Grimsley article about his struggles off the field.

Tears flowed as Grimsley talked to Fuente in the meeting about his mom, Shantina Jacobs. When asked by reporters to offer specifics regarding his family issues, Grimsley offered only an overview, and attempts to contact his mom were unsuccessful.
But Grimsley did take the opportunity to open up to Fuente.

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Wow, great to read about Fuente and how he handled Grimsley's personal issues. I'm pulling for both of them!

I 100% hope he gets a shot at the NFL and a signing bonus that will hopefully end his family's undisclosed medically-induced financial troubles. I also hope he realizes that with that VT degree, even a starter level job in the $40-60k range would allow him to help his mom out a lot especially when it comes to making payments. He won't have college loans because of his scholarship, and he could direct that money towards helping stabilize that situation instead.

Yeah... people I'm close to are affected by this.

I have a whole lot to say about the medical/insurance situation but that won't be helpful here on TKP

Is it basketball season yet?

I work for a law firm in Cville and we handle civil litigation so I get these calls from time to time. UVA is absolutely ruthless with this. They sue their own employees. They sue the elderly and take their homes. If you can get on a payment plan then they will work with you but if you just don't have the cash then enjoy bankruptcy.

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My current Hokie freshman spent a lot of time in UVA Healthcare facilities last fall through spring. Thank goodness we had decent insurance but we still came out owing $15,000. They were very good about accepting a payment plan with a monthly payment amount that we said we could pay.

I thought we did away with leeches for healthcare, but it seems like now we just have a different kind.

The people I know who owe UVA Health Systems money want to be on a payment plan, but UVA wants minimum of $500-$600/month. If the family says, "All I can give you is $350/month, UVA won't play ball.

Here in Harrisonburg, Sentar is crushing it in this arena. They have a floor that they'd like to accept from patients, but it isn't a hard floor. They get what they can, they are courteous, generous, and generally flexible.

Is it basketball season yet?

I only pay $155.00. They didn't even argue. And my wife has worked for RMH for almost 20 years so I know them well but we chose UVA for our son's treatment. I would probably owe nothing if we had used RMH.

Ugh, I've unfortunately experienced all sides of this issue from HCA after an ER visit. I'm just glad my family and kids doctors take payments.

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Thank god for insurance....we just had a baby who went to the NICU for 4 days and we've accumulated $110k in medical bills.

Medical fees are a racket.

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Hate to break it to you, but insurance is a racket these days as well. Tough to live without it, though. Hope they don't make you jump through hoops for using it like they ooohhhhh so often do. Hope your child is doing well.

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I had 3 kids all spend time in the NICU. For each, we got bills for months on end from dozens of organizations. We had no idea when bills would stop coming or any way of forecasting what the total costs for the hospitalization would be until we waited long enough for all bills to magically stop appearing in the mailbox. Bills also became due before you had time to vet their legitimacy or discuss with your insurance provider what was going on, being covered, etc.

Healthcare is baffling in that it is the only sector I know of where going in you have no idea how much something is going to cost or who you will be owing those costs too, even for a well planned, scheduled procedure. It's laughable man.

I can at least always joke with her when she's older that we can't afford to take her to get a mani/pedi because her first "spa experience" bankrupted us.

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What's more baffling to me is that I can go to a surgeon and a hospital that take my insurance, and the anesthesiologist gets sick and the replacement doesnt take my I insurance then I am screwed. And in my experience I've met the anesthesiologist for about 2 minutes before I go under. Never has it crossed my mind to ask him if he takes my insurance, and I doubt he knows, he has office personnel to know for him. So not only do I not know the costs, they could not be covered by my insurance.

The number #1 reason people go bankrupt is medical expenses. And for most people its tied to your job so if you can't work you have to change providers. Or you can't afford it because money isn't coming in.

It's a tough situation so I hope Hez and his family get through this.

I am usually for the market solution, but without cost transparency, an ability to compare prices, and consumer choice and input, we don't have a market solution. The problem is that those in a position to do something about it won't want to, because they'll make less money.

We have an interconnected set of monopolies. Which is why healthcare is downright lucrative, and people can't afford it.

My wife went in for a procedure 2 years ago. We are on a high deductible health plan so I want to know what things will cost. They gave us the price. We charged it to our credit card, and paid in full. 3 months later I get a bill for an extra $300. I called their billing service repeatedly month after month. They kept telling me they had made a billing error and would fix it, but then the next month another bill came with the same amount due. I probably called them 30+ times over a 10 month period to get it straightened out. They threatened to send the bill to collections and report it to a credit agency. I finally paid it off just to protect my credit.

I truly believe that medical billing companies are the scummiest companies on the earth - below cable companies, airlines that beat their customers and Nigerian scam artists.

That's amazing they gave you a price. We asked for something for my wife and the hospital said we don't know what insurance will charge, and the insurance said they can't tell us until its billed. I'm so glad to have changed jobs and gotten better insurance, but it's not like I was with a small company, the revenue was in the Billions and the insurance sucked.

This is the kind of article that everyone on TKP should be sharing on all their social media pages.

You want to turn this ship around, this is the kind of story that will close the portal and its how we can help.


This is the kind of article that everyone on TKP should be reading and sharing on all their social media pages.


I already liked Hez, but now I'm pulling for him to be able to do even more. Kid really is one of the people that you can see putting in the effort on every play. How can you think otherwise when you remember him cleaning the clock of that FSU player last year with the block downfield?

This video really emphasizes his point about the color grading. Why on earth is the color grading so inconsistent through the video? It's even worse seeing that they do in fact have the capability and awareness to do it in some instances, but apparently prefer for it to be crappy more often than not.

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And I didn't think I could pull for Grims anymore.


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Is there a GoFundMe page set up?

Amazing that people say that Fuente doesn't care about his players

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This is the #1 way to mitigate the transfer portal! Pay attention and care about your players!