coach kill joins TCU and gary paterson

he gone. bad news for us.

jerry kill to TCU

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this is the most telling

maybe all this shit about Fu is true... FUUUUUU.....

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Welp, I guess that's it.

"Now Miami wants to talk about it." *Cue Enter Sandman*

Remember when Jerry Kill said VT was the absolute perfect job for him?

Perfect for half a season!

Until he learned he could have the same job with his bestie

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I'm as nervous about the prospect of an un-Kill supervised Corney and VV as I am about Fuente leaving. CJF coming back, all things considered, is looking like it may actually be worse.

I don't see Whit allowing Fuente to come back if it got to that point... No information just don't see Whit as someone who will take what has happened lightly.

Thank god. Thanks for your insight Jugs!

it would take some mending, that's for sure. seems like a clean break may be for the best. idk.

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So Whit is going to pay someone $6 million to walk away because they interviewed for another job? I think not.

I'm as nervous about the prospect of an un-Kill supervised Corney and VV as I am about Fuente leaving.

If Corney and VV need a babysitter to function effectively, they're unfit to be coaches at Virginia Tech.

I agree 100%.

That's never stopped us before.

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904 what are your thoughts on this whole situation? You give great insight.

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to emotionally invested. I'm hurt just at the notion. I want to lose my shh right now on Fuente just for the rumors alone but i cant because if they turn out to be just that I cant go burning bridges. that said I agree with some of the posts above. kill leaving seems pretty telling to me. I'm hurt man, I feel like I mislead some of these kids and let them down. I believed in Fuente more as a man than a coach. and that's what bothers me the most. VT was built on loyalty, relationships, family, all the things that separate us from every other joe shmoe university that donations and money and national championships cant buy. that has to mean something to Fuente. I'm not ready to process all this right now. im just worried about keonta and tyree right now.

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Of course, I saw Tyree tweet at Tre asking what was going on. I can't imagine what the kids go through. Don't take this to heart, you are a true mentor for these kids.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

I feel like I mislead some of these kids and let them down.

False. Given the information available to you, and everyone else, you did the right thing throughout the entire process. You've got no idea what's going on in CJF's head, and no one, including your guys, can or will hold you accountable for that.

I agree! From everything you've said, you always have your player's best interest front and center. Keep doing that and your players will see that and respect you more for it!

TTIL Kill was Patterson's best man.

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I think if Kill knows about the Fuente situation, he's making a move knowing that Fu might not take him to Baylor

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This is not telling to me. Kill is a consultant. He wasn't brought in to coach, he was brought in to give an independent assessment and make some suggestions. Once you've gotten the lay of the land and provided your feedback, job done. Move on to the next place that hires your services. Kind of cool job.

This was how I understood it too... if I'm not mistaken consultants and analysts rarely stick around for long anywhere, including Bama and the like.

This doesn't move the needle for me on the likelihood of Fuente leaving. At the same time I think the likelihood is already pretty high, unless he bombs his interview... if he gets the offer, I'm sure he will take it.

don't go making sense! lol. honestly never thought of it this way, as im sure most of hokienation didn't. we all wanted kill to be our corny angel and save us from cornys mistakes. no corny just over here looking like.... again

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Not only that, but work for someone who you were their best man at their wedding and probably make a pretty penny while doing it. I agree, in a vacuum this isn't damning. Just shitty timing with all the kerfuffle going on today.

I agree.

As someone who consults for a living, I strongly suspect Kill's impact has been way overblown by the peanut gallery here and elsewhere. Consultants can make a difference, but by the way many acted you'd think he was some omnipotent wizard behind the curtain pulling every lever and curing all evils with the wave of a hand.

My somewhat educated guess is he largely just provided some general and specific outside-looking-in observations and recommendations and Fuente et al, prioritized them - and then used some, tucked some away for potential future use (at it too soon?) and punted on others.

At least the prospect of Kill becoming the short-term head coach is gone. That was not a move that I think the majority of the fan base would have been OK with.

not to mention his family and doctors

He's out - would be major upset at this point. This is telling regardless of Kill relationship you can't ignore the timing.

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This legitimately concerns me. The running game was anemic until Kill came in. Maybe Lechtenberg will be better than Burden and can keep the running game churning. I am not so confident, though, given his lack of experience coaching the position.

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i think the bigger issue will be if the run blocking reverts back to being more passive

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Maybe we won't sit on our hands anymore when we have the ball with 2-3 min left in the first half

Still seems odd that this happened right in the middle of the Fuente drama. I get that Patterson and Kill are close, just seems like there's more to the story

There is more. More money.
Kill was retained as a consultant. Came in, made some recommendations, running game improved...TCU called because they liked what they saw and offered more $$$. Kill accepted. Seems pretty simple to me.

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Maybe Kill was like our Nanny McPhee. He made us see the errors of our ways, we changed, got better, and then he bounced... Except he looks the same.