OT: AskTKP: Which bag is better?

I would have been able to resist this crazy overpriced disc golf bag... until I saw that they offered color customization. I figured I would tap into the best group of experts on M&O that I could find.

Sooo...Burnt Orange zippers or Grey zippers? They're both so beautiful...
The custom builder link is here.

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Gray zippers for sure!

I like the burnt orange zippers. Those are sweet bags from everything I've heard. I watch all the youtube disc golf. I get by with a cheap dynamic discs backpack style. What's your playing style? Forehand or backhand? Favorite disc? Favorite course? Disc golf nerd out time

Can't spell DBU without Bud

I also get by with a (borrowed) DD backpack. It's completely sufficient for my needs but I'm also a huge sucker for M&O gear. I figure I won't stop playing disc golf anytime soon so I can justify the cost when it's spread over the next 20 years. I'm primarily a backhand thrower off the tee. My forehand can be dicey and so is relegated to a utility throw. Fav disc is a sexton firebird. My employer has a sweet 18 hole course down here in RTP... also the only open course in Durham during the quarantine at the moment. Lunch rounds aren't the best for my productivity level but sure provide a nice break from sitting at a computer all day.

How about you?

Yep, all valid points. I'm backhand now. Used to be only forehand (lefty) and switched to righty backhand. Blame it on baseball. Now have more distance but nothing that fades rights naturally is still a struggle. Buzz/Comet is my favorite. I'm a sucker for the straight shot and slow turnover shots. Favorite course is Mayflower Hills in Roanoke.

Can't spell DBU without Bud

RTP, are you at SAS or IBM? I'm down in Apex and I've played just about every course around the Triangle except those.

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IBM. Hit me up if you want to go sometime. 919

Hollaaaa, how is it? Compared to something like the UNC course or Kentwood

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Closer to UNC. It gives you a chance to break out your drivers.

I had no idea there were so many disc golfers here.

Current bag: Innova SuperHero, it's picked up rips in the fabric after just 1 year
Was primary backhand until this year, now use both off the tee
Lincoln Ridge

More contrast with the grey. Grey zippers.

AND you still get the orange zippers throughout the rest of the bag

EDIT: gray????

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here, here! grey.

Go Hokies



LOL... I guess it's one of those words where the British spelling has claimed victory in my brain.

To be honest I'm not sure which one is correct anymore

Always heard it was
grAy - America
grEy - England

I vote for the gray zippers.

Ah! Interesting, thank you!

it's spelled Kevin

Toe-mae-toh, toe-mah-toh ๐Ÿ˜…

"The Big Ten is always using excuses to cancel games with us. First Wisconsin. Then Wisconsin. After that, Wisconsin. The subsequent cancellation with Wisconsin comes to mind too. Now Penn State. What's next? Wisconsin?" -HorseOnATreadmill

4 to 1 gray

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Gray makes it even better, though you can't go wrong with either option.

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Gray zippers 100%. I miss disc golf so much!!1

Grey. I've played a total of 1 time, what do you carry in the pack besides hydration pack and discs?

๐Ÿป! Mostly discs. I've confirmed that I can shove my laptop in the center pocket so I can take this on short work trips. I like to check out the local courses whenever I'm traveling.. it's a great way to get out of the hotel for some exercise.

Grayโ€”nice contrast, makes the bag "pop". Good looking gear!

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

A Pound bag? How much is that setting you back? I run a weekly league and don't think I've actually seen a Pound bag in person.

I'm playing Ledgestone this year and will be switching to the Grip BX2 that comes in the player's pack.

The stock Carltons are 250. I'd have no trouble resisting that. But the custom colors for 100 more? Somehow it seems totally worth it now ๐Ÿ˜‚. I sure hope disc golf (and things in general) are back to normal by August. Good luck at Ledgestone! Those courses look awesome.

Dang! What are you rated?

Can't spell DBU without Bud

Ask me again tomorrow when ratings are updated.

Mrs. OHokie got me this custom dyed Firebird for Christmas:

That's awesome! Assume you are 950+ if you are playing in the pro division.

Can't spell DBU without Bud

LOL no, I'm about 100 points below that. I'm playing the Am side.

Hahaha fair enough. I was about to get excited if a TKPer got on coverage.

Can't spell DBU without Bud

I always wonder if my man James Conrad (Blacksburg native) has any affinity for the Hokies.

He went to Tech for some amount of time I believe. Not sure if he graduated. Got to play with him one time and watch him throw those buttery Aviar shots all round.

Can't spell DBU without Bud

I think I heard he was on the VT track and field team as a high jumper

Lost this one today. It turns out that a color scheme explicitly designed to mimic fall leaves kinda sucks for finding discs in the woods.

Not gonna lie, at first glance I thought those were custom Hokie gas masks...

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All I could think about when I read the title.

I was soo disappointed when Vanessa turned out to be a Fembot. She was my favorite

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i miss dg. all the courses near me are in state or county parks which are now closed in NJ

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Gray for realz tho

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

Is this another one of those dress things?

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Might want to invest in one of these to go with the bag

Orange. More Orange + More Maroon = Better.

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Gray because it's a nice Hokiestone accent.

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Gray for sure! Also pleasantly surprised with all the disc golfery

Let's GO!!!!!!!...

Me too! Miss the mountain disc golf from my time at Tech

Can't spell DBU without Bud

That is by far the most complex bag I've ever seen. How many straps does that thing have? And what, 4-6 zippered pockets? Are you taking this bag into combat?


If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I have 6 arms. ๐Ÿ™‚ My wife had the same reaction... The 3-way view is a bit of an optical illusion when you haven't seen the bag by itself.

Grey top with orange zipper is nice

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