Caleb Farley Opts Out of 2020 Season

Per Schefty's below. This is a bummer for whatever games we may have this fall. Really looking to see his play-making ability be an anchor for this defense.

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Is there an echo in here?

just kidding. Commenting on this one to put it back up on top of the tracker since it was posted first.

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I have 2 other "TKP" sources the can confirm this...๐Ÿ˜‚

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I'm happy for Caleb. While he would be missing game reps (if there actually is a season), he can focus on training in a safe environment. Go get the money.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

I hope we don't have football now....../s. Jokes aside this is really bad for us, but I don't blame him, he's had injury issues in the past, and imo (hope this isn't against community guidelines) football season should be canceled or postponed. look at the NFL, so many players testing positive, tons in CFB too.

Certainly don't blame/fault him for the decision, but man oh man, another talented Hokie leaving earlier than expected for the NFL.

Just need to keep him involved with the program so we can use that for recruiting, etc.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Gotta take care of our elite guys when they earn their opportunities. Support him in going to get his money.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I beat you to the punch but people seem to like your thread better :(

Some additional info:

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Oof, a double drink day.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Lemme grab a rail real quick.

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I dont blame him. Go get the money. Good luck Caleb!

2020 blows, how does this stuff sneak up like this just when recruiting hits a nice uptick we get this.

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Smart decision, Caleb. Go work and get paid, son.

Leonard. Duh.

Awesome for Caleb, but farts for me and my VT fandom. I wanted to see what that secondary could do this year

Insert Pete the Virginia Tech account tweeting about players being loyal to the program. /s

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I mean... does anyone think we're still going to have a 2020 football season?

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

i do!!! let the positive vibes flow man!! happy thoughts!

I don't think this will end up being necessary as it seems highly unlikely any college football will be played this fall. Props to him for getting out ahead of it. Would have been nice to see him this season, but it would also be nice to see any football this season.

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I can't fault him. I wish him the best of luck training for and in the NFL.

I will say, I will be so unbelievably mad if all the elite players opt out except Clemson's. That's some lucky bs that would happen for them.

All the Clemson players have already gotten Covid. They might all be fine to play the season.

Clemson is a cult, they don't even know what the NFL is until they get there.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Yep, that's what bothers me too. Since half way through his freshman season, everyone knew Trevor Lawrence would eventually be the #1 pick when he was eligible. As of now, he still plans on playing. And then Etienne didn't leave early last year...that coaching staff should've been pushing him out the door last year.

Dabo is the best rescruiter in the country...both of high school kids and his players vs the NFL.

Well that worked out well.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

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I am not at "bet the mortgage" on there being no fall season, but I am close. Instead of coming in and taking the risk of getting exposed and then CFB pulling the plug, at least he can control his risk. Hopefully he does a great job in the combine, and if he has any classes left, he can knock them out online.

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Can't blame the kid. Go get tech Some first round pick Status that we can brag about in recruiting.

That would be a big win for everyone given the state of the season, and everything that is going on.

When you read on your social media about the whole Rutgers team on quarantine because 15 player got the COVID and then scroll down and see this news, Caleb made the right call. It sucks because IF there is any football this year, I'll always think "what if". He's probably one of the first dominos to fall as far as players protecting themselves for 2021.

When your projections all say first round and you can leave early with no repercussions you go for it.

Will be pretty sweet for Tech to have three first rounders in four drafts. Wonder how many other ACC schools not named Clemson can say that.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Deleted. Incorrect info.

Smart move, best of luck kid

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Good for him. I cannot comprehend how there could be a season anyway. Go Hokies

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Good luck to Caleb. Hope he does well as a pro. Since I'm not expecting a college football season this fall I am not worried about the impact on the team.

Hopefully he sees Clemson, Miami and UVA on our home schedule and changes his mind, but either way, best of luck to him.

I'm with you but he's already removed from the roster so he gone. He's a 1st rounder but man it would've been great seeing he and Waller balling out one more year together. I still think the D plays great and it opens the door for another DBU player to shine.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Mixed emotions, but FFS 2020

I'll add that he's likely making the right decision (definitely the right business decision), but announcements like this and early departures in general really bug the hell out of me because it makes me not want to get invested in the individual or the team. I know I dont have a popular opinion, but my interest in football (in general) has already waned significantly since my undergrad years (98-02) and moves like this, that always feel like an "its not you, its me" breakup, only diminish my ability to care.

Rif I get your feelings. Remember when players stayed with the teams for an entire career? Your investment was in known players as much as the team. I too, am loosing interest or trying to care about VTF.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Interestingly, my interest in VT football, basketball too, has remained constant since the '80s, despite the ups and downs. But I can understand the way you feel and that describes the reason I don't bother with pro sports anymore. Friend today, foe tomorrow and vice versa just really messed the whole experience up for me. VT athletes, however, come with a built in time frame, turnover is part of the college game but VT is the constant. I will go to my grave lovin' you, VT.

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I know what you mean. Barney's video had soul. But football in the groin had a football in the groin.

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Let's just say it moved me... to a bigger house!

--Caleb Farley

In all seriousness, this is a smart move for him. And i doubt there is a season anyways.

Damn too late to get Webb back? Lol

Seriously. Need.

Figured he would opt out of spring ball if it came to it. A bit surprised he isn't trying to see how fall pans out. But, I can't say it is a bad move.

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Good for him. Not that I was actively rooting against him playing for VT, but 2020 is a mess. You need to look out for yourself and your family first. If I was running some type of football consulting firm for kids looking to be professionals, I'd tell every kid in his shoes that its just not worth the risks to play this season. Be safe and prepare to be a pro somewhere. Especially if you're a projected 1st rounder like Farley is, but I'd say the same for any kid that has a 3rd round grade or higher. It ain't worth it, especially considering there's still a high chance there won't be a college season and also a high chance that if there is one, it'll have starts and stops and who knows what else.

This is why I'm not mad. Disappointed yes, but not mad.

Good decision Caleb and best of luck with your training. Seems like a long time ago though when I saw him make that reception in the spring game and said hell yeah we got ourselves a deep threat WR!

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Best decision for him. Will be rooting for him at the next level.

Definitely a smart move. No sports should be happening until a vaccine is found.

Seroius question..if he opts out, i assume VT pulls his scholly, right?

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

If a player opts out, but stays in school, I don't think they will, but I'm assuming he's not going to be enrolled for the school year if he's training for the draft, so that would take care of that.

This year no. But Farley won't be taking classes. If a player just opted out but is going to try and play next season ACC schools will probably honor it.

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1. I have a little bit of a tear in my Eye...I love this kid, feels like he never really got a full season in him due to Injuries
2. Best of Luck to you Caleb, go grab some Interceptions (Hopefully for the Ravens)
3. Next man up....
4. Hoping there is a Football season in the fall
Go Hokies

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The Ravens already have all the corners you'd ever need. Now the Chiefs could use a new CB since Kendall left town....just saying.

Caleb going to the NFL and producing will help VT and recruiting in the long run. Happy for him. Made the right move. In terms of VT 2020, losing your best player hurts. Losing your best player on a team without a ton of top end talent and depth hurts even more.

I will give a special shout out to some other fan bases who are trying to skew this as another reason why Fuente(s) is on the hot seat for recruiting purposes and completely ignoring the sound decision making process by Farley. If I had lost a parent to a terrible disease in cancer, I too would be worried about the surviving remaining parent.

LA if you're out there do you think this means Walker takes his place in the lineup? Interested in seeing such a highly rated guy get after it early.

JR Walker? I think he's always been slotted at safety rather than corner. Seems like Murray or Chatman are the likely replacements.

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Smart move for him. I wonder if he would have declared last year if he didn't miss the final 2 games with back spasms. Go get that money and return frequently to campus to help sell recruits!

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Good luck Caleb! Thanks for the memories.

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Seeing him ball out was one of the things I was looking forward to the most this season. That being said, not even mad. Handle your business, young man. Thanks for the memories.

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Sucks for the team, as it's going to be tougher then normal schedule (if we play a full season), and we're going to need every star player we can get. However, I know it's likely the best move for him considering the odds of him improving his draft stock is minimal, a significant injury can cause a major slide.

Is there anything stopping him from directly signing with an NFL team and playing this season?

I know most players go through the draft (or subsequent undrafted FA process), but every couple of years you hear about some international physical freak who gets a few look and is brought into a training camp. I think you also get a fair number of new kickers who try to walk onto teams (eg Austrian rugby players trying to be punters).

During a normal year the NFL has a supplemental draft in July for these kinds of situations, but they elected to not have one this year. College players have to go through the draft, and if they are not selected, then they can sign as free agents, part of the collective bargaining agreement. So Farley has to wait.

He wouldn't have been eligible for the supplemental draft, if there is one. He still has to meet the "three years from high school" constraint.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

And he has.

Oh, right, he redshirted, didn't he?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

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I recently re-watched the VT-Miami game and Caleb was a beast for us there. If we play (fingers crossed that we do), we will likely miss his skills on the field.
Best of luck to you, Mr. Farley.

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He was out the last two games, we lost the last two game. Coincidence? I think not!

His final 2 games for VT were shutouts.

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What a kick in the nut-sack for us. But good for him.

Well. It would have been nice to have a season to see him play out his full potential for us.. But we can't. Well, because you know!

Where's the beef?

Good luck to him.

Sure would've been nice if that Iowa CB hadn't been fucked over by our admissions office...

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Hot take: every college football player in the country will be required to opt out of the 2020 season

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Any takes over 101 F have to sit at home for two weeks or have two negative tests before breaking.

I wonder if we will start to see more of this post-pandemic. Farley was coming into his Junior year correct? Granted, the number of rising juniors that are already being projected to be 1st rounders may be limited, but if I'm that good, and still have to be one more year removed from high school, I'd consider it, why risk injury, or just add to the typical wear and tear on your body from another season of football?

I remember Clowney was advised to sit out his junior year, but played anyways

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

This wasn't about waiting until he was eligible. He could've gone last year due to him redshirting his first year at tech due to injury.

Ah, right, I forgot he redshirted

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I hope this works out for him and he has the right information related to the NFL. I hope he has Dalton Keene's advisors and not Jerrod Evans guys pushing him this way. We (VT) all know he's a top talent but he has 2 years of tape, where year 1 wasn't great, and some injury issues. For his sake, I hope his combine and 2019 highlights put him in the top 3 rounds.

Don't think it'll be much of a concern for Farley, he is an elite athlete with great size and just rated as the top CB in the ACC. Unless his injury issues raise a red flag I'd be surprised if he makes it past round 2.

This feels strangely familiar.....almost like when I heard MV7 was leaving. You want exceptional talent, and when your school has it you want to see those guys perform to the best of their abilities in your school colors. I understand the decision, and even agree with the logic. Can't help but wonder what might have been. Godspeed Caleb Farley.

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I can't blame him, but it is sad as a fan that we never quite got to see him realize his full potential as a player at VT.

Still, support him 100% and look forward to seeing another Hokie playing in the NFL.

whatever games we may have this fall

What is zero, Alex.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I disagree. Keep in mind we have over a month and a half until the scheduled start. Football has to happen from a revenue standpoint. If there is no football this fall, people are likely to lose their minds. I'm talking widespread looting, crime, and violence. The sheer stranglehold that CFB/NFL football has on our economy cannot be underestimated. MLB is not promising, but it's July/August. Let's reassess in mid-late Sept.

DBU will do what it does. Caleb will go first round and Waller will ball out and go first round next year. And 2 guys will set up this season as corners and will be top notch from the jump. Get that money, don't forget where you came from, much love!

Best of luck to you Caleb!

Incidentally, three of the top secondaries in the NFL have Hokies in the two deep:

Ravens - Chuck Clark - Safety
Steelers - Terrell Edmunds - Safety
Chargers - Brandon Facyson - Corner (second string)

And of course, Kendall Fuller won a SuperBowl last year in KC and now moving back to DC, with Kyle Fuller still locking it down in Chicago.

You paying attention NFL?

There's a segment in Peter King's Football Morning in America by Caleb (it's about halfway down the page). Interesting read which reveals he was not willing to accept the risk to his dad's health after losing his mom. That said, there was some information that greatly concerns me regarding how VT football seems to be handling things.

Guys were going home, going to Myrtle Beach, coming back to campus, and we weren't getting tested. We're all together, working out, close to each other, and you have no real idea who might have it, if anybody might have it. One day I looked around, and we were like 100-deep in our indoor facility, no masks.

Personally I think it's unacceptable that we didn't have precautions and safety measures in place for the health and safety of everyone involved with the team. I can't help but see this as a massive failure that at a minimum cost us our top CB for the season and, if it hasn't been addressed, these types of actions are going to be the undoing for the entire college football season.

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