Ask TKP: Who Wants a Cole Nelson Film Review?

Well, it's dropping either tomorrow or Thursday, whenever French has it wrapped up. It includes a breakdown of Nelson's high school film with a look at how he fits within the overall direction of the scheme under TnT. It's a solid follow-up to the d-line scheme breakdown posted in June.

It's published for all if 3 new TKPers get fully dipped in The Key Players Club.

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There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.


No need to be an asshole.

"no" the work these folks put in is not worth it? Or
"no" at this time you are unable to support or
"no" everything in the internet should be free or
Could you care to elaborate?

Dont think Joe is holding the content hostage. It's content intended for TKPC (ie premium content that somebody put real work into developing, went through an editing process, etc) and he's offering to make it free if a few folks join. It's a pretty smart marketing/advertising plan.

Could you care to elaborate?


I'll take any film review.

Life is good.

I'll take any film review by French. Every time I read one, I feel my football IQ increases by 10 (or more) points ,,, soon I will break 100!

Ut Prosim Ad Dei Gloriam

Yes, but I would also love to see French do a local eats film review. 😁

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We tried Carter's Pig Pen BBQ. The pulled pork was solid, but for the cost, it didn't seem like there was enough. Baked beans were ok. Cornbread was excellent. Slaw and green beans were kind of a bummer. I am still looking for the go to local BBQ spot. (Don't say ZZQ- I don't like Texas style.)

I should do a podcast which is just me talking football while my mouth is full of lumpia. Or, I could just eat lumpia. I think I am going to have lumpia tomorrow.

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