TX2VT: 3* WR Da'wain Lofton commits to the Hokies

I will nuke any Dwayne Lawson jokes /s

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Don't worry I'm already drinking

glug glug chump!

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Lechty strikes again!

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Apparently an 11th hour win against Mississippi State for his services.

"University of Virginia Tech"

I'm excited to have him, but 'University of VA Tech', really?!? Come' on man!

As long as he brings his talents here, I'll allow it for now.

Once he's on campus, he'll figure it out.

Who. Cares.

I second that.

As long as he shows up to the right campus, he can call it whatever he wants.

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Lots of people it seems ... not saying they should.

Maybe because they understand tongue-in-cheek?

I'm pretty sure this guy wasn't even on our 24/7 page, same with Trey Curry. I'm loving these out of nowhere pickups, it makes me believe there is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes.

He looks pretty fast on tape, glad we got him! Also 247 says he has a Penn State offer which is pretty great given their track record with receivers

I at least knew we were recruiting this guy, unlike Curry lol.

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No Dwayne Lawson jokes from me, just a question...

Did we ever hear anything about the RB recruit... Dew Ferris?

We need some height, I'm waiting to hear what Buddy Hoskins is going to do.

Leonard. Duh.

Another underrated pick up? Quite an offer list.

Just checked out his Hudl. Moves around like Tyreek Hill.

Another case where being the first to offer has paid off.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Commitments coming in like

And I love it!

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Leg for the isle of man tt.

Could some of these be the recruits nobody knows about that Fuente referenced that we all took for other silent commits?

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So the first 2 minutes of highlights are him basically running and juking past everyone for long TDs and he's rated a .85? His high school appears to be 5A, so it's not like he's playing a bunch of scrubs either. I have a feeling his rating will increase a bit (247 has him as an 87). Fuente has to be excited to get the ball in his hands on some screens.

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Not saying that stats and video don't matter, but I feel like physical development and "intangible" skills are a bigger role in recruiting. Is he quick for his size, can he build on his frame without losing that speed, does he play bigger than he is, does he run crisp route, can he play multiple receiver spots, where would he fit in a college offense - all fair questions to ask about any recruit.

I am not an evaluator, but I feel like there are tons of high schoolers that can look good on tape, but I don't think I could do what French does and break it down. If they say, and if he/the coaches say, that he's going to be a solid slot guy then I think he will be. In my opinion, I feel like we've been finding more Tre Turner like players in Raheem Blackshear, Chance Black, and now Du'wain Lofton and that excites me.

He definitely seems like a real deal playmaker. Exciting get for our WR room.

Interesting tidbit:

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His high school HC was a RB for Fuente at TCU.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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That explains all of the bubble screens in his HUDL video!

Seriously - the guy slooks quick more than fast, but has good wiggle and good hands. Catches the ball out in front every time. Welcome aboard Da'Wain. Let's Go!

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Lawson finally reclassified, I see

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Speed. Reminds me of Eddie Royal.

Ok...So TX2 VT is back - let's get on a roll

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Sorry Mississippi State just had too steal a dawg from y'all 😎

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So it's back on?


I heard that Dwayne Lawson was transferring.

Anyway, always happy to have a future Hokie committing.

Like this kid a lot. Football sped for days and is a very good student. Good job on the staff to utilize our connections. Was really worried about our WR class after missing out on AHB, but we rebounded really nicely with Curry and Lofton

Miss St just got Big Dogged

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Can you elaborate? I want to understand so I can then make fun.

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Ugh committing to a staff half way across the country because of a close tie with the staff never works out well. I mean he might have to play for the Patriots, and nobody wants that.

I'll take a high-character guy with his moves and speed all day long. I hope he gets his fax to us first on signing day.

Got a nice last name for a WR prospect. Hope that bodes well for us.

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