFF, on a list with both Bama and LSU corners, and he's well aware of it. I will be interested to see if he goes or not, depending on what the people around him and the draft advisory board tell him. I don't think he's a lock either way.

I still think Waller is fundamentally a better corner and Farley is still too raw to take a step up one more year could do him wonders

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I'd think long and hard about coming back if the scheme is going to be changing.

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I'm not as well versed in all the tactical stuff but if he was a big time running back or wide receiver and the OC was going from a option running attack to a spread air raid I could get it but as a corner he's gonna still play the same kind of stuff and get the chance to showcase his talent? Maybe I'm off a little I just think his fundamentals need work and it would help his longevity at the next level if he worked more at college before stepping up to the big time

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Scheme and technique sometimes go hand-in-hand. We saw what having Nix on staff did to the secondary and maybe he wasn't on the same page entirely as Bud.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

This discussion points to a really great write up by French for us all. That write up should answer the following question:
How are the DB, Linebacker, and DL portions of defense each individually affected by the Bud Foster retirement transition if a more traditional D system is brought in?
This will provide some good data about some of these thoughts we all are debating.

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I think everyone agrees that he's not a finished product, but if he receives a first or second round draft grade based on production plus measurables, he should absolutely go pro

I'm interested in next year. We have literally nothing to lose besides the bowl streak? Go out and play like it.

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James Gayle is single handedly pulling me out of depression:

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

James Gayle is a national treasure.

We'll have it back next year.

Can't believe I have to wait that long. At least it's not as long as I have to wait for the JMU payback

Hokie Club member since 2017

I don't care if we never play JMU again.

Well, we play them in 2025, so it's a bit of a moot point.

They just better not defile our cup while it's out on loaner to them this year.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Appreciate the optimistic post and good points.

I want to be optimistic, but today told me we're still nowhere close to being a contender for anything worthwhile. Maybe if we can manage a 2021 recruiting class that's out of this world. But as it stands winning the coastal is our ceiling and I just don't feel all that great about that

Why did it take today to tell you that? Nothing changed. Every team in the ACC is currently looking up to Clemson.

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Honestly if we came out and wiped the floor with UVA (as I believe we should have as we're a more talented team), I would feel like we're an awful lot closer to being a legit team than I do right now.

Now I have no idea where we are, and don't think we're even guaranteed to win the coastal next year considering how great UNC's recruiting has been

Well, if it helps, our recruiting has never been elite but we're still one of the winningest programs of the modern era.

Edit: And see Tennessee and Miami. Recruiting doesn't always equal success!

"Yeah, it do." - Mike Vick

I disagree. In 1998, we lost three games, all in embarrassing fashion. We returned a lot, though, and we made a run in 1999. Yes, I know we also received a once in a generation talent, but Dave Meyer probably would have been enough to win all of those games except WVU. I think that with what we return next year, we'll easily be coastal favorites. There isn't a team in the coastal that should beat us next year. Boston College should be a win. It would have been this year with Hooker starting. Louisville should also be a win. They are improving but still won't be good enough to beat us in my opinion. The only game on the schedule that is probably a loss is Penn State. Of course, we always have that one stinker of a game every year, so I see 10-2. This will certainly be enough for an NY6 bowl. Of course this probably changes if Farley and/or Hazelton leaves, but I think we are getting there. It's up to Fuente not to botch the DC hiring, and he needs to check Cornelsen on some of his game planning and playcalling. This is all apparent, and I'm confident it will be dealt with.

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I think we could absolutely beat Penn State next year. Not saying we will, but we sure could.

My only worry in the Coastal is UNC. They're recruiting the pants off us and Howell is the real deal.

I'm not getting my hopes up anymore with this team. Until proven otherwise, I don't see us winning a game like that against PSU. We were 6-6 last year and only netted two more regular wins with 2 FCS teams and ODU on the schedule. We are just too inconsistent and need too many come to Jesus, circle the wagons moments to spark momentum the last few years. I'll say we are in 8-9 win territory next year until we can avoid the letdowns.

I in no way *expect* to beat PSU. But they've been far from impressive this year. They're beatable as long as we play well, but that's a big if.

I still take the first two losses with a grain of salt. Boston College certainly would not have happened if Hooker was starting. If we go into Duke 3-0 with our best quarterback in rhythm, that one probably doesn't get away from us like that. Of course, Fuente changed the way he was coaching after that Duke game, and if we don't get whipped by Duke, that doesn't happen. My point stands, though, that if we had approached the first four games the way we did the last eight, our record would be much better. Another thing to consider, Hooker didn't start against Notre Dame. I definitely think we win that if he does. UVA was unfortunate. They put all their cards into beating us this year. They had a do-everything quarterback and three weeks to prepare. That will not happen again. I am excited for next season. Let's win a bowl game and carry some momentum into the offseason!

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Love the optimism pal. I feel the same! Let's kick ass in a bowl game and boost some morale heading into this off-season.

I want to beat Liberty by 50 and punch Penn State hard out the gate next year.

"Yeah, it do." - Mike Vick

Louisville should also be a win.

Not so fast. Louisville has been scoring in bunches on everyone, and most of that offense returns next season. I expect our defense to take a step back and I have no idea if our offense will be more productive or not.

Is coronavirus over yet?

I'm watching Louisville play against Kentucky right now, and I'm not impressed. Their defense is getting shredded by a wide receiver playing quarterback right now, and their offense can't really move the ball.

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Yeah, I saw a little bit of that game. But their offense is high powered, just had a bad game today. And I'm not at all convinced we can regularly exploit the weaknesses of the other teams defense.

Is coronavirus over yet?

I do agree with the second part of that. We knew going in that UVA's secondary was depleted and refused to attack them in the first half. It was infuriating.

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Formerly known as JWillHokieAlum.

The optimist in me, wants to believe this season was a '98 or '03; much better seasons to follow.

But I believe we'd fare better with a new OC along with the new incoming DC.

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Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

Romanes Eunt Domus

Be careful, if you say we should change OCs youll be called a Fuente hater from the powers that be. 🤫

"It's a miracle in Blacksburg, TYROD DID IT MIKEY, TYROD DID IT!"

We return 4 QBs, 7 RBs, 10 WRs, 4 TEs, 14 OL, 15 DL, 7 LBs, 14 DBs, 2 Ks, and Bradburn

They lose Perkins, Reed, Dubois, and Cowley from their offense; Hanback, Burney, and Mack, and Hall from their defense

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Next year: Fuente has no excuses on the roster. Next year, he needs to put it all together. It'll be Year Five (5). We won't be happy with just revenge on the likes of Duke, UVA, and BC; we at minimum must win the Coastal and be invited to a Top Tier Bowl.

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Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

Romanes Eunt Domus

Agree 💯. No excuses next year. At a minimum we should win the division and be in a NY6 bowl with this much returning talent. If we can't do that, then we have officially plateaued.

We all know there will be plenty of excuses if this doesn't happen...

Nice Brookie

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Thanks. Got the little guy a few falls back on stony creek.

Up in Edinburg?

Is coronavirus over yet?

Giles county. Past the upper cascades in a tiny pool covered by plenty of rhododendron.

I know every hole below the upper falls but have yet to fish above it. One of these days...

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Above the falls is really intimate and more akin to blue lining. Fish are small and scared but plentiful.

Year Five - the year where we will know what has been built instead of what has been inherited. I won't go as far as to say we should definitely win the division, because other teams might be good too, but we should surely look like our players and staff all have it together and that we're competitive in every single game, win or lose.

Last two times we lost the next years are two of our most beloved teams winning conference titles. I'm all in.

They got us. They did. Props to them. They earned it. Now lets get the next 15 again.

I'm hoping to win the next 69 games against hoo football; that way the streak will likely outlive me

VT '10--My avatar will flip, when things are right at VT again.

Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

Romanes Eunt Domus

I just said this to a friend of mine - it would sting a lot more if they got it cheaply, but they 100% deserved it. Tech was out-played, out-coached, out-hustled and out-toughed. That's not to say we played a horrible game. We didn't. But we ran into a group of Wahoos that was determined to end The Streak and they did. Good for them. Now let's see how the Tech program responds to this bucket of gasoline that was just thrown on its fire.

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100% deserved it

Their fans didn't deserve that win. They suck.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Yeah I was feeling charitable, even congratulatory about UVA ending the streak today until I went on r/CFB and was promptly reminded that the entirety of their fanbase are cork sniffers who act like they were somehow entitled to this win. Like we owed it to them after 15 years of winning. Throwing out a "GG Hoos, congrats on the win" in those threads was immediately met with hostility and accusations of excessive trash talking from Tech fans over the years, it was clear they didn't want our congrats. And of course all the Pitt and UNC fans joined in on the dogpile with them, insinuating that we're just a bunch of big meanies who got what was coming to us.

Being a UVA fan is a sad and depressing existence where even in their victories they are somehow victims of the oppression of Virginia Tech fans enjoying moderate success at the one sport we're consistently better than they are at.

I've seen nothing but grace and congrats from Tech fans online since yesterday, but apparently simply ending the streak is not enough for the Hoos. They'd prefer to see us humiliated and assume a full monopoly on collegiate sports in this state.

I can't wait to watch Clemson curbstomp them.

Local weather guy who's a UVA fan tweeted out, "Let us have this one, Hokies."

WTF? From the same fanbase that likes to turn everything back to one of the roundball sports, that just won a national title?

Totally agree. I met several who were nice folks, all prior to the game but once the game was over the majority were dicks, short of the ones that sat next to me. I said good game to numerous people on the way out and none of them responded positively. Many looked at me like I had three heads. One guy just shook his head, like no, I'm not going to fist pound you.

Luckily my close UVA friends have been nice about it.

I'm getting less willing to be nice the more I communicate with UVA fans.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Luckily my close UVA friends have been nice about it.

I wish I could say the same thing. Sheesh, my LOLUVA friends have been horrible the last 24 hours.

Is coronavirus over yet?

That was anybody's game until the last minutes of the game.

I don't even think they wanted it more.

I think we were beaten by experience in those last few minutes of the game. Our wheels came off.

We were beating by really really good front 7 and a QB playing his best game ever. And yes that experience showed up. That front seven made our frosh/soph Oline struggle.

In a way it is kind of fitting that the end of Bud Foster's time with the Hokies coincides with the end of "The Streak." Both are among the last tangible remnants of the Beamer era. While I hope Tech football will always exhibit Beamer's toughness, resilience and fight, this is now 100% Fuente's program. We have seen some positive signs this year, the team seems to have bought in (finally) to what he preaches. Let him start his own streak and let the program continue to grow in Fuente's image, on the foundation that Beamer laid.

Virginia Tech Class of 2010. Former member of "330 Strong, The Spirit of Tech." I lived in Pritchard when it was all dudes.

Don't forget the bowl streak that we should have for 40 more years just by being in the coastal.

"Yeah, it do." - Mike Vick

You know what? Fuck it. It's disappointing that the streak was ended, but it was bound to happen eventually. Now the pressure to keep it alive is gone.

We're trending up, things didn't go our way today but this team can be special next year and in the future.

Not to mention, 18-2 over the last 20 years is still complete and utter dominance. Let them have their year of fun. We'll get it back next year, no doubt.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

19-2 over 21 years.
22-5 over the bowl streak

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

I love this thread.

I avoided TKP for a few hours because the loss didn't upset me as much as I thought it would, and I didn't want to wade through vitriol. Seeing this thread and the level headed comments reaffirms my love of TKP.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

The game today was a dog fight, it is what this game should be like. They executed better down the stretch and came away with the win. We can what if this and that but they won today. Let's get better and get the cup back home next year. They lose a lot from this team so let's 38-0 them next year!

1-0 every week

As much as this loss to LOLUVA sucks, I looked over to my kids playing and was instantly reminded about what's important.

How I felt watching us lose this game shouldn't affect their fun and joy. So at that instant I snapped out of it, turned off the TV, and played with my kids.


Let's Go


Hey Tech 4 star QB commit from the 2021 class had 6 total touchdowns against Katy today

My lips are moving but there's no sound
Someday somebody's gonna get run down

Incredible ball player

Recruit Prosim

We have to keep him locked up and signed the kid can absolute ball out his deep passes are otherworldly

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I think if we lose DD, it will be the thing that breaks me. At this point he's my hope for 2021

I wouldn't do that.

Don't think there is a very good chance he ends up here but I bet we end up with another good QB in that class.

Why isn't there not a good chance?

My lips are moving but there's no sound
Someday somebody's gonna get run down

Yea, it's kinda weird to expect to lose a top flight QB and then expect another one

Insider info

Recruit Prosim


The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Hopefully recruits see these bright outlook posts and not the others.

That's me being old and assuming recruits look at this garbage at all.

"Yeah, it do." - Mike Vick

Agree with all the optimism for next year.

This was a solid, gritty team that battled back and we have 21/22 starters coming back next year (hoping Farley stays one more year). Talent at every position, plenty to be excited about for next year.

And yeah, UVA won't be nearly as good without Perkins. He accounted for 96% of their offense today.

Speaking of of the big positives for me from today was HH throwing from the pocket. We haven't seen him have to consistently do that when defenses take away running game and misdirection. He threw a lot from the pocket vs URI, but not vs P5 competition before today. It felt like today we ran more of the Willis offense than the HH offense we've seen in recent weeks, and Hooker showed he can stand in the pocket and make good throws. I know the final drive was 3 sacks but he had very little time on those. Otherwise, he looked good in the pocket. This team will be dangerous next year.

Feels like football season just started. Now it's almost over. I'll relish this bow game, last chance to see our Hokies play for a while. It's a sad time of year.

Maybe he stayed in the pocket too long, especially on the last drives.

Would have been a nice wrinkle for him to run in those situations, or at least roll out and move the pocket to avoid sacks and fumbles, but all in all he played a nice game, a nice season, and hoping he builds on it for next year.

I thought Hooker had his worst game yesterday, and he was still pretty dang good.

But I agree he did not look comfortable running the 2 minute offense. Just held onto the ball way too long.

I have to say after some of the posts and comments on this site, especially early in the year I am glad to see it be this reasonable. Even the fire corn thread isn't as teeth nashing as I thought it would be.

We have way more positives coming out of this season than they do. They are peaking with a senior team. We are growing with a team wiht only one starting senior. Wish we would have gotten the win but the future is looking good for this team especially after the start.

I'm already ready for next season and we still have a bowl game to play.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

Senior team vs. freshman team. This hasn't been pointed out enough. (no /s)

Looking to see who we get for DC and surviving attrition season.


-What we do is, if we need that extra push, you know what we do? -Put it up to fully dipped? -Fully dipped. Exactly. It's dork magic.

I think what made it an easy pill to swallow is that fact that we saw solid change and progress in the team both from the players and the staff. My expectations aren't necessarily to win the ACC and go to the Orange bowl, my expectations are to get better every year or make the necessary changes to facilitate getting better.

Recruit Prosim

My son plays college football. He is a junior this year. Each year, observing the metamorphosis that takes place from year 1 to 2 to 3....has been apparently noticeable from a physical (stature), strength, muscle endurance and mass perspective. Going from an 18 year old to a 21 year old, has been night and day. A boy to a man. Think about how you looked at senior HS graduation vs your junior year in college. Night and day. Our team is loaded with young talent. How many Freshman, r-Fresh and Sophomores played this season? These boys are growing into young men and it will show next season and the one thereafter.

I can confirm this, saw it w my son as well. Hope your son is enjoying the experience.

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
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My entire family is. We make his experience a family one. The actual football game is the icing on the cake. Letting his football season be one where the family celebrates being together as much as we cheer for him on the field, makes it cherish-able. I hope you are having fun too!

Perfect. That's what we did as well. Got to know a bunch if his teammates and their parents as well, they are life long friends. He graduated several years ago and is now a very successful businessman, we are super happy w how that experience helped him with his entire life.

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Great to hear Smitty. We feel the same way how this experience has influenced our son.

I appreciate these thoughts, thanks.

I'm excited for spring ball next year. With Fu going back to his authentic Red Foreman self AD and the amount of returning talent in the 2-3 deep, spring football should be the most competitive it's been since FU was hired.
QBs going ham: 3 quality guys
WRs going ham: Add Simmons, Pinckney, Payoute, and Bowick
OL going ham: Add Culver, Hanson, Hoffman, and Pritchard
DL going ham: Add Fuga, Healthy Debose, stronger Adams, and hopefully Barno at DE
DB going ham: Excited to see walker and Hawkins compete at safety

Pray we stay healthy through spring and we are favorites to win Coastal, get PSU at home, and legitimately compete as a top 15 team. Hopefully keep DD in the 2021 class and really get the hype train rolling. Yesterday is the past and we're all about inventing the future FAM!

Food for thought, the Wahoos haven't beaten us in Blacksburg in over 20 years (1998). That streak lives!

Today EGW posted a very similar post behind the paywall on 247 that had way more detail but shared the same sentiment. There is a lot to look forward to with our players going into next year.

Recruit Prosim

No doubt that we have a bright future, I for one am very excited about it.

- The QB situation is much better than it has been. HH played very well this year and should be improved next year. If somehow BM or QP take the job from him, that means we have an even better QB for next year. But either way, more than happy to see an experienced HH under center next year and offense built around him in the offseason vs midseason re-tooling.
- I'm pumped about RB. McClease is much improved, King is explosive and will have more experience, we get Holston back (who coaches thought was #1 back coming in), plus Gary and Caleb might also contribute.
- WR and TE will be a strength, even better with Gallo and whichever freshmen WRs that were big recruits factor in.
- OL played well down the stretch, plus we get Hoffman who would have been a starter.
- DT, DE, LB were all solid and will be even better. DB solid, elite if Farley stays.

I don't see how anyone else could be favored to win the coastal. Pitt, UVA will be solid but I think we're ahead of them. Miami seems to always under achieve - lost their last 2 to FIU and Duke.

The only team that scares me is UNC, even though currently 5-6 and fighting for a bowl. Maybe it's because Sam Howell, but they never seem to be a complete team. Even if great on O, not as good on D as others in the division.

I think we're the clear favorite. I like this coaching staff and hope we get someone solid to replace Bud that runs a similar system.

And please do NOT fire Cornelsen. He's done well, the O has been scoring enough to win (an offense that he has to re-tool midseason and did a good job of), and with all the talent we have coming back I don't think a new system makes any sense. Experience and repetition could turn this into a great offense.

I second this commentary. You have to put this season in the context of with Hooker and without when you look at how the season turned out.

RB - I expect the JUCO kid to be a contributor and would like to find 3 backs to make plays and I think we have that nucleons with Mcclease being solid, king has the most upside will improve significantly and a 3rd can come from Lee (great potential for us), Gary, Jalen (if healthy) or someone else.

QB - this the position that matters more than all the others combined in the college game. We are stocked here. Hendon is my guy and I believe in the end will be the starter and has a chance to improve tremendously with a year of true work. QP May have the most upside, but don't sleep on Braxton. His athleticism is similar to Perkins. He will get a chance to compete. I believe Hendon has a chance to have a special season next year with all the returnees and his experience/off season work.

WR - we could be better and even significantly better here next year. Hazelton coming back obviously helps this cause, but I expect Turner to have an big-time season, Tayvion will improve and is already a baller and the redshirt class this year (Jaden especially) have a chance to make the group special.

O Line - we started a crazy young group. Basically 3 freshman (2 true) and two sophomores. Our recruiting has been big time here. With Hoffman, a year in the weight room for this group (all can improve) and just the chance to continue to play together and get the little things down. This group is very exciting. Outside of QB this is the most exciting group with the most opportunity to improve as a whole.

D Line - inside I am bullish. The recruiting really nailed it with this group and several has a chance to be all conf caliber by next year including Pollard and Crawford. The ends need to continue to improve as this is possibly our weakest position group. Although not prototypical I believe Adams can helps us.

LB and whip - we can be elite here. Rook will lead the way with Tisdale pushing to be an every day player. Look for Artis to get some run and Ferguson could also push for PT. Nobody is your typical pro player, but all have big time college ability.

D back - probably a swing group here in terms of if everyone is back and improves as planned it improves the outlook by 1-1.5 wins. If Farley and Waller (who for sure will obvi) are back then this group can be one of the best D back groups ever. The keys are the development of Hunter, Walker and Chatman for depth and the future. Additionally, I would like to see another young corner emerge.

Special teams - King, Tayvion and having a 1st all American candidate at Punter make us elite. Look for Payoute to also return kickoffs by mid season.
We can win 11 regular season games and there isn't anyone we can't beat. People need to believe in the process as we are the youngest team in P5, have had success where you can draw a clear line as to why, have the right attitudes on the team as a whole and have several key pieces for next year (ex. Hoffman) who will elevate the expectations.