OT: Help moving to Richmond

Hey everyone. The Frenches are trying to relocate to Richmond in July/August. The COVID-19 crisis has interrupted the search, so I am asking for your help. So far, we have visited five apartment complexes, with our favorite location being around where 295 and Staples Mill come together. Our favorite complex/building is behind the Publix in Mechanicsville. However, I feel like I am missing something.

Here is what we are looking for. If you are local, I would welcome recommendations (I prefer the suburbs, not Scotts Addition/downtown etc.) I am open to townhouses as well.

1) 3 bedroom 1200-1400 square feet
2) Ideally less than $1600 a month, with some flexibility
3) walk-able
4) proximity to Amtrak and Richmond International Airport is a plus.

I have spent most of my focus looking at northern Henrico and the southern tip of Hanover County. Am I missing/overlooking any cool areas?

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children? other than football/fishing and awesome game analysis- what are your likes? I can show you the town- I am a country boy that lives in richmond and the northern neck- let me know if I can help you. It is a great town if you enjoy the outdoors, architecture and breweries.

Think about Ashland. More walkable than most of Henrico and Hanover/ Mechanicsville area, has an Amtrack station I'm middle of town and sits on 95 with easy access to RIC and NOVA if needed.

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I will second the Ashland recommendation. Lived there for 20 years absolutely loved it, nice smaller town easy access to Amtrack, easy to walk around, nice little main street as well and can be cheaper than living in richmond. There are a bunch of new neighborhoods going up around the outskirts of town as well. One place with alot of apartments is around the Virginia Center Commons mall just south on route 1 of Ashland lots of nicer apartments there as well with easy access to 95/295 which makes getting to and from the airport a breeze. Any questions I'd be happy to help out. The name of the neighborhood is Magnolia Ridge dunno if they have any rentals atm but worth a look plenty of walking in the neighborhood and a publix less than a mile away.

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The West End and out around the city/county border near U of R is really nice and convenient to 64 and the Staples Mill Amtrak station. I used to take the 6am to DC every week or two and driving there from Fort Hill only took me 5 minutes. The difficulty there would probably be finding a proper apartment building instead of a house to rent, but it is a nice area.

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That's my neck of the woods. Definitely a nice area. I'm in a very quiet neighborhood.

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Yes- grew up down the road from Bandy Field it's getting pricey and I've heard some of the smaller places are getting torn down

The problem with Richmond, and most suburbs in our country, is not too many are walkable.

I would check out Ashland, Hanover, and Henrico. They will all keep you in the correct side of the river to be closer to Amtrak and the airport. But with that being said, chesterfield is not that much more of a drive to those places, maybe 10 extra minutes.

It would add a little driving, but you may get a little
More bang for your buck than Henrico.

Other thought would be to check out the forest hills neighborhood. It's a gentrifying area, so you wanna check out the surrounding blocks, but has great parks to walk in, local restaurants, families, and easy access to the city and highways

Agree with chesterfield. The Richmond area is all within 30-40 minute drive pretty much from chesterfield/Ashland/Hanover/henrico.

If you need to worry about Public schools, I would definitely look toward north chesterfield county. It's not too far of a drive to Amtrak and the Airport. You can likely find some apartments in that price range off 288. I think by westchester commons.

For very walkable neighborhood, Woodlake might be a bit far for you but there are apartments and a lot of walking trails. You will still have to drive to go to stores/restaurants.

If you don't need to worry about public schools, the west end around grove and Patterson can be walkable. It doesn't necessarily feel like city nor suburbs. It's close the 195.

You can check out Atlee as well for suburbs. Maybe find a house to rent. It's right off 295.

i live near collegiate school- nice area . richmond is not a tough town as far as traffic goes. 20 minutes to airport from most places north of river.

I live in Ashland and commute to Fredericksburg. I do not plan on staying there longer than this summer, at which point I think I will end up in Caroline somewhere. Ashland is great because it is very close to everything without being nearly as busy as the Southside like Chesterfield. Rush hour around there can get really rough. There is an Amtrack substation in Ashland, but most times it is more convenient to load up at Staples Mill. Has everything you need except a Rural King, but Green Top is there and makes up for most anything else it lacks.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Thanks everyone. If there are specific complexes you would recommend, I would welcome them.

My primary needs beyond the property are safety, quality of internet access (I work remotely) and cell phone signal, and proximity to the airport and Amtrak. My Mrs. wants to be close to a Publix. The third bedroom is office space so we can both work.

Unrelated- for the car folks, has anyone ever had an issue with your gas cap light going on repeatedly, which sets the check engine light off? I am dealing with that, and I can't head back to NOVA until I get it fixed. I don't know where to start, as I already replaced the gas cap and it keeps happening. So far, the only thing that prevents it is if when I leave to go somewhere, I take the gas cap off and then put it back on before I leave.

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Have you cleared the code history w an OBD-II scanner? Can pick up a cheap one at auto parts store or online for about $40.

If that and the replacement cap haven't fixed it you may be looking at replacing a sensor.

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I don't have any recommendations from experience for apartments, but I know the area. Sterling Glen Apartment's is near two Publix. https://www.apartments.com/sterling-glen-apartments-chesterfield-va/v45p... Shows that a 3 bedroom is around $1400/month for about 1400 SF. It's safe there. Probably the worst traffic in the Richmond area is on Hull St Road, but still nothing like NOVA. 35 miles/40 minutes from airport. 30 miles to both Amtrak stations. There are definitely other apartment complexes in this area as well if you want to look. The woodlake/brandermill neighborhoods are all contacted with trails and walking paths.

It's either the sensor for the gas cap or the gas cap itself. Unfortynately most dealers that use those lights also use a special gas cap that the sensor can read. You may try cleaning the cap really good and see if that helps. Any auto store can also run codes for you and tell you if anything else is going on.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

French - if you figure out you need to replace the gas cap, RockAuto (online) sells OEM parts for pretty cheap (compared to other retailers I've seen).

Also, based on the title of this post, I thought this was going to be about moving your stuff. I was like - I've got a big ass truck, I can help!

French, vehicles have a gas tank ventilation system, which includes sensors,tubing and a vent valve or two. As one guy just posted, check your BODII codes thrown.

Mechanicsville is a convenient location to get to the Bay or the Neck rivers. Green Top and Bass Pro just up the road in Atlee. Airport to the southeast. Amtrack to the west. During the colder months, surprisingly the Arby's in Hanover have some of the best Brunswick stew. Lived there for 10 years, I'm now in Raleigh.

I grew up in Montpelier (western hanover) and now live in the Raintree neighborhood over by Godwin high-school. I think western Hanover is great and hope to end up back out there but I don't think its going to have the internet speeds you are looking for haha. The area over by 295 and staples mill is a good spot based on what you said you are looking for.

Do you drive a jeep by chance? I had that issue and replacing the gas cap didn't help - turned out to be an evap leak. Seems to be a common issue on jeeps

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Just moved to CLT from a neighborhood called Hunton Park. It is off Staples Mill, right near 295. You can go about a mile before you are in Hanover County. They have some townhouses in the area for rent and a nice gated apartment complex across the street. Glen Allen High is about a mile away, and you pass a brand new Publix (about 3 miles away) on your way to the Amtrak Station on Staples Mill. As an added bonus, there is a good dive bar next to the Publix called JJ's. Good food, cheap beer, etc. You would also be about 10 minutes to Short Pump should you heart desire. Also, there's a nice YMCA about 8 minutes away. We absolutely loved it and only moved because of work.

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If you don't mind me asking, were you in a house, townhouse, or apartment? We looked at the apartments. I loved the area, but there were red flags (old appliances, trash was backed up, etc.)

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No problem at all. We were in a house. It was our first home as a married couple. We had wonderful neighbors, fenced in yard for our dog, etc. I've not visited the apartments other than walking around the pool with our dog, so apologies they were not as nice as they appeared from the outside. I will say that we toured one of the town homes across the street while my parents were in town just out of curiosity and it was very nice. Imagine there would be some variance depending upon the owner. A few of them were for sale/rent when we moved at the beginning of the year, but can't say for sure what is available now. Best of luck on your search. I do think you'd be happy with that location if you could find something in good shape.

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Check your evap canister too...

My previous vehicle had an issue so HokieEnginerd took it to the mechanic to get it checked/fixed and they called him to tell him what was wrong and said when they opened the cap "Spiders POURED out...." My mental image when I heard that was opening a bottle and pouring the liquid out... HokieEnginerd said he was glad that he didn't experience spiders pouring out... We would have had to burn the car.

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Lived near the Regency Mall for 8 years, until we bought a house last summer. Very nice area, easy driving around to access just about everything you need. Lots of houses for rent, simple ranchers, typically with 3 bedrooms, or older cape cods with 4 bds. We were in earshot of Collegiate HS, and would be able to hear their marching band on a good day.

If you follow Patterson Ave into the city, you are within a good walking distance to quite a few spots, and still suburb-ish. There's a new Publix that just opened off Three Chopt and Patterson near U or R, and traffic is generally flowing.

If you want to save some cash, Bon Air and Midlothian in Chesterfield are 15 mins to the airport, and Amtrak, but you'll need an EZ Pass.

Or, you can screw accessibility and move out my way down Hull St near the Swift Creek Reservoir. You can fish the reservoir, and if you live in Woodlake or Brandermill (they do have townhouse and apartments), you can reserve your own boats. There's some good hunting going west into Amelia and Farmville, if you're into that.

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I thought this was going to be about moving advice. Of which, mine would be the top floor apartment sounds great (i.e. no loud neighbors above you) until moving day comes and you have to move a 500 lbs gun safe up four flights of stairs.

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The western side of Broad Street in Short Pump by the Goochland line is a hot spot now. Right by 288 and a mile from 64, in a suburb with tons of apartments by the mall but also a short drive from more rural areas in Hanover and Goochland.

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Gonna make you a Final Gravity and The Answer Brewpub fan boi!


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Oh yeah! Two of my favs.

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I have been to The Answer at least a half dozen times. I also love Kuba Kuba. But, I don't like ZZQ so I need to stay in the suburbs and hide from their defenders.

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Have you been to Deep Run Roadhouse?

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Preach on Deep Run Roadhouse! And Hogshead. From a local Short Pumper

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Amazing brisket at Deep Run Roadhouse! Haven't been to Hogshead. Smokh in Scott's Addition brisket is really good as well. Haven't been to ZZQ yet.

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Not yet. I enjoyed Buzz and Ned's in the west End but I heard it has gone down hill a bit. I am most excited about being closer to fishing I understand.

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I went recently. It's fine but nothing amazing. Yes, it is a lot closer to drive to everything. Only an hour and half to middle pennisula and 4 hours to Hatteras

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Kuba Kuba and Alamo Brisket sandwiches are all you really need. Just live close enough to get those.

Alamo is awesome. Union Market right up the street from there has really good food too

I'm biased when it comes to Glen Allen, since that's where I grew up and returned after leaving NOVA. I'm guessing you might have looked at the apartments at Hunton Park? That stretch of Staples Mill is nice and the Publix just down the road at Crossridge is one of the nearby grocery stores we visit regularly. Unfortunately the biggest negative is that pedestrian infrastructure is practically non-existent in that area.

As others have said, walkable neighborhoods are difficult to find in the Richmond.

If you haven't already, you might want to consider one of the complexes near Virginia Center Commons. Legends at Virginia Center is pretty nice and it's only a 1 mile walk from the Publix on Route 1. The other good thing is that there's a brand new neighborhood called River Mill (single-family and townhouses) being built north of that specific Publix. It has good pedestrian connectivity so there will be a larger network of sidewalks/trails than some other locations.

VCC is also getting a major reno/face lift in the near future

Check out Libbie Mill as well, not sure if they've opened the apartments, yet

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They have. One of my friends lives there currently.

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Yep. That was our number 2 so far. Biggest issues were the space was a bit awkward, older appliances, and a lot of reviews saying the trash builds up, which is a red flag.

We have had GREAT landlords in Falls Church. This is to be closer to family and try to lower the monthly cost of living so we can save enough for the "forever house."

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I grew up in Mechanicsville, so I am a little biased and it's been a while since I actually lived there, however I think it's a great area if you don't want to be in the actual city. It's really close while still giving you separation if you wanted.

Also, Carter's in Mechanicsville is the best damn BBQ in the RVA area and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Ate there every Friday for a year my first year out of school.

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We looked at a new place called Cambridge Square, right behind the Food Lion next to the Publix on 360. It is the best apartment we got to look at before all this shut down. I had apprehension about the area- heavily trafficked there on 360 and all the noise from the shopping.

I loved the location of Charleston Ridge (just East of Greentop) but we didn't get to tour it and they only have two bedrooms. We have to have an office.

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They are nice apartments but the area at least from my time in the Sheriffs office was a meca for smash and grabs and door check break ins (where people walk around looking for unlocked car doors).

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Grew up in Short Pump (Mills Godwin Eagle right here!) so I can speak in depth on that. Avia and Retreat are the newest developments there. Closer to western I-288 and 64E/W that takes loops you to I-295 or toward Manakin Sabot/Goochland. The Flats is dead center on Broad and Pump so traffic is hell, but you're in the middle of everything. For a more suburban/neighborhood feel Wildelake, Crossing, Trails, Colonial (Pemberton Rd) are a choice but not as fancy as the others I mentioned.

The issue with Short Pump is its expensive compared to when I grew up there (cattle farms) and traffic there is god-awful unless you go east down Broad St till you leave the Hermitage area. Also its on the wrong side of Henrico if you want snappy access to the AMTRAK or RIC. From Short Pump, either is a 30min drive.

The positive of Short Pump is everything you need is within 5 miles, probably one of the safest suburb in the RVA with the likes of Brandermill, GREAT school district, and the most amenities of any neighborhood.

If you dont want to deal with the hustle-bustle suburbs and closer to the AMTRAK and RIC, look around East Henrico or closer to the Ashland /Mechanicsville. Also South Richmond/ Wilison Terrace isnt a bad location and is on the come-up from what I hear.

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I moved from the city to the burbs this last year and it's so nice. I'm in midlothian which we love it out here. 20 minutes into the city for a date night, great schools, you can rent a whole house for 1600$ a month and still be closer to wildlife and out of the city. Plenary of decent restaurants out this way as well. I think charter colony has apartments and is a nice spot removed from hull street and closer to midlo turnpike

Charter colony between Old Hundred and Genito has some apartment complexes that are nice.

Working hard at writing a piece to compare the Bills DL personnel versus the recruiting profiles of TNT's DL targets. I am going to go through all this thread in the morning and ask some questions. Thanks already to everyone that has helped!

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Lived all around RVA. Would recommend near west end if you want some space plus access.

6412 Crescent Pkwy is a house for rent (Zillow), if you want an alternative to apartments. 5 min to publix, the answer, Kuba Kuba 2, Mission. <15 to Amtrak, ~30 to airport.

I would avoid short pump. Richmond City (bad schools) west of 195 would be the most walkable to everything with the three Chopt/monument/Patterson triangle having everything in close proximity. If access to Amtrak is important at all, south side adds 30 + min. If not, you'll get the best bang for your buck.

I'm currently living in Sandston, within eyesight of the airport. I take my dogs for a walk around the neighborhood several times a week, even before the quarantine. Blue collar neighborhood, modest 1/2 acre or smaller lots, including houses to rent. I rented before buying mine and the rent was about $1000 for a 1200+ sq ft house. I don't know what the renters market is currently like, but I can't imagine it's gone up too much.

Sneaky good bbq places in town, plus a good diner. Also near White Oak with most of your shopping needs.

As far as I know, any children would be in the Sandston Elementary, Elko Middle, and Varina High zones, although with Henrico County, depending on your children's scores, advanced programs at other high schools might bring them in (I'm a middle school permanent substitute teacher if you have any questions)

At 7:20am you can get to the amtrak station or anywhere else in the near West End within 25 minutes, Short Pump and northern Chesterfield around 35, Williamsburg in about an hour.

As far as walking, there are also a number of parks and battlefields that have walking trails of varying length/difficulty for a change of scenery, all within 20 minutes.

Oh, and most importantly, I found some nearby extremely trusty mechanics who saved my ass twice on what would have been expensive repairs.

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Thanks. Schools/children are not an issue, although close access to a community college with an autotech program would be a nice bonus. I will take a look at Sandston. My dad lived there when he was in dental school at MCV in the early 70s, but he didn't like it. I looked at New Kent and couldn't find much available.

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Patriots landing in New Kent I know is still growing but I am not sure what the availability is.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

If internet access is a concern New Kent is tough some parts have it others are like living in alaska.

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Raised in NOVA, can't stand it now. The quality of life and the cost of living are significantly better than NOVA. You need to consider southside. Look up Abberly at centerpointe, brand new apartments, nice amenities, detached garages available. Sister-in-law just moved in from Philly. Very nice. Southside is less expensive. Intersection of 288 and 76 convenient to downtown, airport, and train. Midlothian is 3 hours 10 minutes from Blacksburg, VA. Centerpointe is up and coming. Welcome to the real world, not the God forsaken part of Virginia that needs to be a separate entity.


Yes the Centerpoint apartment section seems to have a nice mix of professionals/families/etc. I imagine it will have an anchor store of some sort in that stretch of Charter Colony in the next year or two and will have a lot more options for walking.