Temple Transfer Quincy Roche Picks Miami

Hokies lost out on dynamic defensive end Quincy Roche. Worse yet, he opted for division rival Miami.

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Diaz was headed to Temple last season before he took over for Richt. This doesn't surprise me.


idk about this. he was "headed to Temple" for all of what, three days?

if by "headed to temple" you mean "was actually introduced as temple football coach and on-the-job" then it was 18 days.

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I hate how apathetic I've become to these misses. Never shocked, never surprised, just numb.

Probably the healthiest reaction tbh

I'm used to feeling that way, but felt we actually had a really strong chance of landing him considering Teerlinck and Tapp recruiting him.

Upon further reflection, I get he's a grad transfer who was successful last year, but if you're building a resume for the NFL draft, I would think it would be REALLY hard to turn down being coached by a guy who literally was just coaching pros. Yeah, Stroud coached some draftees, but I would have thought Teerlincks experience as a coach would be preferable to just about anything else at getting someone to be BEST prepared entering the draft.

Consider this... we had zero chance at landing him with Wiles on staff. TnT not only got us in the mix, but 99% of the way to landing him.

I had NOT considered that. Good point!

This sucks. A lot. Could have really used him, and could have really used him not being at Miami. Along with King. Oof.

Just another Miami player now. Not worth stressing over.

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I get that, but I also would have felt better about our prospects of getting highly rated D-Line recruits to sign with us if we'd gotten him.

Hopefully we do (really) well on the recruiting trail.


But I was told ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€...

But seriously, hope they keep after the grad transfer route. Standing pat on the d-line wouldn't be ideal.

And not for nothing, but 2021 d-line recruiting is supposed to be stellar, given the quality of recruits that Tech has sunk time into and the hypothetical advantages of the current defensive staff. Failing to capitalize on that would be a true disappointment.

But there's no way getting my hopes up on big time defensive line recruits will go sideways...right?

Wash rinse repeat unfortunately

Have to wonder if this is three first fallout from the Baylor stuff.

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I wondered that too, but Roche will only be around next year anyway, so not sure it would have mattered to him compared to an incoming freshman.

I assume we'll be blaming recruiting misses on Baylor for a while, absent any actual evidence of causality. To be honest, missing out on big time recruits at positions of great need predates Fuente's dalliance with Baylor, and frankly predates Fuente.

OT: I dont think I ever heard the word dalliance in my life until Fuente flirted with Baylor. Is there a reason it is the flavor of the month term or have I been under a rock for 30+ years?

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Under a rock.

Username checks out

I was wondering the same thing, hahah! I really don't think "a casual romantic or sexual relationship" applies to anything that it has been used for in here.

I guess that's another perk/curse of old age. I've heard all the old words and know what almost every word means if it was from back in the days when folks read more than a tweet or a phone screen. I'd say if you have to look up dalliance, you might need to start reading more, but that would be the equivalent of get off my lawn, right?
Either way, the word means more than romance and sex and has long been used to describe a casual, short term and ultimately not serious interest in pretty much anything. The word was used perfectly by the user.

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I'm not unfamiliar with the word but, it seems a bit edgy in my opinion when used in these circumstances. I get what you're saying though.

Well, I will respectfully disagree. It was a common use of a common term, just maybe not in today's conversations. Not in my opinion as much as in my experience of hearing it so used in similar fashion in more than one milieu and over several decades. Doesn't matter one whit though, does it? I think most understood the original post. Have a great day. And a leg.

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I originally was responding to vtcivengr and agreeing with him. There are a lot of things on here that shouldn't matter on a daily basis hahah. Leg back to you!

Fair enough

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3 star with 1 year left

Big time

Recruit Prosim

incredibly poor take and it's so bad i'm not sure if you're even serious

we have three additional years of Roche's college production to evaluate compared with this high school recruiting ranking. it's possible that he was a 3* recruit and also is a big time grad transfer. He likely has a future in the NFL. He is also likely the best DE available with immediate eligibility.

Even if you're going to argue he's not a "big time" player, you'd have a hard time arguing that he wouldn't represent a big time upgrade for us. He had more sacks this past year than our entire DE position group. He had more sacks last year than any single current VT DE has had in their career -- and you can even extend that to House Gaines and Trevon Hill's VT career if you want.

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For a grad transfer who will play one year, why? More likely as was pointed out apparently King picking Miami had a lot to do with it.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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no; we weren't even an option until Roche decided he needed to enroll in the winter (elminating UNC) and Bryant delayed his enrollment, opening a slot.

Miami can recruit all the rental DL and QB's they want, but their OL is still going to be trash and there's going to be a drop in their skill position talent on O with Thomas and Dallas gone...have fun with that.

Why is he transferring?

the football related rumors were either to win or to enhance his NFL prospects, but he chose neither so who knows, maybe warm weather and beaches.

I know he turned down Aubree and that can't bring anything but bad ju-ju.

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I had suspected people went for the beach. My humble opinion is that it's shortsighted. Spend a few years there in college, great. They'd be better served going wherever would best get them ready for the NFL, then buy a house in Miami and be able to spend the rest of their lives there (minus whatever time they're playing in the NFL, but even then, there's the offseason).

Ummm yes.

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You know they are taking recruits to South Beach to show off the "scenery." Who wouldn't?!

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Sooo what happened this time on this miss? The Diaz almost went to Temple seems like a good reason

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South Beach > Slusher Beach

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I had read yesterday that Roche has a connection to D'eriq King and that he would likely go to Miami if King went there. Looks like that is what happened soon after King commited. Doubt Diaz to Temple had anything to do with it.

This sucks even more....

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having a big boy football team means doing everything possible to get good players on the roster, that means staff working on the weekend sometimes.

This just makes me wish we still had Keene so he could block him into irrelevancy next year just like he did to Hill

Mitchell would like a word

Who is this guy and why should i care what he has to say? Roche wasn't the only recruit on campus this weekend.

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He is the only guy that was trying to enroll on a holiday which made staff come in and work to get his paperwork submitted until he changed his mind last minute. The other recruits were apart of a normal recruiting weekend that professors may be available for but know that in advance. A selfish move on his part but I'm sure it happens often in recruiting 18.... i mean 22 year olds.

big boy programs don't mind doing the admin / paperwork that it takes to enroll their prospects, even if sometimes those efforts don't bear fruit. IMO if they had gotten it done sooner he may not have had time to change his mind

And you know this...how?

it's my opinion...

IMO if they had gotten it done sooner he may not have had time to change his mind

Completely disagree. It would've been another excuse as people who are looking for a way out will always come up with another obstacle. I think it's more realistic that he knew but didn't have the cajones to tell our coaches in person. I'd say most of us have been in a similar situation and breaking that kind of news feels a lot more uncomfortable than ghosting, even if you know it's the wrong thing to do.

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Seems like he will be a perfect fit down at the U then

It sucks folks had to come in on their day off, but it's unclear whether or not Roche had any insight as to whether or not someone would have to work on their day off and made an active decision whether to screw them. It's high-stakes football and at some level I am sure it's expected as part of the role. Overall it reads as sour grapes.

Hmm, Temple plays @ Miami this season.

Let's watch and see if Temple has a TE who can and will put him flat on his back.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.


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This is an absolute kick in the nut sack. I'll go as far as saying it is worse than Damon, dalton, and McLease splitting. A good defensive end - to help the position that I have stated ad nauseum is the weakest on the entire football team - and we can't close. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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It's Charley Wiles' fault...