2019 Head Coach Salary Rankings

USA Today just released an article showing the head coaches listed by salary. Some not so big surprises and some interesting takeaways from it. Definitely interesting to see who is ahead and behind Fuente after the conversation being had on here after the Duke game. Thoughts?

USA Today Article

  • Dabo and Saban are #1 and #2.
  • Ryan Day at Ohio State is at #22 and only makes half a million more than Fuente
  • Ed Orgeron at LSU is #30 and makes the same as Fuente.
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I'm surprised Mack Brown's buyout is so low at $3.1mil.

No one is gonna hire a 68 year old coach out from under UNC, especially when he's more than likely only there for a few years anyway.

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  • Ryan Day at Ohio State is at #22 and only makes half a million more than Fuente
  • Ed Orgeron at LSU is #30 and makes the same as Fuente

Day will likely get an extension/raise. I think Coach O will as well, but I think he's at his dream job right now; I think he'd rather take a bigger buy out and more assistant money than a bigger pay check for himself.

Other notable surprises:

  • Jeff Brohm - I think he's a great coach, but he's only had one good season and one big win. Don't get me wrong - I'm aware how tough of a job Purdue is, but I don't think Brohm is a top 10 coach; I think he's in the 15-20 range.
  • Pat Fitzgerald - He's not leaving his alma mater, and he's not worth $5M IMO.
  • Chris Peterson and David Cutcliff - Two most underpaid guya on this list.

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Brohm I think you have to look at how much he it took to keep him there as he almost left. Also, someone said this in r/cfb about Iowa's coach, who do they get to come in and replace him with equal or better. Michigan, OSU, Penn State will always be strong. Throw in Wisconsin, occasionally Mich State, maybe Nebraska gets better, its hard to not be Illinois.

$6.6 mil is a ton of money for a team that will go 6-6 for the foreseeable future. Use that money to get the best Basketball coach or something.

LSU also got a 10 year long wakeup call that they had slipped when it came to Booster motivation to REALLY be all in.

Theyve closed the gap on the Bama style, pay off coach's mortgage, not quiet the same level but closer than they were. And they also arguably have more pull in state govt than their neighbors. Remember a few years back LSU managed pressure to get a school funding budget deal passed for all schools in the state, not because classes would be canceled, but because NCAA eligibility was on the line!

The important thing to note for LSU....look how much their assistants are paid

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This is slightly misleading because it also includes bonuses given out for the year that dot. Occur every year either based on academic (lol) but more often for success of the team in terms of wins and championships. It also doesn't include schools that are private or withhold full salaries.

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I don't see Josh Heupel (UCF) or Luke Fickell (Cincy) lasting very long at either of their schools either.

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I think Fickell will be at Cincy for a bit. He's an Ohio State alum, grew up in Ohio, and loves the Midwest. From what I've gathered, he also loves the city of Cincinnati. If you look at the jobs that are (a) in this part of the country, (b) a vertical move, and (c) will be open soon, the only match I see is Michigan State. Maybe Michigan, but I can't see Michigan fans settling for a 'failed' OSU Interim Head Coach.

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Ohio State and LSU are getting very good value for money

What really jumped out to me was how much the buy-out is for most coaches. Out of the 30 highest paid coaches, only 3 have a buy-out less than 10m.

Poor little old Clemson man, so impressive how they pull themselves up by their bootstraps and hop on that Roy bus. Their poor old ball coach only makes $9m/yr, and only have the best facilities in their conference. How do they keep up with the big boys?

That is absolutely crazy. But when ya got boosters that'll fork it out if asked, you can make deals like that apparently.

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Am I missing something about Brian Kelly?

They like most private schools don't list any or all of his salary, fun fact Pitt and PSU don't always either.

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So about that speculation that Bama will poach Dabo, that $50 MM buyout might be a bit more of a hurdle than Bama is willing to clear.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

It's phrased as "school buyout", so it wouldn't surprise me if the coach buyout is much lower