VT fans reactions to different players making mistakes

Hadn't seen this posted yet, got a good chuckle from it

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This was so well done. I am thoroughly enjoy this year for the meme potential.

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that right there is what we call a silver lining.

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That was great, thanks for the laugh!

This is hilarious. "9 years of age...Amazing job"

Agreed, this was my favorite

A lot of hard truths. Fans don't want to admit to their double standard

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Maybe we should add a Beamer and Fuente section!😉😬😂

Gotta be tough being a player giving his all and getting shit on by "fans"

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Totally agree. I think objective criticism, even of college players, is okay. But when I see fans absolutely crushing guys like Willis and Farley, I feel like those fans are losing perspective of just how much effort all these guys are giving in practice, in games and during the offseason to try to get better and win games.

I'd like to see a better product on the field (and I think that's coming), but I've got nothing but respect for the effort I'm seeing from this team.

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I feel like those fans are losing perspective of just how much effort all these guys are giving in practice, in games and during the offseason to try to get better and win games.

I think the same thing when I see fans leaving the stadium at half time

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Outside of one technique issue in game 1 where Farley got his hips twister the wrong way on a break, Farley has been just fine.

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From what I could tell two of the turn overs against furman were at least 90% the WR's fault. Either a WR tipped the ball and it ricocheted to a DB, or the WR caught the well thrown ball and then fumbled it. But even on the fumble, fans in the stands were booing Willis.

It was tipped and not horribly overthrown? .... goes to rewatch game.

EDIT: I did rewatch it. Hez did tip it, but that was a very high ball. I wouldn't quite call it Hez's fault cause it wasnt a great thrown ball, Hez just made it worse.

It was overthrown but Heze trying to get it anyway tipped it into the DB(who I suspect was late to get to his coverage)'s hands. Definitely should have been a better throw but a pass like that usually sails into the sideline or gets tipped into the dirt.

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I was there in person, i don't know how it looked on the TV, but imho, it was a little high, but very catch-able if the WR had elevated properly. And he definitely tipped it 5ish yards to the defender.

Yeah, that's pretty incredible.

I would recommend following that guy. It's all Hokie satire. Never really bashed players and always has funny takes.

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Does Deablo fan account refer to Divine Deablo? Because that's a little creepy lol.

Maybe they just have some...Sympathy for the Devil. Thank you! Goodnight!

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For a while, his account name was "Kerry Blackshear III," but he changed it after he transferred. Regardless, that dude is a must follow on twitter for Hokie sports fans, he's hilarious

No need for analysis here. Fun thread.

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