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FAM! Feels good to see the guys win again!

Fam it felt like they were gonna blow but then they didn't.

Fuck Pat Narduzzi!!

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Honestly impressed with how full and loud Cassell seemed for a team that had lost 5 straight.

Pretty cool to see how far the support has come for this team since the JJ years.

Thank you Buzz

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Horne and Cone on fire from 3!! Noley was off shooting the ball, but he had 12 rebounds and 6 assists. Those Horne back to back 3's when Pitt was trying to make a comeback were 🔥.

Id love to see this team make the NIT in year 1 of the Young era. I think we need 3 more wins at least to be considered. Wednesday night vs Miami is probably the most winnable game left.

A 5th ACC team making the NCAAs would also help because the NIT likely wouldn't take more than 4 ACC teams and it will be a log jam from 5-10.

3 wins to make the NIT. 5 or 6 wins to dance. It ain't over yet.


Streak broken, another ACC win. fam.

FAM! Great to be back in the win column again.

With the #1 pick in the NBA Draft, the (insert tanking team here) select three point specialist, PJ Horne. FAM.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.


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FAM! It ain't over yet - if we get to 20 wins and beat a ranked team, we'll have an outside shot at the tourney.

Not happening unless we win the ACC tourney. Not trying to throw shade, just being realistic. We have no shot at the big dance unless we win it all.

I think if we only lose one more game (or maybe two if we get to the ACC championship game) we'll have a 20% chance of an at large bid. So being realistic, you're right, we're not getting in. But if we can dream if we go on a winning streak and beat Duke and Louisville!

Nope. If we win out in the ACC we are sitting at 18 wins and only 9 ACC wins which would put us probably 5th or 6th in the league which they are talking about probably only three (maybe 4) getting in from our conference. Tourney games don't hold the weight of regular season games anymore, so we definitely can't lose two and have any chance. I could see an outside chance if we run the table and then make it to the championship game. That would put us at about 22 wins I believe, and would have beaten Duke and Michigan state, and likely one other big time team.....there is a small chance this route, but no chance at all if we drop one or two games

We lost to BC twice, that's some really bad losses. The ACC is to bad this year for a .500 in conference team to make it. MSU isn't ranked. Our only way is win the ACC tourney.

If we win out, we go. That would be 2 top10 wins in the last month.

If we win all but lose to either Duke or Louiseville, I think we're a bubble team and would need a good tournament.

If we lose to both Duke and Louiseville, we only go by winning the ACC tourney.

The only way we make it is by winning the ACC Tourney.

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If we win out in the ACC we would have 21 wins not 18. And also would put us at 12-8 in the ACC, not 9 wins

This is correct. When I looked at the schedule I failed to see the 3 games in March.

I figured that was the case, on the ESPN app you gotta click over to March to see the final 3 games it doesn't just show all the games in the order they happen

That is exactly what happened

I think there's a chance if we literally win out to close out the regular season. But realistically, this is the ACC, not gonna happen. It's sort of an analogy for the reason we lost those games in the first place. Put yourself in a hole in the first half, and there's only so much heroics you can do in the second.

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Those back to back 3's by Horne was great to see. He's been butchered in here (rightfully so) and it was great to see those shots fall. Let's beat the U and get two straight W's! LET'S GO!!! 🊃🏀

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Is it basketball season yet?

Dub city

Got the W on the court. Hoping for some more Ws from that recruiting visit

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Fuck Pat Narduzzi

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Bacon Fam!

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