1000 Yard FCS Grad Transfer WR picks VT

With the transfers of Damon Hazelton and Hez Grimsley, wide receiver depth has been a concern as the Hokies only return three experienced receivers. Virginia Tech adressed some of those concerns with the announcement that Changa Hodge will be transfering to the Hokies from Villanova.

The 6'1, 200 pound Hodge is a graduate transfer and should be immediately eligible. In his final season at Villanova, Hodge put up huge numbers. Hodge caught 13 touchdown receptions on his 65 catches. In putting up 1118 yards, Hodge averaged a staggering 17.2 yards per catch.

Here are some of Hodge's highlights.

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I once saw Bill Brasky scissor kick Angela Lansbury

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I heard they used Brasky's foreskin as a tarp when it rains at Yankee stadium....to bill brasky 🍻🍻


Saw Hezzy last weekend. Great young man.

Hope Hodge balls out this year.

That tape is absolute fire.

Welcome, Changa. Let's get it

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Honestly, it's hard to gauge much from that film. You can't really tell whether he's beating the DBs or they're beating themselves. I do notice that he generally doesn't catch the ball super cleanly.

But I would imagine Ryan Smith - who had to gameplan for him last year - knows him and would have nixed him if didn't think he was a worthy addition.

This looks like a great pickup to me. Big numbers for Villanova, and even though they are FCS, they play a pretty competitive schedule, and have had some strong teams. Looks like he plays with an edge, and we need more guys like that, as long as they can keep it clean. Could be a real sleeper for us if the season is played.

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How many years eligible and will
he be eligible in 2020? Listed as '21 on 247

His tape is fire. Love how he catches everything, including over the shoulder, with his fingers first. Soft, soft hands

Sounds like he needed a changa scenery.

We need Forrest Rhyne Linebacker from Villanova to transfer to the Hokies. He is from my hometown Waynesboro, PA. Dude is a legit freak. Team Captain.

Hokies fan since 1998

Immediate contributor. High energy with big goals, a lot to like here. Quick step off the line with exact routes and good hands, will win 2 games alone by taking over a possession in the second half on offense. Big fan of this pickup. Go Hokies!!!

should be immediately eligible

Meanwhile at the NCAA

With FCS shutting things down in the fall look for other grad transfers to hit the portal. I remember him tearing up JMU last year with 8 catches 134 yards and 2 TDs. He looks hungry to prove himself which is a win win for us! Also he will have 1 year of eligibility.

1-0 every week

A lot of grad transfers might hit the portal but spaces are going to be extremely scarce this close to the season.

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NCAA is going to have to alter scholarships limits for this season and next three seasons. If teams have players opt out or test positive and they can't play but they still count against hard limit for next season what are you going to do with players you already offered freshmen scholarships for next year?

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Ultimately, the situation is going to be unfair to someone. If you allow extra time for the seniors, then the underclassmen end up sitting on the bench an extra year.
At some point, the NCAA just has to let one group or the other get screwed over.

I Will never agree with that view.

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You're welcome to that stance. But, the numbers simply do not work out. There is only so much playing time to go around. If the older players get it, the younger ones won't.

I think it's just fact that someone is going to lose playing time if an entire season is cancelled. Some playing slots will go away.

Those are honest conversations coaches should have but to just say "no scholarships for you" is the wrong stance.

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They are not losing a year of scholarship though. That said, I think the max scholarship will be increased for a year. Some will go pro, others will hang up the cleats. It won't be a full class worth of extra. Some schools will have financial limitations and may not carry the extra weight or are choosy about who gets carried.

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They will lose scholarships if NCAA doesn't increase limit. Player A is a senior this year and either season gets canceled or opts out this season. He wants to come back next year because on scholarship, the option for the coach is to not being back the senior or to tell an underclassman he no longer has a scholarship.

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They had a scholarship this year. The season and a paid year of academic study are two different things. They don't lose a scholarship just because season didn't happen.

Yes. A scholarship is academic, an eligible year of football is sports. 2 different things.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

His catches look good, but will he block? Looks to me like a nearly plug-n-play replacement for Hazelton.

If he is plug and play for Hazelton then why do we care if he blocks /s

He is way faster than Hazelton. I don't think he is going to be as good as Hazelton on the fades. I think he fits Hendon better with the his speed to break deep and run under the ball on play action.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

If there is a season this has a chance to be such a key. Love his ball skills and speed. He is a talented kid that if he picks up the offense they way that is expected he could do big things as the opportunity will certainly be available,