Microcosm of the Game

There were a lot of things that didn't go right today--Execution was bad, playcalling was inept particularly on 3rd down and the refs certainly didn't help us.

But there was one Drive that really defined the Game and set us up to lose...it contained all the elements above in one ugly package.

We start with 7:35 in 4th Q...
-1st Down -- McClease for 9 yds
-2nd Dn - - Hooker for 6 and easy 1st down
-1st Dn -- McClease for 21 yards.

This is where things go sideways.
-1st down - pass Drop by Turner (running was just working too well, apparently).
-2nd down - False Start - now 2nd and 15
-2nd&15 - slow-devloping Strech/Sweep to McClease that was blown up from the snap
-3rd&15 - False Start #2
-3rd and 20 - despite being insanely Conservative All Day Long on 3rd Down, we decide to go for an aggressive pass call into 8 man zone coverage for an INT.

Now, if we do what we had done all day long on 3rd down and run a QB Zone or QB Sweep, we Punt and probably gain 20+ yards of Field Position. Those 20 yards leave UVa well out of FG range.

So, through a combination of poor Execution, bad Penalties, and bad coaching decisions at the wrong time, we go from looking like we are going to get a TD lead to giving our opponent great field position to get the FG that essentially won the game for them.


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Good job putting in facts

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If Turner catches that ball I think we are in a Fam thread instead of this. That would have been first down around the 30 and driving.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

It was tipped

We put the K in Kwality

Couldn't quite tell if the DB/LB got a hand on it. Thanks.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Think the first half was telling. Once we gained our footing with appropriate cleats, we we playing well.

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Never leave points on the field...false start hazelton on turner's TD run didn't help.

This game was a microcosm of the entire season. Slow start, defense gashed...middle of game stout D with productive offense, end of game everything that could go wrong did.

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Yep - 4 point swing. Ending is different

Danny is always open

The other thing I hated about the call on 3rd down was that we had 3 routes all going to the same space. The defender that picked could have made a play on any of the 3. Would have preferred a go route 1-on-1 that even if it gets picked down field is still close to as good as a punt.

Agree to an extent...would have had less a problem with it if we throw a Go route and INT is 40 yds downfield.

Could make the argument that it could have been returned even farther though.

Either way, another even 10 yards is a difference between that field goal being makeable and not.

Getting the ball back with a tie game and only needing a field goal to win would have been a very different scenario in my opinion.

Don't give up 2 3rd and long scrambles drive one and the game is different too. That set the tone.

I don't mind throwing to Turner in that situation, the passing game had been working on previous drives and you gotta keep the D off balance.

The drop by Tre followed by the 2 false starts really killed us.

2 other huge moments in the game:
- false start on hazelton when turner scored on the net sweep, cost us 4 points
- we had been totally shutting down uva offense until Reed got open down the sideline. Bud said post game that we were in 3-deep coverage there m, sounds like Chatman played man instead of dropping into his deep zone. That play gave them confidence. If we take that away they might have been in 3-and-out mode all second half, but at the very least they don't score a TD on that drive. Changed the whole game I think

I didn't like the 2nd and 15 call but how does it make any sense to hate the playcalling for being overly conservative on the 2nd down play and then complain about the playcalling for not being conservative enough on 3rd? And to complain about playcalling on a dropped pass?

That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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The point is that it is was situational.

The game is tied, the last thing you want to do is give them good field position there. They were waiting and hoping for that exact call.

Had we not been so very conservative on 3rd Down most of the day, the game probably isn't tied there and the entire point is moot. The point is that our OC chose the exact worst time to get aggressive and it hurt us badly; the point is his instincts and "football IQ" stink.

Well my opinion is that you are completely wrong. "We were conservative all day on 3rd down so they were waiting for us to be aggressive there" isn't what I saw (also it's not as if there's some INT defense you can just dial up). What I saw was that we ended up with too many receivers in one area of the field and poor spacing left a defender in position to make the INT.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Okay, well watch some tape and tell me how many long completions there are on 3rd and 20 conversions vs. how many lead to bad results. The odds there obviously favor being conservative...they dropped their LB into deep zone because they had no concern of a running play getting 1st down yardage.

It was a poor decision, a poor play call, and ultimately helped UVa get the yards they needed to take the lead for good. In some cases, the results speak for themselves.

Also, we were 4-15 on 3rd down today....I'm not a Mathematician but I don't think that's considered good. Our Playcalling on 3rd down was abhorrent and this was as glaring an example as any.

Why do we not attack the miiddle of the field with slants??? Wtf

It is a natural gift I posess to create friction in sensitive situations.

d down - False Start - now 2nd and 15
-2nd&15 - slow-devloping Strech/Sweep to McClease that was blown up from the snap

I hated this play call in real time. Absolutely hated it. In a game that was going tit for tat, we basically conceded the drive doing that and essentially gave UVA the game. The situation called for a passing play with the down, distance, and the way the game had developed. A run percentage wise probably isn't gaining too many yards. A good out come would have probably been 3rd and 10 so you're still passing on 3rd down anyway. But there's a better chance to pick up more yards thru the air, especially since UVA was banged up in the 2ndary and we found success throwing (but also frustratingly would go away from it). We were also in no man's land anyway, too long for a FG but too short to punt, so there's zero reason to be conservative on the ground.

The 3rd down play was hard to watch. We have been extremely conservative in 3rd and 8+. You run a screen or delayed draw get yards let the clock tick and punt.

Still think BC is gone?

I see some changes on offensive side regardless if BC is fired or not. I don't think Zohn stays (ODU) and Jafar was always a fill in. If you're replacing 2 dudes on offensive side why not clean it all out?

If Kill has anything to say and Fuente listens/values his opinion then yes I think he's gone.

Interesting. I really think we need someone better at OC if we are going to get to the next level. I also think regardless who the DC is, we are going to take a decent step back on D due losing Bud and the resulting scheme or personnel adjustment. We are going to need the offense to be reliable and help carry the team a little bit. I would swing for the fences and see if we can get Morris in for at least a year or two. I just think that side of the ball needs fresh perspective.

Absolutely. Great Coaches, like Saban, still win with revolving door coaching staffs.

Corny has these scars on his resume at VT:

1) First Losing Season since 1993
2) First Loss to UVA since 2003
3) Currently 1/3 in bowl games (with the Belk Bowl very much in doubt, the first half).
4) Getting blown out by Duke (at Lane)

It's time to change OCs.

If Fuente doesn't make this change, I sincerely hope knocks of out of the park in 2020.

I'll only be content with a Coastal Title, Top-15 Finish, and NY-6 invitation. Anything else, is just another season of underachieving and another red flag.

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I don't disagree that Corny has been underperforming, but Bud also holds those exact 4 stats you mention.

Is coronavirus over yet?

In not mad about anything honestly.

I thought the boys played their asses off.

My understanding is that Farley was having back issues at halftime. Not sure if he played after that, but the secondary was definitely not playing as well.

The refs sucked, but from my perspective it wasn't biased or game changing. Just run it the mill ACC ref cluelessness.

The play calls seemed pretty good overall. I thought there were several instances Hooker probably should have kept.

These were evenly matched teams. The streak had to end sometime, and I'm just happy it ended in a season like this where we can see sunshine at the end of the transition tunnel.

I'm legitimately excited about this team's prospects next year.

I couldn't see us even bowling right after Duke happened.

Let's win a bowl and set some records next year!

It was the same refs as the ND game. At least the main guy.

These are my thoughts, about exactly.
We could've won, didnt.
We'll be better next year.... I hope.
Guys played hard.
Not happy, but l'll take 15-1.

Give Perkins some, if not all the credit for UVA's win. Without him, what did they do today? He graduates this year. What kind of season do you think they are going to have next year? What kind of one do you think we are going to have? Not so good and better/good respectively. Corny gets one more year in my book. Let's get our new DC in place before firing him. We have only one senior starting this year. I'm looking forward to next season. Next year will be the start of us breaking the 15 year streak.

They lose Perkins, Reed, Dubois, and Cowey all but 117 yards of offense are gone. Unless he finds another diamond JUCO kid they will take a massive step back. They also play UGA and Clemson plus Tech and rest of the Coastal.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Play calls were mind blowing at times. And nothing has changed as far as Bud scheming for a really mobile QB. His defenses just are brutally bad at bad times containing them. But Virginia won the game because today they were the better coached and just plain better when it counted. And yes Cornelson is not getting it done when it counts as OC.

What defense does a good job of containing mobile QBs? They are always going to get their share. Yes, he torched us the first two drives. After that, the D adjusted and Perkins running was limited. However, it exposed a weakness at corner and safety and Chatman and Floyd couldn't cover anyone and we got roasted there in the second half.

Farley being out completely changed our defense. I thought Bud did a good job adjusting to Perkins running after the first two drives.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

The biggest part of the game for me was the two almost back to back incorrect reviews that kept UVA in it. Hazelton caught that ball and shouldn't have been overturned, giving us the 1st down up 7 and close to the 50. We then have to punt and Dubois didnt control that ball until his foot touched out. How they didnt see that looking at it for 5 min is beyond me. Without those calls we have a much better shot at the win.

This is it for me as well. UVA made plays in the closing minutes to seal the win, which they certainly get credit for, but those two blown calls were absolutely pivotal in keeping the game close.

I've commented this exact sequence in a few other threads. There are many moments where a game is won or lost, it's hardly ever a single moment you can point to, but this sequence represented a strong drive where we were still in the driver seat, dictating the game, forcing them to play catch up... and with a few bad plays and couple false starts we completely ceded the keys to the car and the momentum to UVA. It's tough to recover when you let that power dynamic flip so late in a game, and our minute thirty drive with three timeouts was a painful example of how much we were thrown off by going down after controlling the game all 2nd half.

The Hooker interception was strange. In my view he should have never thrown the ball. But there were three receivers all bunched together which also attracted a bunch of defensive players. Somebody ran a bad route.

The linebacker was much deeper than Hooker expected. I don't think he saw the LB; he led the receiver into him. The LB was that deep because we never run the shorter patterns to the tight ends and backs; so he does not have to stay home to protect that area.

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Wasn't sure where to put this so will put it here.
I'm not one so sulk on bad calls but the overturning of the Hazelton
1st down catch didn't make any sense. Seemed his hand was clearly under the ball.