NAW "shooting" to be a starter not a role player...

Seems like "NAW"lins is loving him so far!

I watched the game last night, and man, on both sides of the ball he looked great! He had a major defensive steal within the last 2:00 of the game; and hit a critical 3 as well late in the game.

Between this performance, and his vocal performance the other night, the fans really seems to be warming up to him. Hoping he has a breakout rookie year, and continues to bring great press to our school/recruiting efforts.

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I'm glad he's doing well, but I don't watch any NBA (prior years as well).

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I don't watch NASCAR.

The NBA doing its best to make it easy for me to stop watching.

I've never and will never watch NASCAR. Or Soccer.


NBA is the best professional sports league...the coverage, podcasts,announcing, personalities, analytics, It's just such a great league you are truly missing out


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Going to be difficult for NAW to break the starting lineup. Three "established" starters in front of him in Holiday, Ball and Ingram. Could easily see him making a run at the 6MOY. He's going thrive when the Pelicans' move Zion to the 5 in their version of the "lineup of death", NAW's perfect in the "Igoudala" role.

That pass he had to Zion on that reverse-like dunk was absolutely sick. I think running the point when Justin Robinson was out helped him a lot as a passer.

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Watched a good portion of the first half and never saw him get in. Glad to see he made an impact even if it is only preseason. Also can't believe it took me this long to realize... NAW-lins

Yeah they put the bench in later in the game, and they actually came back to tie it up, and eventually win. I turned it on late, so was glad that I caught the latter portions of the game. "NAW-lins" does have a ring to it, it's HIS city (Who needs a Zion)!

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He's clearly the fan favorite after that singing performance!

Fans are already fighting over him like he is theirs. He is actually OURS!

NAW pls :(

In 16 minutes tonight versus the Jazz, NAW finished 7-9 for 22 points, 4-5 from 3. Plus minus of +9. He is looking good.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Second most points on the team behind Williamson! Super proud of how he's playing down there

I would love if the NBA got rid of the Conference's and just had the top 16 teams make the playoffs. As a diehard Mavericks fan I always hated how the East was so weak and relatively easy to make the post season compared to the incredibly deep West. It seems like it's been this way for 20 + years.

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