Ivy League cancels all Fall Sports.

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If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Are we going to notice?

Let's be real.

This doesn't come close to being in the same vicinity as the same thing.

Ivy League sports $$$ <> P5 sports $$$

They were first in a trend of one event.

I don't know if that makes them trend-setters.

But I sure would feel a lot more confident if the numbers of COVID cases were going down instead of up.

ivy league student athletes/coaches/staff <> P5 sports student athletes/coaches/staff

we are actually talking about human beings here right?


We're talking about human beings with different levels of dependence on their connection to the professional sports complex for life success.

Obviously we want to be safe. But if your institutional livelihood depends on sports, your commitment to the season might be a little different.

If an institution is sitting on a $42 billion endowment, maybe their connection to sports is a little different from a school whose identity is tied to sports.

Harvard considerations <> Alabama considerations, and, for the most part,

Harvard student athlete considerations <> Alabama student athlete considerations

Can someone explain this?

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Canary in a coal mine.

Or more accurately :(

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Had to look up what the origins of that phrase and.. damn that sucks

Wait, is the canary in a coal mine saying no longer a thing? I had thought it was a universal reference, but maybe its something that has been lost with current generation.

Its well known enough that we rolled out a software deployment methodology called Canary based on this concept not too long ago.

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That song is 40 years old.

And now I hate myself.

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I had heard the expression before, but didn't really get it; I had to google it to understand it.

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Anybody who doesn't think this is coming to the rest of college football is incredibly naive. The only hope we have for football before fall 2021 is a shortened spring season with all of the difficulties that comes with it. The number of coronavirus cases is too high in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. It is just not remotely reasonable to have football with cases going up like they are in the country right now.

100% agree.

If you feel (in hindsight) that cancelling the winter tournaments (i.e., March Madness) and all spring sports was the right thing to do for the well-being of the coaches, athletes, fans, etc. then you have to the same for fall sports. None of the conditions that led to that decision have changed as of right now. The only difference is the money. So if people push through with fall sports (or in-person classes), as planned, it is 100% tied to a financial decision over-riding a safety / medical decision. That may still be okay if that decision is made, but let's not pretend its influenced by any other facts. Bringing students back to campus and dorms for classes is more about retaining (justifying) full 2020-21 tuition payments than anything else.

I'm not sure if I agree with all of that.

We've learned quite a bit about COVID since February. In February, we really had no idea at all of the impact.

Part of what we've learned is that there's a distinct possibility that COVID is something we're eventually going to have to live with.

You can do classes online. If you want physical sports, someone has to be there in person.

But to my point on classes, if VT went 100% online then why would students need to come back to Blacksburg / dorms. And if you were a student / parent would you pay full freight tuition for a full semester of online classes?

If VT (or uva, jmu, etc.) were to lose 30-50% of fall tuition, there would be serious budget issues for Tech and the Conmmonwealth's budget.

And if you were a student / parent would you pay full freight tuition for a full semester of online classes?

No, I'd be suggesting that my kid take a gap year.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Some kids don't have the means and ways to just simply stay home and study properly. Thus, Blacksburg would be a place for them to go if they were attending VT. (Or whatever town where whatever school is located.) Lack of high speed internet, quiet space, regimented study space/time, support...whatever reason.

As for the full tuition and stay home, well, I guess it depends on the school. If they wait, they'll be fighting for positions with almost twice as many kids for the same number of spots (assuming they don't contract the number accepted...it could be even more difficult if they limit the number of acceptances.) If they get accepted, and attend on-line, and that will guarantee them a spot the following year, it might be worth it. On the same front, if they were accepted early decision, then maybe attend online with the potential for scholarships and other assistance.

I'm not sure there's a one-size for ALL kids. Some at 18 NEED to get away. Some at 18 will never get away. It's not an easy decision.

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Going to be a loooong autumn y'all.

All I can say is that it would really suck not to have football this fall.

Brace yourself for the continued suck of 2020

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Time to learn to enjoy true football since the european leagues will be in full swing this fall. Heck even parts of germany are working to allow season ticket holders into the stadiums for the games starting in September.

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i'm just doubling my efforts to acquire a copy of NCAA '14 for my PS3

At one point I had a spare copy. Let me dig through my games this weekend and see if that's still the case.

If you do I'll gladly buy it from you. Full copies (disc, case, manual) are going well above $100 on ebay (and the sellers still have the nerve to charge for shipping)

So the obvious answer is to send all P5 football teams to their European partner campuses, and have them play in Europe.

Everybody, say hello to your 2020 Riva San Vitale Hokies!

Wait, what?

Ha. Nerds. /s

this sucks.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

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Well I will get a hell of a lot more hunting in this fall!

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This quote from a piece in the LA times really resonated with me.

"I don't know all the financials for an Ivy League football team, but I don't think they're raking in the money," said Hinton, a former NFL first-round pick and seven-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle. "So when you take money out of the equation, it's a no-brainer. You get the Ivy decision. If the Power Five wasn't making billions of dollars, they would have shut it down, too."

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The Ivy League have a whole different relationship with sports.

More in line with the academic tradition.

They were also mocked for being the first to cancel their hoops tourney in March... then you see what happened.

1). Were they mocked? If they were, it didn't last very long.

2) They don't have the commitment to sports that the P5 has.

I dont have an exact count of sports media people that did, but yes they were mocked. The issue is that college athletes are just that- they are not pro's - with a union, medical insurance, etc. If Tom Brady gets corona playing in empty stadiums as agreed to by collective bargaining, it's a whole different deal if Hendon Hooker get's it. I doubt you will see college football this fall

They don't have the commitment to sports that the P5 has.

They have a commitment to keeping their student-athletes safe.

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They should have a commitment to keeping their student-athletes safe.

I don't believe for a second they do actually have that commitment


They care about their institutions.

I'm not sure they care about student athletes more than the P5.

How so? They've been the first ones to cancel basketball games/tournaments and an entire fall season for everything? But they don't care?

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Their primary concern is their academic and institutional reputation.

Sports for them is an afterthought.

One of the things to consider, though, is even for the P5, the economics aren't going to be the same.

I don't see any scenario where most stadiums are going to be allowed even 50% capacity. The Ravens announced their capacity this year will be 14k--in the range of 20% capacity. I would assume each school will be left to their own decision as to allowable capacity, but everyone is going to take a significant hit. Tailgating will likely be curtailed heavily if allowed at all, decreased merchandise sales, food sales...pretty much every aspect of gameday economics is going to be negatively affected.

Couple that with the fact that there are fixed costs to having the stadium open. Many places will probably have to consider having even more stadium/security staff in-place to monitor social distancing, ect.

When you put all that together, it's not hard to see how many teams even in P5 may make minimal profit or may even lose money having a 2020 Fall Season. Makes the decision to cancel a whole lot easier.

... and this has a lot to do with why baseball had such a shitshow for the last couple months.

I think this decision will be at the conference level.

What do you call football at 20% stadium capacity? A normal year for UVa fans.

What do you call football at 20% stadium capacity?

A money loser. Which is what I think this will come down to.

There's going to be plenty of media scrutiny and backlash, particularly when a some players test positive during the season, which is practically inevitable. Then you have to worry about schedule distuptions. Say Georgia Tech has three positive players on a Tuesday, do you still play on Saturday?

All those issues are much easier to deal with if you're banking on making multiple millions of dollars at the end of the year. If the forecast is that you're barely going to break even, the scales tip pretty heavily the other way.

I do agree with you that ultimately, most schools and/or conferences are going to make this decision based on what is financially most beneficial for them. Of course, when the time comes to announce cancellations, they will frame it as in being for "the safety of the players"

and what happens when Georgia Tech has three players test positive on Sunday, does their opponent from the previous day have to quarantine?

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A money loser compared to what? Compared to a full stadium, sure. But compared to no games (and thus no TV money), it's still a good chunk of change.

I could see them going with no fans before going with 20% capacity. You'd need a lot less personnel to handle that. And they'd still have a product on the field to get that phat TV money.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

At 20% capacity, no school is going to make money on gameday. There are fixed costs associated with running the Stadium and that doesn't even get into contracts with vendors and how easily or not they can be modified.

Yes, without games you lose the TV money (assuming there are no contigency clauses or some insurance involved). The question is whether there is enough TV money to make up for travel costs-which will almost certainly be higher (no double occupancy rooms, ect), costs of staff, and everything else that goes into keeping a DI program running. For the P5, that may be true (although I question even that and its probably not true for every program)...for G5 schools I think its much less likely.

So let's say a group of G5 schools, or even a whole conference cancels their season, leaving P5 schools with multiple holes in their schedules...further diluting the profit potential. At some point, it just doesn't make financial sense to play the season. That's where I see this going.

Edit: grammar fix

Here's VT's Athletic Department revenues from 2018 fiscal year (Which I believe is July 2019-July 2019, but someone correct me if I'm wrong). You can assume ticket sales (and probably student fees?) would go to zero. Donor Contribution probably going down due to the economy. Competition Guarentees goes to zero as well if non-con games aren't played. It's possible that media rights could increase (way more eye balls on the TV) or decrease (due to advertising revenue for broadcasters decreasing), but let's say it stays the same.

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ACC just delayed all fall sports to Sept 1st. Said it "wouldn't interfere with football openers."

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Not great, bob.

agree... sadly, i dont believe that this is anywhere close the end of it

I don't either. I have come to the depressing conclusion that I will be spending a lot of Saturdays rewatching old Hokie games on YouTube this fall.

get the watching in while you can... youtube took down a bunch of material from HokieTapes recently and finding full games to watch is a lot harder now.

All of our full games from last year are on the ACC Digital Network so those are easy to find. Others are still there but just harder to find.

I feel like this is kind of like early March all over again. Leagues are going to try to open then something is going to happen, like with Rudy Gobert, and they will start shutting down one by one again. I feel like we might get some baseball and basketball in before that but it's tough to see how football is going to work.

Boy would it ever be fitting if the year things looked like they were lining up for us to make some noise before recruiting issues took hold ends up not being played at all.

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Only won't interfere because the earliest ACC school's opener is scheduled for Sept. 2nd.

Next domino

What about this: empty stadiums, minimized costs, just teams, refs and a TV crew. Coaches over 60 in the booth. Fans can pay a lot for box seats, otherwise none in person. Cut FCS games. 3 week quarantine for any player that tests positive. Players get their own dorm and stay in a "bubble" for the whole season.

Look to bring fans back for conf champ and bowl games.

Aaaand fuck, as I type this the Penn State game just got cancelled

it's sort of reasonable to expect highly paid professionals to quarantine themselves for a season. It isn't for student athletes

It is if they want to play college football.

Call me naive, ignorant, etc... I still think there will be a season this fall in some form.

I may be wrong as we don't know the future, but IMO there is too much money tied into college football that (for a lot) fully supports institutions/studies/research throughout the university and/or state.

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