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Hey all, in case you hadn't noticed Cody Elliott has written a couple of post-game stories for TKP. Expect steady and a variety of coverage from him. He's a 5-star get, and he actually contributed to TKP during its infancy while he was an undergrad at Tech. He's an actual professional โ€” sports writer for the Daily News-Record โ€” and it's fortunate he can contribute here in his off-hours.

And in the spirt of the Virginia Tech athletics department burying tidbits at the end of a release, I plan on less frequent TKPC exclusive content moving through the football offseason. And I will re-evaluate how that stands in August. Though for those of you haven't gotten fully dipped, the more successful TKPC is, the more content TKP can provide, and I hope you join.

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Welcome Cody! I've enjoyed your stuff so far!

Awesome stuff in basketball coverage glad to have as many good writers as we can!

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Welcome (back)!

Welcome Cody, and thanks Joe for all the time and effort you put into the site. I'm very thankful we have such a great platform to discuss Tech sports. As a non-TKPC member I know my feedback carries less weight (as it should), but I wanted to let you know the new ads at the bottom of the screen make it much more difficult to navigate the site on mobile. I've attached a screenshot to illustrate what I'm talking about, even when collapsed it takes up half of the next post bar. If this is intentional then that's fine as it's obviously your decision, but just thought I'd give you a heads up in case you were unaware of how it impacts the user.

Welcome back, Codder

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Welcome Cody.

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That's cool. I plan to join this year.

Cool stuff getting put behind pay wall isn't an issue to me. Some side bar exclusives, like the AMAs would be neat, as we would be paying for content and access. Is there a TKP beer yet?

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Welcome Cody! Love your articles. Good times for CMY's team as they are playing their tails off.

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Man you picked a fun time to join tkp lol

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I noticed.

This is going to be great for the ACC.