Dalton Keene receives NFL Combine Invite

Hokiesports report

Good to see Rambo get a chance to show off for scouts.

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I think there's a spot for him to carve out in todays NFL. Lots of non-traditional uses of TE/H-back type players on a few teams.

Currently the only Hokie on the list of invites if i read it correctly. Unsure if the list is finalized though

No Floyd?

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That's huge. It pretty much guarantees you will get drafted by someone unless you completely bomb.

Don't think I'd say guarantee, but a good sign and hope he gets drafted

Not necessarily. I had a friend who was a OL prospect who did fairly well at the combine, and fell from a 4-5th round projection to being undrafted. His problem was he didn't show enough improvement in his weaknesses. Always a strong guy, I think he finished with the first or second most bench press reps, but his footwork was just okay and that buried him.

He got some run his rookie season, but after three years he's already out of the NFL and isn't looking back.

Good stuff.

Would love to see him in the NFL.

So going over a list of surprises from the combine invite list: Perkins wasn't invited and neither was Feaster.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Perkins isn't a huge surprise to me. He has no future in the NFL as a quarterback. Feaster is surprising though. He averaged over 5 yards a carry on 124 carries his senior year.

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This is great news. With Dalton's size and skill set he will definitely get drafted....every team is looking for the next kelce, gronk, or kittle....I was hoping Dalton would be there for my Skins late in the draft....he is the type that enters the combine unknown and leaves a 2nd rounder.....🤞🏾

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Still seems kind of bonkers to me that he declared at all. I was under the impression that the general advice was to stay in school unless you were told you would likely go in the first 3 rounds?

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He may have gotten that advice... A big body that can work the middle against linebackers is a big weapon in the NFL these days.

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I mean sure, maybe. I haven't seen anywhere state that he's projected that high though?

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That IS general advice or advice for guys who are hoping to go high. The other consideration is if next year's draft is projected to be more talent-rich where he might have a better chance of getting drafted at all this year. Fuente said the advice Keene got was his to share, so might not know what it was. Either way, sounds like Keene got advice from a number of sources and made his decision. At this point, just really hoping he has a great combine and gets drafted high!

Round 1/2 grade or nothing. I seriously doubt he got a Rd 1/2 grade.

Only 4 TEs got drafted in the 1st two rounds last year (and just 16 TEs/H Backs/FBs overall). I'd have to think it through, but he may not even have been the 4th best TE prospect in the ACC.

I personally think he would have done better to wait another year, but it's not a slam dunk. He doesn't have any freak attribute that stands out, so it's debatable as a a 3 year starter if another year would have improved his draft standing. Maybe the extra year on a body that never redshirted would help, but I think he mostly is what he his - which is prob a Day 3/UFA guy who could stick with a team. But if he's going to stick, it's not going to be for his TE / HBack skills. It'll be for versatility - particularly if he can contribute on special teams.

I hope he gets drafted and drafted early. It was a surprise he is leaving early but Fuente putting guys into the NFL at key positions for us would be great. Mitchell has the chance to do the same thing as well.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

With the NFL being such a copycat league I think he has a chance to be the next jusczcyk for some team looking to beef up their running game. Stil surprised he left but he's got a legit chance to be drafted