PAPN/Godfrey on Fuente to Baylor Situation

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Baylor talk starts at about 23:50, but then goes off topic for a bit. Fuente/VT/Whit talk starts at ~34:15, and ends around 36:30.

Paraphrasing/transcribing Godfrey's comments as best as I could:

To have Justin Fuente go from leading candidate... then to tweeting out a hostage photo saying 'Hi I'm in Blacksburg, I'm in Hokie colors, in a staff meeting'... that means that Fuente definitely interviewed... ...I think that Fuente realized he had a less than 50% chance of getting the Baylor job, and didn't want to be caught in limbo between the two jobs, so he removed his name from consideration.

I know Whit Babcock pretty well, I guarantee you he had a list ready to go. He was more than ready, and that's the highest compliment I can pay an athletic director in these situations

There's some other good tidbits I didn't include. I recommend listening for full context.

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Cover 3 also discussed it for about 5 minutes

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Godfrey has a lot of legit connections among coaching ranks. Very reliable.

Yeah I mean anyone thats listened to the ep will know, they recorded this in the hotel room before leaving Wednesday morning from the AFCA. That giant ass annual football coach conference which honestly from multiple descriptions over the years sounds sorta terrible and incredible at once.

I guess this begs the question - who leaked Fuente's interest to Baylor to the media? What leverage does each party having in getting it out in public?

Fuente - May help with negotiations with Baylor? If everyone's expecting Fuente to get the job, it might look bad on Baylor if they can't reel him in so they give him more of what he wants.

Baylor - Probably has the most leverage because would cause a little burning of the bridge with Fuente's current situation. May make it more likely that Fuente would need/want to make a move.

VT - On the surface, this would seem odd but, as Godfrey suggests, Babcock was already moving on contingency plans. It would be hard to inquire with potential candidates without explaining the reason for the opening.

I guess this begs the question - who leaked Fuente's interest to Baylor to the media?

From what I heard, it's not who you'd expect.

Com'on Joe. You can't can leave us hanging like that.

It's not going to benefit anyone (primarily myself) for putting it out there. But you're right, I shouldn't even have mentioned it.

Give somebody the -10 downvote in this subthread if their guess is correct! /s

Hey - couldn't reply in the post. Sorry about the noise - was trying to instill some levity after the whole Baylor thing, thought it would be a thread for joking and light-heartedness. Won't try it again.

*tin foil hat*

Frank Beamer heard it through the grapevine and is gunning for Shane to get the VT head coaching job.

The Bill Roth radio rant was very out of character for him. I'm convinced that there was some politicking behind the scenes

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I actually had a conversation with Roth about his radio segment. I don't think it was a rant, and over the last 10 years Baylor has been the more attractive program. They have more talent, money, and better facilities.

I shouldn't relitigate this butttttt... then just leave it at that - more talent, money, and better facilities. That's a fine way to put it. Saying Baylor is a better job in every conceivable way... Means better AD... Better fans... Better ethics.... Better president ... Better everything? Na fuck that.

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Yeah there was some hyperbole baked in there, but on the whole, the stuff that matters to head coaches — the ingredients to build a program — Baylor has in larger quantities.

Some of them. Not nearly all.

I specifically mentioned talent, money and facilities above. For what it really takes to build a program, I am stumped to think of anything else as important of those.

I dunno, Beamer built a program on a limited amount of all of those.

VT has some of all of those tangibles you listed, and a lot of attractive intangibles. Which for me makes it more attractive than Baylor.

You know who has the least objective view of how good the VT head coaching job is? Us.

I love your optimism, but take off the orange and maroon glasses. It's a tough thing to swallow, but it's reality. As furrer4heisman articulated, college football is a much different ballgame than when Frank was coach. And I don't want to discount the intangibles, but they don't close the gap.

The intangibles don't close the gap between Clemson and VT, but I'm not sure there's a big gap between Baylor and VT.

For me, VT seems like a solid top 25 team that aspires for more. Whether Fuente can realize/solidify/improve on that is yet to be seen.

That's my opinion, and I think it's fairly realistic.

the gap is in the flexibility of a wealthy private school in the heart of prime recruiting territory v. a land grant U in the middle of nowhere, football-wise. Baylor can do whatever it thinks it is big enough to do. [There are other privates out there that can do the same thing and choose not to for whatever reason...Rice is the example I use most]. If the Baylor donors want to be big time, there are no legislative impediments.

If I'm choosing between Baylor and VT, Waco and Blacksburg, Va and Tx, ACC vs Big 12, large public university and small private university, I'm not sure I see as many advantages for Baylor as you see.

I'm picking VT, Blacksburg, Va, and the ACC.

I mean, we don't have large donors in Virginia? We certainly have more alumni to sell hats to.

I call that, at best, a draw.

That's right, I'm not from Texas. And I don't want to be.

Baylor's religious affiliations bring access to a kind of donor that VT doesn't have.

I also have no interest in living in Texas, but the point is that Texas high school football is better than VA high school ball.

Finally, Baylor has 3 highly populated metropolitan areas (Austin, Dallas/FW, and Houston) within less than 3 hours. VT has one metropolitan area (Charlotte) within 3 hours.

All in all, while being associated with Baylor seems undesirable to many of us, they have more 'built in' advantages when it comes to football than VT does.

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For me, VT seems like a solid top 25 team

Over the last 10 years, VT is not top 25 in wins, attendance, donations, or revenue. 10 years ago, maybe even 5 years ago, I would've agreed. Now, I think we're top 30/35ish.

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So you think it was completely unprompted, just off the top of his head, no motive?

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it wasn't off the top of his head because he mentioned he prepped for the radio segment, but I don't think he was part of some scheme.

Except for the huge rape and rogue program scandal that has Briles in coaching siberia. Except for the fact that they could not give that job away ands had to turn to Jim Grobe, Except for the fact that they won 1 game 3 years ago. Except for the fact that they are 83-47 the past 10 years vs. 84-48 for But yes, their locker room is newer than our 10 year old one.

Babcock would be interesting....putting the leak out to force Fuentes hand sooner rather than letting it drag out....

It was Mike Young

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The Spanish Inquisition leaked it!?

Wow, that was....unexpected.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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Does it Rhyme with Tonko Wendenhall??

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There is an article on NBC sports that said Napier had been interviewed, Fuente was being interviewed, and Baylor was also potentially interested in Aranda and another guy. It wasn't just Fuente's name being outed. Sounds like Baylor just didn't keep wraps on anything. Everybody acts like it was some sort of super secret that only 3 people knew about it and someone leaked it. Sounds more like they had the list posted outside their gym, possibly with a note that read "Top S3krit."

I recall Whit talking about always having a list of candidates ready when the Buzz to aTm situation broke last year. That's a smart move. You never know when this could happen so you always want to be prepared. I'm guessing he constantly updates these lists.

The sign of a good AD is always having a list of potential coaching hires instead of spending money on a search firm.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

I agree. the AD has to ask himself, "if my head-coach leaves tomorrow who are my top 3/5 candidates that I'm immediately contacting for interest?"

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Whit has specifically stated that he always has a list updated.

Gotta love the [sic] Wit.

Yawn. The first part is mostly dated speculation. The second part is common knowledge among those familiar with VT athletics.

It was also recorded on Wednesday morning by what they say in the episode, so much more recent breaking at the time.

And its never a bad thing to have a national media figure say good things about your AD to a national audience.

Eh, might be too soon for that joke. Lol. I'll save it for later.

Can't do anything but move forward at this point. Regardless of what happened, fuente better kill it this year to silence all the critics.

I can't wait to have 15 additional threads about Fuente/Baylor between now and the start of the season! /s

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Wait till we lose to Liberty.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

If that comes to pass, I'm hunting down your Back to the Future II sports almanac

I hope to God it doesn't happen but Malik Willis will be starting and this will be their super bowl. They want to beat us so much more than ODU does. I live in Lynchburg and it's all they talk about.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I think that Fuente realized he had a less than 50% chance of getting the Baylor job, and didn't want to be caught in limbo between the two jobs, so he removed his name from consideration.

Chip Patterson was on the radio here in Raleigh on Thursday basically saying the same, that he really did want the job but pulled his name when it became clear he wasn't going to get it.

Also said he believes the search firm leaked it to gauge fan reaction to the potential of him being coach.

Also said it's extremely bad whenever something like this gets leaked and the fan base of the school the guy is currently coaching immediately starts putting together a list of candidates they'd like to replace him with.

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Some folks were throwing out those kinds of lists/hopes/dreams well before any news of this interview came out.

I'll refer you back to week four of this season.

Hard to know the truth, with all the speculation out there, but there are certainly some who lobby hard against Fuente in every post, and who amplify every possible negative connotation.

This is the spin zone.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion. But some opinions assumed facts not in evidence. There is a lot of speculation over motives that just plain isn't supported by facts.

Just like with the news media, you need a pretty big BS filter to catch all the stuff that's just opinion, speculation, and reading-between-the-lines, and cook the news back down to facts.