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2020 Hokie Commits
Joe Bamisile
Darius Madox

2020 Hokie Prospects
P.J. Hall
Xavier Foster
Rondel Walker

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How did CMYBALL go at the end of September? Is CMYBALL something that any more highly ranked kids are interested in? We making progress with closing anyone out?

Chick Patty w/ Cheese

Saw Duke just landed another 5 star power forward....anyway Coleman reconsiders?

CMY ball pls...

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With everything that is transpiring with the football program and all the questions swirling about the performance of Fuente and his staff, it really got me to thinking about a big contrast between Fuente and Young.

Both coaches were hired to VT, which was a step up into a P5 conference. At the point of their hiring they both had the opportunity to assemble their staff. Fuente had to keep Bud and most of the defensive coaches, which was a unique situation. But he chose to fill some of the critical staff positions with 'his guys', that had been with him for some time. Buzz did that when he went to aTm, but Buzz has an already successful track record in the P5, and his staff is constantly evolving. Fuente chose to bring his guys so they could install their offensive system.

In contrast, it appears that Young may have done the wiser thing, utilized the resources and draw of a P5 school like VT and diversified his staff with coaches who have had years of experience at the P5 level. Obviously we don't know how this will play out for Young, but it just feels like the smarter and wiser move.

Fuente could really benefit from having a staff with a more diverse background and more experience at P5 schools from around the country and from different coaching trees. Here Fuente and his staff are facing some real challenges and are struggling to get the offense working the way they want it. Well, they've been one staff for a while, before VT, so they see things the same way, the attack a problem the same way, and tend to easily agree on the solution. If you have people with different experiences you get the diversity of thought.

It just feels like Fuente may have really missed out on an opportunity to hire a really good coordinator and some good position coaches. For all I know it could have turned out the same or worse than what we are looking at now. But as a fan I certainly appreciate that CMY has gone out and assembled a staff with different coaching backgrounds and different experiences. And he was still able to bring Land and Giltner. And Ace was just hired, which is like a cherry on top. We are getting good looks from recruits, because they can clearly see the effort, diligence, and clear vision that CMY has.

Not exactly relevant to recruiting, but felt like it is an interesting juxtaposition between CMY and Fuente that was worth sharing.

Now that is what I call real diversity in action by a coach. Great call out.


Excellent point.

On a somewhat related note, Mike Young was head coach at Wofford from 2002-19. He led Wofford to 5 conference championships (and therefore NCAA tournament appearances) since the 2009-10 season.

Compare that to Fuente, who only had 4 years of head coaching experience: 2 losing seasons, 1 conference title, and 1 okay season where they kind of fell apart at the end.

Perhaps Mike Young's superior experience could be why he has (seemingly) made the better decisions regarding his staff.

I was thinking about typing this same reply as I was reading the comment, you just did a great job of backing the point up with stats. There does not seem to be as many football coaching candidates that have success at the FCS level and stick around long enough to draw a comparison to the MY hire. Jim Tressel is about the last I can think of. Football is such a high stakes sport that ADs are more willing to take a shot on a young up and comer and will do their damndest to keep a guy who peaks at above average. I am hoping MY has similar success to Jim Tressel and I am still hoping coach Fuente can follow the footsteps of Fancy Gap Frank and turn this thing around and build a Hokie dynasty of his own.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

I would love to see us make an offer to Hunter Dickinson

Seems like a perfect fit to round out the class, especially with being a DMV kid. Based on his scouting reports, shades of KBJ (old school back to the basket-type big man, high IQ, not an elite athlete).

He's a Duke and Michigan target right now. Duke just took a big man and they're starting to get tight on scholarships. Michigan is a tough team to beat out since they have a huge need at center (he'll get to start as a freshman) and the opportunity to be coached by Juwan Howard.

Shit. He's taller than Bucky Hodges.

But what about the hands?

There not as big as Jarrett Boykins

Just cut his list to a final 4. I wouldn't be shocked by FSU or Michigan.

OK, that's pretty funny.

My favorite part is the college kids with the ill fitting suits and white socks.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Mom gots jokes:

Will you tell me or point me to a "How do" on how you make it so you can see and interact with the tweet like you did? My post would be better for it. Esp if the video was imbedded and doesn't take one away from TKP. Thanks in advance!

Go Hokies!

1) Click on the tweet
2) Click "Embed Tweet" on the drop down menu (The drop down menu is the button to the immediate right of the "Follow" button)
3) Copy the code and paste it to the desired location
4) Collect turkey legs

Awesome. Thanks a bunch! I had trouble at first as it appears that I don't have the option in the Twitter Android app to get the embed code. Opened up Twitter in web browser and there it was.

Go Hokies!

Need to get his mom the proper colored shirt for her profile pic!

Her daughter plays volleyball for UF

Love Maddox and Bamisile but baby Kevin Love would be the most important commit of the 2020 class.

It would just round things out so nicely. A 6'4" guard, a 6'5" guard, and a 6'9" skilled big. All 4 star top 100 players.

Combine those guys with the young guys we have now like Cone, Nolley, and Ojiako and I think we'd have a really good team in a couple years.

I think we'd have a surprisingly good team right now.

Well Bamisile, Maddox, and (potentially) PJ Hall won't be here for another year...

If you mean we'd have a surprisingly good team for 2020-21, I agree. But we're not going to be particularly good this upcoming season.

A lot of the ACC is reloading. I don't think we will be as shitty as most people think. I'm optimistic about these guys skill levels. I think we are all going to be pleasantly surprised.

I think we have enough talent on the roster this fall to be competitive, the problem is going to be experience. Going to be a lot of growing pains while these guys learn ACC-level lessons.

I don't disagree with that at all. Starting as freshmen will give them much more experience much sooner than what we are used to though. Looking forward to it.

There's only one way to get experience.

Beat up the smaller kids and steal theirs?

Sneaky funny, sen, sneaky funny.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Doesn't cost much. Shows they are serious! Win a players heart and the mind can follow! (Unless his family expects a bunch of $$$ from a shoe rep)

With the NBA rule changes, the one and done stuff should die down. HOPEFULLY the shoe b.s. is exposed enough to be curtailed. I'm guessing we are going to be in a great place to compete! Really like our staff.

I was just at Turner place and saw the entire VT basketball coaching staff having lunch with PJ Hall and his family.

what it do babayyyyyyy

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PJ pls

I need a gif of PJ wearing PJs on a PJ ASAP.

Any word on PJ Hall's visit

"Roll Tyrod"

"The official visit met my expectations. The goal that I had was just trying to to see how I mesh with the guys, how I fit in with the program," Hall said. "It went well (with coach Young). We went fishing a little bit. We got a lot of face time together. It was good seeing him up there. He said his offense won't change a lot from what he was running at Wofford, so they kind of like that high post. The big guy, you need him to operate the offense, passing and cutting, all kind of stuff. I would be in that position and the ball would be in my hands a lot."

If he picks Clemson over us, I doubt Brownell makes it through PJs eligibility.

Top 5 for Josh Ogundele
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Interesting we have yet another matchup with URI in the cards... I like our chances with that Top Five.

Rondel Walker committing October 31st
OK. State seems to be the favorite

something something trick-or-treating with the kids something

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

PJ Hall to announce Thursday. Looks like Hokies were his last visit.
Crystal ball says 75% to Florida and 25% to Clemson

According to that article florida is out of the picture now.


PJ pls

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This meme hasn't yielded many (any?) positive results yet

phantomjb93 pls

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EDIT: Dogpile coming, I can see it now.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

We did get a new recruiting thread after the meltdown of the first one. So, progress?

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I'm not hearing good things on this from other sites. No other real sauces other than chatter.

I share my last name with his high school, so...please!

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Not sure where to put this, but has anyone found any info on the scrimmage with ETSU that allegedly took place on the 20th?

stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

Wrong thread

No Florida ("expected to fall in love with the place but it never clicked"), no Tennessee, no Georgia Tech. PJ breaks it down:

Virginia Tech: "It's all about relationships with them. I've known coach (Mike) Young since I was young and coach (Chester) Frazier has recruited me for the past two years at different schools. It's ACC basketball. I know I could go there and be successful."

Clemson: "Same thing, ACC basketball. They've recruited me hard, if not the hardest of anyone. I know that I can go there and be successful with the plan they have for me. It's in-state and not too far from home."
"I have a pretty good feeling where I'm going," Hall said. "Just going to sit down with my family another time about it."

As a reminder, he visited Clemson at the beginning of September and Virginia Tech just two weeks ago.

As for me,

and clemson gets a CB from Jerry Meyer. PJ said he would inform the staffs prior to his announcement. Time change is sadly due to funeral arrangements for a student at his school.

Well at least we'll have to wait shorter for the heartbreak!

I suppose having hope for awhile is better than never having the chance at having hope at all

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Hearing a lot about Clemson being the team. Bleh.

There is a whole lot of Clemson action going down on 247.

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I honestly don't understand why Clemson..I can get losing out to the Dukes of the world but...Brownell is on the hot seat every other year it seems and it's not like they have a history of success in basketball

Well he is from SC and is an hour away? We have a first year head coach. We aren't the "Dukes of the world." If he came to tech the Clemson boards would say "Why Tech??"

I know I'm biased towards VT and I'm not trying to bash him I just personally don't understand it. Like I'd rather go to a program with a new head coach (that I've known for years) that's trying to build a program and know he'd be there for my tenure rather than a situation where one bad year could mean I'm seeing a completely new staff.

Plus he looks almost identical to one of my best friends so I was looking forward to making jokes about it over the next couple years and I'm a little salty

You surely can understand a kid from South Carolina wanting to go to a South Carolina school. Sometimes it's not that deep for these kids, and he wants to go to school where he'll see his parents and childhood friends at his games. Who knows, wish him the best, and still pleasantly surprised by CMY so no salt from me.

Yeah I understand that, and I'll still wish him the best at Clemson I'm just being selfish.

So do we have a shot at anyone else for this class? Is Foster still in play?

This is sorta a big miss for us. Hall would have been a great addition to our 2020 roster but he's not an ideal fit from a roster structure standpoint. Hall is a Kevin Love-type 4 man. I still think there's a chance we flip him.

What we really need is a true 5 (But we should take a highly coveted 4). Aluma is more of a power forward and Nolley is more of a small forward so a legit center talented enough to start as a a freshman would shift everyone to their natural positions.

Xavian Foster is still in play but it looks like he's a heavy Iowa lean. There are two guys from Oak Hill we're still in the mix for (Bradley Ezewiro and Jamari Sibley). Not keen on Mark Williams as I felt he's a very heavy Duke lean for months (and we weren't in his top 3 regardless).

Throwing a late offer to Michigan lean Hunter Dickinison would make a ton of sense especially with Isiah Todd just committing there. Todd is a 5 star that looks poised to be Michigan's starter center from Day 1.

Thanks for the info!

We haven't missed yet! I agree though that it isn't the end of the world at all. His dad does have Woffard connections and PJ played at Mike Young camps right? We just need to go in and beat Clemson handily the first game of the season this year and the chips will fall in place for the future. I'm all in with Coach Young and his staff and players.

Seems like a good 3-4 would be good to have for 2020 if Hall is gone. Play Aluma and Nolley at 6-10 and 6-7 upfront, then rotate Ojiako (6-10) and a good 3-4 at 6-6 to 6-7 (wish it was Coleman). Maybe MY like to play multiple 6-9+ posts at a time.

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Kevin Love is a "stretch 4" type PF right? Tall, bulky player who can screen well, can shoot with range, and has basic post up ability to take advantage of switches and match-ups?

Cuz that is exactly what Coach Young looks for in his ideal '4'

I agree Hall would be a kind of a big miss.

When did we offer Dickinson? Looks like he's down to a final 4 that doesn't include us.

I don't think we have offered to him. I think the poster was just saying it would just make a lot of sense for us to make him an offer

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Iowa just took commits from a pair of 6'8" 210-ish SFs. If that pushes Foster anywhere else next (Iowa would be likely to find room), it's Iowa State.

I've heard his girlfriend is going to Clemson too, so I'm sure that adds to it.

Well he wants to get destroyed by Tech bu tech ever time they play by all means

Cut and divide it all right in two

Hope everyone noticed that Justin Robinson made the Wizards' 15 man squad.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I did. It probably deserves its own discussion topic. I thought his name was five though.

I call him Mr. Robinson now.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

He played 37 seconds tonight. At least he didn't get a DNP.

PJ Hall to Klempsun

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Not a huge surprise. CMY's system doesn't bode well for true-4s (they screen and rebound a bunch, and don't get a lot of shots/points).

We put the K in Kwality

ban on "_____ pls" pls

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I, for one, pledge to downvote its use from this point henceforth

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

Xavier Foster off the board. Will stay iin state... down to Iowa and IA St


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Remaining PF-C targets:
6-8 Jamari Sibley, Oak Hill Academy
6-8 Bradley Ezewiro, Oak Hill Academy
6-10 Josh Ogundale, Worcester Academy, Massachusetts

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Bradley Ezewiro to LSU.

Go Hokies!

Don't want to start a November thread with this news so

It's beginning to look like we are going to hold our final possible scholarship until the spring looking for a possible transfer or grad transfer to take up the final spot.

*for when PJ Hall flips after Brownell gets fired

Offer to Jordan Riley '21 SG/PG. Explosive combo guard.

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Jordan Riley Summer 2019

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but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

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