ACC Mulling Ten Game Conference Season

247 Reporting the idea of a ten game season, with 5 home and 5 away games. Notre Dame would be considered the 15th member school for the sake of the schedule and would play a full ACC slate.

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Would have been nice to get an unexpected date with Dabo this season instead.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Losing liberty, middle tenn, and North Alabama from our schedule is devastating. I dont know what I will do now tjat we have lost these games. Obviously losing the penn State game is tough, I was really looking forward to this. Hopefully we get Clemson .

just curious because I really can't tell - were you missing the /s from that first sentence?

I get the financial impact of losing 3 games (we'll have to see how many we actually get, if we have a season), but are you really devastated that we're aren't playing those three from the perspective of a fan?

Not devastated, not interested in taking a weekend to see tech play inferior teams. Much rather see tech play a good team and lose than watching crappy football. Competition makes a team better, playing the little sisters of the poor makes a team overconfident. Play good teams and the recruits will want to play here

The "/s" is the worst thing to come from the internet. Completely ruins quality sarcasm. It's just a crutch for subpar jokes.

Damn I kinda wanted to play North Alabama and Mid Tenn St no /s

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The tide is turning now baby
Funny feeling everything's gonna be alright now

I like this idea. My wishlist of teams to play would be UVA, Clemson, UNC, Duke, and Georgia Tech. Clemson and UNC because we have to play the best to be the best. UVA and GT because of the rivalries. Duke so we can get our revenge for the 45-10 game last year, and because they tried a fake punt in the 4th quarter.

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Don't we play Duke, UVA, GA Tech, UNC every year?

Lol yeah wtf is that wishlist. Let's play FSU, Clemson, Louisville., NC State

FSU is still garbage, and we played them 2 years ago. I can agree with Clemson, Louisville, and NC State, however I still think I'd prefer UNC over NC State for recruiting and competition purposes.

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True. I do, however, want UVA and UNC for the sake of rivalry and good competition. Still give me Clemson. Then give me Louisville. The last one, maybe give me Notre Dame.

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Love the idea. How will this affect the ACC Circle of Suck?

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

By playing six division games, plus four crossovers, the circle of suck could very easily wind up being conference-wide.

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I'm wondering if there will adjust the schedule to minimize expenses; makes no sense for Miami to play a north east team for example. They could also build in some neutral site games to save travel expenses. For example - VT vs. BC - If the teams played in Baltimore, it would be a 6 hour drive for both teams, which would be cheaper than flying a full team/staff.

Finally, the ACC could get 5 ND away games instead of the normal 2-3 - that means more games where the ACC owns the broadcasting rights - that would surely help us in terms of TV revenue. I'm wondering if it could also get more ACC network subscribers.

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Certainly more Hulu or Youtube TV subscribers for those games, I'd bet.

Wondering if this means scrapping divisions or not. You could do it either way. Not sure what it means for Notre Dame and the ACC CG if they keep divisions. If they scrap them in favor of a league table format then there will definitely need to be tiebreakers used for the Championship game.

Unfortunately permanent crossovers will stay because of FSU Miami and UNC State.

Assuming we keep the games already scheduled, we need two games from the following six teams: Clemson, FSU, NC State, Wake, Syracuse and Notre Dame. My guess would be Syracuse and Wake because those are the teams I'd least like to play. We already have BC and Louisville on the schedule along with our division teams.

Should have read the article. But I like my plan better.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

The article says the plan would be for 5 home-and-home series, so we wouldn't even play all 8 teams we currently have scheduled.

Playing the 5 same teams actually makes zero sense though and would be a waste of time.

Edit: unless they had like a 4-team playoff to decide the conference championship

I think the point would be to limit any potential spread of the virus, which would make a little sense, even if it would suck from a football perspective.

Why not 12

The idea behind this is partially to leave flexibility. Say they need to move a game a week or two. By playing less total games you have that option. But I don't think it matters. I don't see us having football this fall.

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We are going to get paired with Syracuse, Pitt, and BC. I can feel the BigEast vibes already. Along with UVA.

ND, Louisville, Clemson, GT, Wake
Triangle, FSU, Miami

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I can feel it too, but I'd rather have some football than complain about the reviving feels of the big east. Of course I would prefer a schedule lineup with FSU and Clemson but at this point I'll take whatever we can get handed.

I think no matter how they set up the games, Notre Dame is going to have to go outside the ACC to fill their schedule.

Even if we make three divisions of 5 teams, that only gives everyone four opponents. So everyone would need one cross-division opponent.

That leaves 15 teams to pair up for the fifth opponent. With an odd number, someone gets left out.

Even when I tried a not-quite-division format, I still came up one opponent short.

I'm guessing we just play 10 games without a divisional format. If postseason happens, teams with two best records play in the ACCCG. Could be some messy tiebreakers but it's going to be a weird season anyhow.

a.) As long as ND isn't eligible for ACCCG. (But hopefully that would be understood if they can't get a full 10 games from us)
b.) We're used to messy tiebreakers. Although playing teams twice will make that even more interesting.
c.) In typical #goacc fashion, we'll actually end up with two clear cut top of the standings teams without any tiebreakers necessary.

The article says that ND would likely play a full 10-game ACC schedule and be included in the standings under this format, since most of their opponents will likely be dropping non-con games.

I'm not taking that article as strict gospel, seeing as it's one writer paraphrasing another writer's tweet that only includes minimal preliminary information.

Either way, the math doesn't work for all 15 teams to have 5 sets of opponents.

Right, had quite forgotten that odd numbers of games (or pairs of games like in this idea) are only possible with an even number of teams.

Good catch. Also confirmation that the "source" is full of it.

I love this idea. Let's get Clemson and/or ND on the schedule. See this as a huge net positive for our season litmus test. We have Fu's best team in his VT tenure, let's test ourselves.

Slide in Army or Navy and do pods of 4. Six games, plus 3, one from each pod.

BC, Army/Navy, UVA, VT
ND, Pitt, Syracuse, Louisville
NC schools
Clemson, GT, FSU, Miami

Pod games first, so if season is interrupted, six games are out of the way.

I wouldn't mind adding UConn for the season either. New England, like Europe, is moving past this virus.

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Navy is already in a conference, makes no sense for them to join unless the AAC completely cancels their season. Also, adding a couple G5-level teams makes little sense either.

Best way to go about it is to abolish the decisions and just make a schedule with 15 teams, including ND. I actually like the idea of them being a full conference member for a season, especially if they don't get an increased share of the TV revenue as a result.

I honestly don't think the service academies will play football even if there is a season. The USS Teddy Roosevelt fiasco was enough of a black eye for the military. There is no reason the military would want to be in the public eye being critiqued by civilians if they can avoid it.

ND only if any added ACC games for ND are away and TV revenue is split. Otherwise let them hang out there. Not interested in the domers getting to hoard more TV revenue.

That's how it already is today...

Last year, ND got $6.8M year from their ACC deal, while every other team got an average of $28.8M, which means at worst, each ACC school is missing out on a half million dollars.

Just like every other year, ND will keep revenue from football games played at home (which will be broadcast per their contract with NBC), and will split revenue for the games on the road (which are broadcast per the ACC's TV deal). Literally nothing will change, the pot will just be smaller because there are less games.

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Speaking of fewer games, here's a comparison of the TV inventory.

The ACC inventory for the year included somewhere between 94 and 97 games for ESPN. That includes all ACC home games (most teams have 7), and a few neutral site games where it was moved from the ACC home stadium (like how GT plays one game a year at the Falcons stadium). There were three ACC teams included in the Chick-fil-a Kickoff Games over the first two weeks of the season, and I'm not sure what TV contract those were under.

With the 10 game plan, there's only 70 games in the inventory. (14 teams times 5 home games each.)

Notre Dame had 7 games scheduled for NBC (6 at home, 1 "neutral"). The 10 game plan drops them to only 5 games on NBC. Four of their five remaining games were guaranteed to be on ESPN, and the final game (at USC) could have been ESPN or Fox. When it comes to ESPN's perspective, worst case scenario is that they have the exact same number of ND games in their inventory.

They have mentioned that it will be 5 team divisions of home and home. To limit the virus spread I would expect it to be nearly all geographic based. My guess is 8 games against the 4 teams in your pod and then another home and home with an additional "geographically close" team. Something like this:

VT, BC, ND, Duke, Cuse
UVa, UNC, Wake, NCSU, Pitt
Louisville, GT, Clemson, Miami, FSU

Cross division Geographical alignments:
VT and UVa
Cuse and Pitt
Duke and UNC
BC and Wake
FSU and Clemson
Miami vs Louisville

ND vs Army*

How does VT driving to Duke limit spread much more than flying to Florida? The time enclosed as a team is similar and the number of new contacts is similar.

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

The answer to your question is in the question itself.

"Driving to Duke" means:
- File onto the buses in front of Merryman
- Drive to Durham
- Walk off the buses into the visitor's locker room.

"Flying to Florida" means:
- File onto buses in front of Merryman
- Drive to Roanoke
- Walk through an airport
- Board an airplane
- Fly to Florida
- Disembark and walk through another airport
- Board different buses
- Drive to the stadium
- Walk off the buses into the visitor locker room.

Each step introduces contact with different people and additional surfaces.

Boarding a plane with your group shouldn't be all that different from boarding a bus with your group.

Walking a team full of players and staff through an airport is the big difference.

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That's obviously the biggest concern here, but each additional interaction with either people or new surfaces adds at least a tiny amount of a chance of exposure. Obviously limiting exposure to a single bus with a single bus driver seems harmless enough, but if there was an asymptomatic carrier on that bus the night before, it's not impossible for the virus to be transmitted through either surface contact or through the bus driver. A slight chance, to be sure, but once you start accumulating potential contact points the risk keeps growing.

They don't walk through the airports. It's charter flights.

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Unless the bus drives onto the taxiway and parks right next to the plane, they will still walk through semi-public space at the airport.

Which carries minimal risk.

How can you do an ACC championship without it being a 4 team playoff? 4 teams would be dope for sure but I don't see them doing it

So only.have to win 5 to keep the bowl streak alive? Asking for a friend

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There will only be the playoff games if a season is played.

RIP longest active bowl streak, it was a good run

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
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Bowl streak doesn't end if there are no bowls

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So you're saying we should put ourselves on probation and get some bagman and recruit like crazy

I don't like that ND gets to benefit here

Is coronavirus over yet?

As long as we play and beat uva (I WANT OUR CUP BACK ! ) and become bowl eligible (even if there aren't bowl games), I will be OK.

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The current ACC schedule with teams playing cross-division so infrequently sucks. I came up with a better schedule by getting rid of static divisions, which has all teams playing each other at least 6 times in 11 years. Read all the details here:

I have a whole schedule that keeps all primary rivals every year and secondary rivals 4 out of 6. It would require 16 teams. But there would be 4 divisions of 4 teams where you play your divisions every year, you rotate the other divisions home and away so every 6 years you play everyone twice. And then the 8th game is against your primary rival or your secondary rival. This would then have a 4 team playoff for the championship because who doesnt love more football.

ND can suck it.

I really wish the ACC wouldn't just roll over for ND. They can either join the league as a full member or they can figure out their own GD schedule without help from the ACC. That just irritates me. Kind of moot though because I doubt we'll have any football at all anyway

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Or, in this situation....

The ACC helps ND out, and there's a favor owed. (Not that we'll ever collect, but that's a future issue.)
Meanwhile, the ACC benefits from having the ND games as part of their TV package. In the original 2020 schedule, there were only 3 ND games controlled by the ACC TV contract. Now, there could be up to 4 or 5.

I hate notre dame, but let them play in our conference as much as possible. We get games that are relevant to recruits, and frankly to our fans. The acc is a shit show with Clemson wiping everyone's butt. We are quickly losing credibility as a football conference, and need a shot of excitement anyway we can get it.

Uh oh

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Reports saying that LOLUVa has prepared for this inevitability, citing 25 years of attendance records.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

They started way early.

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It wouldn't surprise me to see Northam make the same call soon

Someone embed Pete Thamel's latest tweet.

I believe he's saying 10 unique games and our +1 would still be Liberty

Teel also believes that ND would be a "plus one", not part of the main ACC group. He's still working on confirmation for that.

Of course, after you take out the four SEC rivals as the "plus ones", ND could be the "plus one" for up to ten ACC teams, which would fill up their schedule.

I'm ok with the ACC Notre Dame agreement in general, and even understand why we'd extend an olive branch to help them have a full season during Covid-19.

However, letting them be eligible for the ACC championship without committing to the ACC in football is insane. Unless it comes with some sort of agreement that the ACC teams get a cut of the NBC contract this year.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Clemson will beat them if they somehow got to that game.

The ACC (and individual teams who play them) probably gets a lot more money this year by letting Notre Dame participate. If anyone knows how this works, I'd be interested to know.

I would guess the ACC (or at least the individual teams) will get revenue from the NBC games.

Yes, it's a win for Notre Dame. Also a win for the ACC.

I understand why we'd let them play ten games, but why even offer to let them be eligible for the ACC championship?

They are used to playing out of conference games all year with no conference championship game already.

Just have Clemson, Georgia Tech, Louisville, and one of Miami or FSU play their SEC rival (USCe, UGA, UK, UF) and have the other ten schools play Notre Dame as their plus 1.

Notre Dame gets basically a full season and the ACC standings wouldn't be affected.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

They're gonna have to use mad tiebreakers too without divisions. There should at least be a rule that ND can't win a tiebreaker if another ACC team has the same record

I'd go along with that rule.

The ACC is better WITH Notre Dame this year than without them.

I'd be interested to know the particulars of how the revenue is shared, but it seems like win-win to me.

I look of this as a short term offering to give them a taste of what a conference alignment looks like. Their schedule is likely to get decimated this fall, so including them in a hefty ACC lineup definitely helps them, and it helps the ACC teams. If they end up playing just as many games in conference as we do why wouldn't we include them in the ACCCG if they are one of the top 2 teams? The TV viewership draw of ND in a conference championship game would be huge and the ACCCG would likely end up with the largest rating of every conference championship, and rival most of the New Year's 6 games.

From a business perspective we (the ACC) would be idiots not to offer this up. If it ends up being the carrot that gets them in the conference permanently - great! If this ends up being a 1 year thing that helps mitigate many of the financial losses due to the changes in the landscape, that's great too.

That's a fair assessment. My perception is that the ACC bends over backwards at every opportunity to impress Notre Dame, and we won't get anything more substantial out of this by having them in the conference championship game as a one off.

I am fine with having them as a member of every other sport and the ACC gets some added stability and nationwide recognition/audience, but if Notre Dame wants to benefit from a conference affiliation in football, they should commit to joining the conference.

The only thing Notre Dame would take out of this is, "Welp, when the next once in a century pandemic comes along, we'll have the ACC to fall back on." /s

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Our conference championship game makes a lot more money if they're in it.

We're not going to just give it to them, they have to win their games to earn their way in.

If Notre Dame made it to the ACC championship, the game would have more viewers and more revenue. That would all go to ESPN though. No fans or very few would be allowed to attend, so all of the money would be TV money.

ESPN would get more ad revenue, but the ACC would get the same number that was negotiated when Notre Dame wasn't a full football member.

Yes, Notre Dame has to earn it by:

1. Joining the Conference
2. Winning

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Really? How does the ESPN deal for the ACC championship game work?

Normally I would think that better opponents = more TV viewers and more merch = more money for ACC.

i think the missing component from your equation - with ND adding viewership that gives the conference much more leverage in the next TV contract negotiation.

There's that, too. I don't know if it's MUCH more without Notre Dame onboard as a full member, but it doesn't hurt.

If ND is in the mix for the ACCCG, then they have to count as a "conference member", and can't be the extra non-conference game. If they were the "plus one", then you would have some teams who would be playing 11 games counting towards ACCCG eligibility, while the ones playing the SEC rivals only having 10.

So Clemson could play both ND and USCe this year (which was already on the schedule).

I have one comment about the rumor/fact that Notre Dame will be a full ACC member this season. F*#k Notre Dame! Let the arrogant bastards rot.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I dunno...

Sure would be nice to dip into that Pot O' Gold.

Leonard. Duh.

I would take them in this year, but if I were the new commissioner, I would kindly tell them that they need to either develop a plan to join the conference in football or the football scheduling and revenue sharing deal is off the table. They can't have their cake and eat it too. They will quickly realize how difficult it is becoming to manage a competitive, playoff caliber 12 game schedule as an independent without our 5-6 game arrangement, revenue sharing, and bowl lineup to fall back on in case they don't make the NY6.

They're not joining this year.

And nothing you say here is going to change any of that.

If there is P5 football this year, ND is joining the ACC as has been reported. If not, good luck to them finding anyone to play if the P5 conferences box them out and only do conference games.

They'll be playing games with the ACC this year, but they haven't joined as full members of the conference.

Notre Dame knows their product, and they aren't stupid. Yes, they have a premium product, and yes they've managed to make good deals. Doesn't mean it's not good for the ACC to let them participate.

I thought I read somewhere that the ACC were trying to pair up the plus 1 between SEC and Big 12. That would be sweet, especially since 4-5 schools are/will already be taken care. We replace Middle Tennesse with the Vols. Let's go.

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That's what I have been reading as well. Would make sense regionally, UVA could be paired with Vandy also. But then what do you do with Pitt/Cuse/BC who have no obvious regional pairing in the SEC.

Beat them on field and dont worry about the politics. The acc needs a shot of strength in the schedule, and they certainly do this. I am glad that we have a chance to play Notre dame instead of a weak directional school. Maybe cruits will be drawn more to the acc

At 14 teams and no divisions though it'll be tough to determine a top 2 already. You'll have Clemson at 9-1 or 10-0 then like two-three other teams at 8-2. Throwing another good team like Notre Dame in the mix won't make it any easier. And could lead to a good team (possibly us) being left out of the ACC title off a bs tiebreaker

I would take a 10 game home-and-home with Liberty if it meant having VT football this season.

Half joking, and I know we should shoot for the most fun season, but we're in strange times and something - anything - would be better than nothing.

Under that scenario we'd better be 10-0

I'm ok w/ND joining in the ACC this year, as long as they're in the same division/pod/group/whatever with Clemson.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

When the choice is between Tech and ND to play Clemson for the ACC Championship, don't think that this shit won't get thrown back in all your ND loving faces. Somebody's gonna do it. And karma is one mean ass bitch.

Right now, VT controls it's own destiny.

And if it comes down to a choice between VT and ND, the choice better be VT.

I hope VT plays ND this year in this model. Should have won last year and will win the year - good match up for Hokies.

FFS, when are they going to make a decision? I've got a wedding that's dependent on what they choose to do and we're closing in on the end of July and they're still jerking themselves off.