Hokies in the NBA 2019

NBA season opened tonight and for the first time in forever, VT has multiple alums in the league (#basketballschool!)

Nickeil Alexander Walker with the New Orleans Pelicans

Justin Robinson with the Washington Wizards

Ahmed Hill got cut in the final roster trim from the Charlotte Hornets but is expected to sign full time with their G-League affiliate.

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NAW's first game was tonight. He was...overzealous. First real NBA game in his hometown of Toronto, you could tell he was anxious. He was jacking up shots almost every time he got the ball going 1 for 10 in 12 mins. A good chunk were open looks though, they just didn't fall.

J-Rob's first game is Wednesday night.

he was straight catch and hoist lol no hesitation at all. even chuck and Kenny were getting on him at half time lol. he will settle down and be ok. the pels offense (I feel asleep in OT) looks lost (maybe because no zion) lots of one on one with little cutting, picking, or motion, and they don't have anyone they can throw it to in the post. NAW was playing point when he was in with josh hart mostly and those 2 guys don't seem to compliment each other well, he played with eton moore some as well but more was jacking just as much as NAW lo.

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fanatics has both NAW and JROB jerseys on their website in both home and away jerseys. they have the Nike (more authentic looking one) for 134.99 and the replica for 64.99 if anyone is interested. just thought id throw it out there. ordered mine already! excited to have some hokies in the NBA! EDIT: they have them both on their mobile app but not their website which is really weird. the website only has NAW in all 3 pels colorways (possibly they are the personalized and when I searched JROB it put the name on the jersey for me idk on the app) but you can personalize a wizards jersey for the same prices above and get the JROB.

fanatics website

use code GOAL for 60% off (some exclusions apply idk if the jerseys are on that list most likely since NBA just tipped off)

twitter @smithey_daniel
head scout BSP scouting specializing in north florida/ southern GA highschool football scouting

I searched JROB

Ahh I see the issue, you see, JROB is not his actual name, but a mere moniker, like 5. Try searching "Justin Robinson"

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

This is our first "Hokies in the NBA" thread right? Pretty special.

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Does this mean we're a basketball school now?

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Bit of a correction because its bugging me after I thought about it. It's not the "first time in forever" we've had multiple alums in the league. A couple of seasons back, Malcolm Delaney was in the league (Hawks) and the same time Jarell Eddie a string of 10 day contracts for a couple of teams. Also, Dorian Finney-Smith has been with the Mavs for the last few seasons but I'm mixed on if we should count him or not since he only played one year for us before going to Florida. Still, it hasn't been too often we've had multiple guys in the league. It's usually just been one at a time for a limited period. It's great seeing Hokies having more and more success in basketball.

I wouldn't count Finney-Smith. He's not a CJ Reavis guy who still repped VT after leaving and still does to this day. I don't think Finney-Smith remembers us at all, and I don't really remember a whole lot of him from his freshman year.

Side note: wouldn't it have been amazing to watch Motrezl Harrell and Finney-Smith on the court at the same time? That would have been a special team if Seth Greenberg hadn't been let go.

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DFS definitely remembers the stretch of games over a month long where he went 1-52 (or something close).

I would have left bburg after shooting like that in a VT jersey.

Seth Greenberg- who is really red auerbach if you close your eyes or ask him- tried to change a shooter's shot..effing brilliant.

NAW had himself a game. 15/4/9 in 24 minutes. Glad to see his shots fall.

Not to mention, led the Pelicans with a +6.

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Outside of the NBA but still pulling a basketball check

Justin Bibbs - NBA G League Maine Red Claws roster
Erick Green, Fujian Sturgeons, Chinese Basketball Association
Malcolm Delaney - FC Barcelona, Euroleague
Ty Outlaw - G.S. Lavrio B.C., Greece, Greek Basketball League
Zach Leday - BC Zalgiris Kaunas, Lithuania, Euroleague
Shane Henry - Reales De La Vega, Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic LNB
Seth Allen - JuveCaserta, Italy, Italian Serie A2
Johnny Hamilton - Darussafaka Istanbul, Turkey, Euroleague
Ben Emelogu - Arka Gdynia, Poland, Euroleague
Malik Mueller, Hamburg Towers, German Pro A League
Adam Smith, PAOK, Greece, Greek Basketball League
Joey Van Zegeren, TAU Castello, Spain, LEB ORO League
Jalen Hudson, NBA G League, Washington Capital City GoGo
Jarell Eddie - UCAM Murcia CB, Spain, Liga Endesa
C.J. Barksdale - CB Salou, Spain, LEB ORO League

Wow, Barksdale, Hamilton, Henry and JVZ are surprising

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Not particularly. Sometimes its all about height. Its one of those things you cant coach. Hamilton had some run at spots in the NBA so really not surprised by him. JVZ benefits from being from the Netherlands so he doesn't impact Euro teams foreign player limits. Henry spent several years with the Globetrotters organization so I imagine he picked up some tricks there that are paying dividends.

Even Lewis Witcher managed to carve out a few years playing pro ball after leaving Tech. Played in Europe and Japan that I know of, not sure of other places. Cadarian Raines was another one that managed four or five years of pro basketball at a minimum.

I remember doing this same kind of list a few years ago and was surprised that like 14 of the 16 people I looked up were making checks from basketball. That was more the Greenberg era Hokies on that comparison.

Don't forget Steph Cur.......oh wait, that's right. We offered him a preferred walk-on instead of a full offer who just so happened to be the offspring of DELL M🤬F🤬 CURRY!


Let's Go


Not to be neglected amidst the big GT win, NAW just had his best game as a pro. 27 pts on 10/18 shooting including 6/9 from 3.

"I thought the kid right there you're talking to right there played his nuts off."

Should be getting some more playing time the next few games with so many injuries

Glad to see him finally making shots - been pretty bad shooting it up to this point

Danny is always open
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Pretty cool. NAW is gonna play in the Olympics next year for Canada. Now I can I root for him to win a silver medal

Doesn't look like it's been mentioned, but a couple weeks ago the Northern Arizona Suns (Phoenix G League affiliate) picked up Ahmed Hill. Seems like he was inserted right into the starting lineup.

Bummer news today;

Wizards cut J-Rob to make room for Gary Payton II

He hadn't played much on the main roster but had been doing fairly well in the G-League for the GoGo.

So is he still playing for the GoGo?

As of this moment, no. He's a free agent. Another team (NBA or G-League) can sign him. He was playing pretty well for the GoGo when the Wiz sent him down to the G-League, so I suspect he'll find another G-League team to latch onto.

Well damn. I kept seeing tweets about the numbers he was putting up with the GoGo. Hopefully he gets picked up quickly.

Robinson was picked up by 76ers affiliate Delaware Blue Coats today. Hopefully can work his way back up.