Fuente & Laaser Interview

Jon sat down with Fuente recently for a 30 minute interview. Nothing super insightful here, but they talk about COVID-19, life, and football. I think you can notice Fuente's a little more comfortable in these one-on-one situations, something I've seen numerous people on here say they've noticed from personal experience. Anyways, didn't see it posted yet, so thought I'd share it.

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The most on-brand thing is that Fuente plays with the hat in Monopoly.

Second most on-brand statement was the absolute disdain for TikTok. Coach is not here for what the youths like.

The man is in his early 40s and has kids no older than 12 and he's calling college students "kids these days" 🀣

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

the absolute disdain for TikTok

is your narrative, not something included in the interview.

Fuente stated that he would not be putting out a TikTok video with his daughters. That seems like a reasonable boundary of family privacy, I am not making a TikTok video with my kids to use a marketing for my business.

I do think that more interviews of Fuente (he appears to do better with one on one interviews), or glimpses into the life of the football coach would be a good thing but we are not entitled to his family's life too.

Anyone over 25 with an affinity for Tic Tok, I would worry about.

Fair. But he's on record a few times about not knowing what "swag" is either. My point is, sometimes he seems unrelatable to the 16-18 year old players he is recruiting.

Could be off base here, but if I remember his quote on swag correctly, I don't think it was about him not having heard the term. I believe he was more saying it's a term that doesn't have a good definition, and so when asked about Hendon's swag he didn't have a simple answer.

I dont know what swag is either.

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

Swagger, I understand. As far as I am concerned, swag is stuff we all get. Junk handed out at business expos and the like.

Exactly. The two seem to be used interchangeably and I'm never confident in it.

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

Coach Fu really is a great guy, and it's awesome to hear him in these settings where he can be relaxed and let his personality shine through a bit. We all think of the goofy doofus salesman football coach as ideal in today's recruiting world, but it's really refreshing to hear someone just be genuine. I hope more interviews like this can happen to get us through these times and give us a glimpse into our football program.

He is doubling down on the '21 recruiting class. Good to hear.

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

Because- unless he leaves for a program with better facilities of course- that is make or break for him. And on the field, they better be good, because the '20 class has zero margin for error. Football drives the bus at VT, we have great fans that won't settle for 7-5 very long, and that is a good thing.

It is make or break. The good part to hear is that he feels it is a make. Which is always better than break.

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

I don't think this year is make or break anymore. This coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. Every athletic budget is going to be scrounging for dollars this year and coming up with a buyout is going to be out of question for a lot of athletic departments. I think ours will be included in that group. Especially if this affects the football season. I think almost every coach in the country will get a mulligan on this year.

I don't think fans will be willing to give mulligans, but you make a good point that the finances may force schools to keep ties even when they would rather sever.

May make for some very very hot seats the second year, though....

Oh yes, next year will be interesting but I just don't see many high dollar coaching buyouts this year. The athletic budgets and donor base is going to be too stretched by everything going on. Fans are just going to have to be try to be reasonable but we all know how that is going to go.

That's an interesting point. What if a hypothetical coach goes 7-5, and lands the 40th ranked class? The money is not going to be there to buy him out at 10 million dollars.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Would have never happened, but since Fu is a native Oklahoman, Laze should have asked if he has ever stopped by the Greater Wynnewood Zoo...