Men's basketball starts tonight @ Clemson

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Any official word on who is redshirting this season?

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Kabongo, Aluma, probably Cattoor, maybe Alleyne

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Cattoor is starting tonight so imma say he's not redshirting.

Per official game notes Bede, Wilkins, Cattoor, Nolley and Horne

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Yikes. There's a chance we could outshoot some teams this year, but if that is a regular lineup in ACC play, we ought to be prepared to have one of the worst rebounding differentials in all of CBB this season.

That said, I'm still incredibly excited to see this team grow. Go Hokies!

be prepared to have one of the worst rebounding differentials in all of CBB this season.

So, basically on par with every other season

sorta s/

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

We actually rebounded really well last night, out rebounded them 44-36, even though they had more height throughout their lineup.

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there's some chatter that Kabongo may be on track to being healthy enough to play later in the season. If it's late enough, say February, can he can still count this as a red-shirt year? I can't remember if the 1/3 rule applies to basketball (4 football games would be 8-10 basketball games)

Unfortunately that rule only applies to football. Would be nice to get something similar for basketball, though.

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Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay


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Bah Gawd let's give it hell

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I was so distracted by our football team suddenly being decent I didn't realize basketball season was approaching so quickly. Let's go!

yeah, relatively surprising lack of #content and #chatter around here regarding MBB

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I agree with you but maybe not too surprised. While I'm excited as always for the beginning of basketball, I'm still a bit numb from the Buzzwho? bail and the ensuing shakeup. The unmoored feelings that this year's football team has given me has maybe bled into the overall haze or something, but I circled this date on the calendar as soon as it was announced and I'm definitely on board and happy to see the first page of the new chapter.

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I'm happy to see that the game is on ESPNU up here, so I don't have to watch it on YouTube TV on my laptop.

Also, we finally get to see Landers Nolley play. How excited do you think he is today?

Hopefully not too excited. The NCAA has their eyes on him making sure he studies at halftime and during time outs!

Yeah but he better not do too well in his classes. I'm worried that if he makes dean's list he might get suspended again.

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CMYBall Central: Virginia Tech Hokies (0-0) at Clemson Tigers (0-0) 7PM ESPNU
Date/Time: Nov 5th, 2019 / 7 p.m.
Opponent: Clemson
Site: Clemson, South Carolina (Littlejohn Coliseum)
Radio: Virginia Tech IMG Sports Network
Talent: Jon Laaser & Mike Burnop
Talent: Roy Philpott & Paul Biancardi
Live Stats:
Game Notes: Virginia Tech
Sirius: 968 XM: 969 Internet: 969

CMYBall is on the road to face the Clemson Tigers to open the inaugural season under Coach Mike Young. Clemson is coming in winners of a major recruiting battle over the Hokies in recent weeks, gaining the commitment of P.J. Hall. Clemson also just received a major boost to this season's roster when the NCAA ruled transfer Forward Khavon Moore immediately eligible to play. The Tigers return only about 16 points scored of their 69 point average from last season but they get a boost from several transfers including Moore. Making their Clemson debuts on grad transfer are small forward Tevin Mack from Alabama and guard Curran Scott from Tulsa. Also making his debut and hoping to make an instant impact for the Tigers will be incoming freshman point guard Al-Amir Dawes, a four star recruit out of New Jersey.

On the road, at the start of a fresh season, it will be interesting to see how these young Hokies respond to game activity when the bright lights are on. Mike Young will still be feeling his way through what each player is going to bring to the floor so I expect early challenges until this team can find its roles and a rhythm.

This will be the Thirty sixth meeting between the Hokies and Tigers. Virginia Tech leads the all-time series 20-15. The Hokies have however struggled in LittleJohn over the years with a 7-10 record at Clemson.

The Tigers are coached by Brad Brownell, who has been at Clemson since 2010. He has finished with winning teams in all but one year guiding the Tigers. They are a consistent middle of the ACC team throughout his tenure. Brownell is 169-127 in his time at Clemson, leading them to the post season in five of his nine seasons. Overall, he is 336-212 as a head coach with prior stops at Wright State and UNC Wilmington. Brownell comes in believed to be sitting on one of the hottest seats in college basketball so he really needs this team to deliver.

Defensively, the Tigers focus primarily on a smothering man to man defense. The Tigers focus on forcing opponents into turnovers. Brownell uses a multitude of looks from the man to man defense, alternating between hands in face to dropping off the perimeter depending on the strengths of the opponent. Tonight I would expect high pressure early on until we see what kind of results the Hokies manage.

Offensively, Clemson runs a constant motion offense which focuses primarily between Point Guard and their Primary Post Player. Expect to see quite a few pick and rolls involving both of these players. With the addition of Moore and Scott, the Tigers are likely going to utilize perimeter shots more than normal under Brownell as both players have a strong outside shot.

I know this isn't as in depth as most of my other posts in the past but finding time is going to be difficult this season with my small business starting to really show dividends. The Hokies bring 10 newcomers to the program and will be learning on the go so even with Clemson being a shell of what they were last season, I still think that the Tigers will likely come away with the win early on here. Later in the season, that might be a different result. Hopefully these young Hokies prove me wrong. Go Hokies!

my small business starting to really show dividends

Congratulations! Running your own biz is an intense daily activity. Glad your doing well.
Thanks for this input, helps me for my watch tonight.

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It is starting to get to almost a daily activity. For most of the last year + it was really a side business in terms of time but Christmas and growth of my product offerings has really forced me to reallocate a lot of "free" time to working on the business now.

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As of now, almost all of my products are pretty self explanatory but as I learn how to market my Amazon listings better around the web, I possibly will be looking for some videos and will reach out.


New year. New coach. A vast majority of new players. I have no idea what to expect but I'm strapping in for the ride!

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The team looked similar to what we saw out of teams in the past, especially when Bede was running point last year. He's not really a threat to shoot, but can score when he does. He's going to slash and dish and has upper level passing ability.

What will be interesting is how many shooters we have on the team by the end of the year. Right now, we really only have Nolley, and we can't rely on him to do all the lifting. Wilkins flashed his abilities last year, and he'll need to use the OOC slate to get comfortable within the CMY system.

I'm looking forward to seeing how we begin to work in and utilize the height and size we brought in this year. Last night we pretty much went exclusively 5 guards, but we just can't do that night in and night out in the ACC, or we'll get eaten alive. Granted, I don't expect much out of this team as they learn the ropes, but I would hope they use this year to get that experience that will pay off down the line.

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Considering that we have only 3 contributors from last year's team, the fact that in their first game together they went on the road and beat a supposedly-average ACC team is astounding. We won't be able to get through the bulk of ACC play without some other players stepping up to help Nolley, but if last night was any indication, Nolley alone should be enough to slightly exceed expectations.

I agree. Young team and we can't rely on that type of offense for the bulk of ACC play, but picking up this win makes me less worried about struggling to 0.500. Hopefully the OOC slate will let the young'ns get their legs under them and work out some jitters. The capability that Nolley showed last night tells me we can pop a handful of games against the lower half of the ACC.

I hate to break it to you, but we will always have a young team so long as CMY is at the helm.

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That's where I'm at Alum, I'm looking at the other 4 guys on the floor, and I'm like, can anyone else score some buckets? Nolley scored 44%! of our points. This isn't sustainable. Bede has to become more aggressive. I know he's more of a natural 1, but he's gotta step up, especially with a young Cone behind him. This is a great start, but I'm not reading too much into this game, I think we eeked out a tough conference win, one that I think 2 years ago we would've loss potentially. On to the OOC slate.

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"pretty much went exclusively 5 guards" Huh? Horne played 35 minutes . He might be 6'5", but he is not a guard.

Our lineup was 100% 1 point (Bede, Cone), 3 wings/guards (Nolley, Wilkins, Cattoor, Alleyne, Radford) and 1 post (Horne, Ojaiko). basically the same lineup we played last season.

Just watched the game on Hokietapes, really impressed by Nolley, especially in the first half. Bebe was clutch down the stretch with his defense, scoring at the foul line, and beating the press other than the one travel. When he found Horne breaking free for the dunk and plus one, that play broke Clemson's will. Total crowd silencer. Out rebounding Clemson is a testimony to CMY's coaching style of hustling defense. Excited for the future of VTBB.

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I'm just glad we get to play a few Cal State Fullertons now so guys not named Nolley can practice getting the ball in the bucket

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Im ready for Maui already! Bring me Mich State!!

Hey, in addition, the women scored 105 points in their victory yesterday.

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holee crap. That's the kind of game that can get you suspended as a coach on long island.

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The expectation this season is to match or exceed the win total Buzz achieved in his first season (11 wins). Bubble/high NIT seed next season, then......National Championships.

Bede is never going to be a scorer for us, we all just need to realize that. Once teams start doubling Nolley, the offense will disappear unless some of the other dudes find their shots. We look like a well conditioned team but I don't expect much in terms of wins this year, I just want the young guns to get plenty of practice.

clym on

what's nice is that we had 11 assists on 22 made field goals -- the offense wasn't exactly Harden Isoball. I think we'll be okay -- definitely growing pains, but if Landers can grow as a passer it will do wonders for this team (and for his future)

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If we only win 11 games... damn, that'll be disappointing.

I feel like this squad should at least be shooting for .500, which should be pretty attainable. Of our 8 non-conference opponents outside of Maui, we play (using the Sagarin ratings) #198 Gardner-Webb, #245 Chattanooga, #263 Lehigh, #329 VMI, #334 USC Upstate, #342 Coppin State, #352 Delaware State, and #353 UMES. Considering that there are 353 Division 1 basketball programs, that means we play the two worst teams and 5 of the worst 25, and none them are even in the top half. Anything less than 8-0 there is a huge disappointment.

As for Maui, I figure we'll leave there with a win, because if nothing else we'll almost certainly face D2 Chaminade in the 7th-place game. Yes, they have pulled the occasional upset over the years, but have only won one game out of 15 in their last 5 appearances in the Maui Invitational, and that was over a Cal Bears squad that finished the season 8-24. That should leave us at 9-2 (or better, should we pull off an extra win or two in Maui), plus the win over Clemson and a likely loss to Duke in early December leading to a 10-3 record entering the bulk of ACC season.

That leaves needing a 7-13 record to hit 16-15 for the year, which I figure we have a shot of pulling off, even if it shouldn't be the expectation. We already have a road win over #72 Clemson, with future possible (though not probable) road victories at #60 Miami, #68 GT, and #89 BC, plus one we should win at #138 Wake Forest. We will probably get at least one more road win, and I wouldn't be too surprised if we found a third one along the way. As for home games, we get #72 Clemson on a return trip, plus other winnable home games against #89 Boston College, #64 Pitt, #60 Miami, #41 NC State, #35 Syracuse, and #34 Notre Dame. Probably only one "should win" in that group, but three more where we're favored and 3 more that are certainly not out of reach.

Without having crunched the numbers, I'd say our "expected win total" should be somewhere near 14 or 15, so it doesn't seem like to big of a stretch to imagine us getting another win or two to become eligible for the NIT.

EDIT: as a sanity check I pulled up ESPN's BPI page, and they project us to go 16-13 (not including the 2nd and 3rd games in Maui), including 8.5-11.5 in conference play. That seems slightly optimistic to me, but I'm still hopeful that "postseason play" is a reasonable goal to set, even if that means we're an NIT or CBI bubble team.

Looks good on paper but those numbers will change when actual games are played. Mapping out the entire season based on pre-season ratings is how we ended up with people firmly convinced we should lose to Miami yet we should never lose to Wake Forest in football.

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Our goal for the nonconference should definitely be 9-2 or better. I think in conference we should shoot for 8-12, that's the same number of wins we got in Buzz's second year. With the Clemson win that's 7-12 from here which should definitely be manageable.

Total that's 16-14 which with the extra league games should be enough to be solidly in the NIT and on the bubble if we pick up a quality win or two.

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