OT: Baseball is Back, are we excited?

So Baseball is back with "spring training" restarting a week from today with a 60 game sprint to the postseason after that in an attempt to beat the possible 2nd wave of coronoapocalypse. Pandemic factors aside, how is everyone feeling about this? I grew up on baseball as my dad played his whole life including at the Academy and semi-pro after that for many years so I actually went to the park and learned to score by hand. As I grew older (many would say I still have not grown up) enjoyed being at the games in person with a dog, peanuts and beer. I have tried my best to watch on TV and that is just too slow and dare I say boring as opposed to the in game experience. With fans likely not being at the games and a publicly well played out argument between millionaires (yes I am aware that not all the players are millionaires but veterans who are seem to control the MLBPA) and billionaires over money I am pretty down on the sport especially with all the other sports starting back up at the same time I think viewership and general enjoyment will be down for most. Thoughts, rambles or memes?

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I'm an Orioles fan...so I was actually looking forward to no season.

Fellow Orioles fan here, was really hoping 2020 would be an undefeated season.

I'm a casual Orioles fan. I would watch a game if it was on and it would usually be background to whatever I was doing. I didn't really watch the past 2 years and was looking forward to this season before corona happened. The O's looked like they had some momentum going for them. However after the Astros scandal and Manfort's comments about the trophy, I don't know if I want to support the MLB. After this fiasco of a negotiation for the MLB, I really have no interest in giving the MLB anymore of my time or money.

It sucks because these situations could have been handled better but they weren't and now professional baseball is not the same, IMO. What was conveyed was cheating will get you a piece of metal and a championship parade.

Hilarious!!! Me too, I agree!


I mostly only watch the Orioles if I go to a game or see the game on at a bar, so this season will basically be nonexistent...

something eerily familiar about this...of course Mack and Frank have always been good friends, right.



I guess this is higher level of excitement than 0-0?

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I agree, Going to a game is fun (really, it's just an excuse to binge drink), but I can't remember the last time I watched a baseball game on TV (to be honest, I usually don't remember much when I attend games). It was probably the Red Sox run in 2003. Or perhaps when the O's made the playoffs for the first time with Buck Showalter?

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just an excuse to binge drink


Jokes aside (but not really lol), unless the Braves are on tv, I never watch baseball on tv as it is too slow. Now I'll go to a baseball anytime as you said, its a great excuse to binge drink, eat 10+ hot dogs (try to attempt the 9-9-9 challenage, almost impossible), and chill with friends in nice weather most of the time.

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Wait, what's this 9-9-9 challenge?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

9 hot dogs and 9 beers in 9 innings

I tried it once but induldged too much in all the free beer (had a PNC diamond club all inclusive ticket)... ended up at 15 beers and 7 hot dogs in 9 innings.... all that bread from the hot dog buns gets after ya

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how do you define a beer? most are 24 oz cans, so is that 1 or 2 beers? drinking 15 24 oz cans is impressive when they stop serving in the 7th.

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I believe they are regular 12 oz pours in the plastic cups they give you. Since they are draft, makes them so much easier to drink (and more enjoyable) vs out of a can or bottle.

So when the 7th inning comes around, I've already stacked up 6 beers in reserve since you are allowed to order two beers at a time from your seats or just get up and grab 2 beers from the bar each time.

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Ah, that makes a lot more sense. Still very respectable. Well done sir.

And yes, you gotta prepare for that 7th inning. Get those orders in prior to the shutdown.

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This sounds like a fun game to play at home while watching a Braves/Nats game.

"Girls! One of you grab me another daddy juice from the fridge! And who wants another hot dog? I've got LOADS of them!"

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Very fun... one of the best things is when you are stacking all your empty plastic cups together, people's eyes around you just light up and then try to discretely show people who they are with how much beer this alcoholic has had lol... what can I say, its an all inclusive deal... gotta gets your money's worth!

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

I think we cheer for different teams, but count me in. Probably should add some rule about waterfalls when the opposing team hits a dinger and double if it is Soto or Acuna.

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Meh. I think the last baseball game I watched was as a kid when Kirk Gibson hit that HR and hobbled around the bases on a bum leg.

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Very excited for some baseball. Like, goosebumps excited thinking about it. Do I expect a huge run for the Nats again? Not really, but still wanting to see the boys play. Whoever gets out of the gate hot has a massive upper hand.

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The average age of the viewer for MLB is the second highest of all (horse racing number 1) per these statistics I found from 2017.

I think this really highlights that Baseball will continue to decline and the Soccer (lowest average age per the analysis) will continue to grow in popularity. I think the fight between the owners and players to get the season done this year is really just bad PR for the sport and will continue to hurt ratings among younger viewers.

Glad that its coming back in some form.

But much like I think with everyone who is coming back at this point, any title that gets won is going to be tied to a giant asterisk going forward. And I think it was incredibly dumb PR on everyone's part to botch the handling of actually getting the games done. No reason the owners had to force the issue here. Just makes a player strike in 2022 completely inevitable, and its not like the sport was already in the best of light after the massive cheating scandal involving the Astros which should have stripped their title away.

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cheating astros....spoiled billionaires/millionaires...I love baseball but I still haven't gotten over all the roids cheating and Selig letting Bonds continue to play until he broke Aaron's HR record. Not sure if HR record has an official asterisk, but it does in my book.


I am just as excited as I am for any baseball season.

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Agree. If it was football season however, I would be doing major happy dances.

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I think the 60 games will be exciting. It will open up a few more teams to make the playoffs and games will count more. BUT I'm expecting a lot of looooong games with pitching changes since each game WILL matter more

Yes and no...they're implementing a three batter minimum per pitcher this season, correct? Or did that get scrapped?

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3 batter minimum should be in effect. The NL is also implementing the DH

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and extra innings start with a runner on 2nd

As long as I can avoid hearing baseball news, I'm indifferent.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Mixed feelings. Had they figured their sh*t out 2 months I would have a much different perspective and elevated level of excitement. But now, we've already lost the majority of a regular season, and we've had nothing but bickering and arguing between the two sides. Lets also not forget that we actually never had a mutual agreement here. The commish had to step in and make the call. Now we have even more animosity on both sides, pretty much setting up a face off when the current CBA expires, and all they managed to do is look like a bunch of greedy assholes with nothing but their own bottom line that they are concerned about.

TBH, the commissioner did step in and make the call, but the MLBPA agreed to the terms.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

And this does lead to the question - at what point is it just not worth it to work toward bringing this season into existence and to just work toward next year? Baseball might not have been there, but I think the NBA and NHL have completely blown past that point and its kind of absurd they're trying to cram in a playoff now.

Take the NHL, as an example. The NHL Draft was supposed to happen this upcoming weekend. Free Agency is supposed to start next week, and we're still a month away from starting a playoff that had to be literally redesigned on the fly, after the trade deadline in order to cram in a Stanley Cup Champion by the end of September. And this is going to cause the 2021 season to at best be shortened if not moved to playing its entirety in the spring and summer next year. If you ask me, it just isn't worth it to cram it in anymore. Scrap this year, and plan for the next one. Fans still won't be allowed, but at least you can focus all your energy on making an entire year work rather than run an experiment starting with a playoff taking place 2 months after it should have ended.

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As someone who is a casual observer of the NBA, and hasn't followed the NHL or MLB for over a decade, I actually like it. From a business perspective, it gives leagues an excuse to test out new playoff formats, see how fans like shorter seasons, etc. Worst case scenario, it's better than nothing. Best case, it leads to a new, better format for future seasons.

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I'm still convinced that Covid-19 exists because the Flyers were clearly going to win the Stanley Cup otherwise.

I think all sports, including the beloved college football, needs to be postponed for a year.

If the NHL can actually pull this off this year, I would seriously look at moving the season permanently.

Start the season January 1 and have the Stanley Cup Finals finish right as the regular season for football kicks off.

Hockey would reach a wider audience that way, in my opinion.

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yes, as we all know, hockey is a great summer sport here in the US and Canada

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When you're playing indoors, it doesn't matter what the weather outside is. Only the fans in the seats and the people watching on TV do.

Better to go up against MLB the second half of the season, then having the first half of the regular season coincide with the NFL and the entire season coincide with the NBA.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

ice quality deteriorates badly during the summer months because the cooling units struggle to keep it cold enough. You're talking about heavily increasing the operating expenses for every team if you're asking to keep ice at NHL game quality during the months of June, July, and August, and almost impossible to accomplish in places like Texas and Florida, let alone anywhere else where it gets hot and humid during the summer.

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

Yes, expenses to keep the ice high quality would go up during to summer would go up.

If the NHL could determine/estimate that the increased returns would be greater than the increased expenses, they could consider moving forward with it.

I think the playoff this year will be a good barometer, to see if it's actually monetarily feasible.

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Emphasis on humidity. It's a lot easier on the chillers cooling the ice, if the air handlers have the humidity under control in the arena.

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I guess I'm a Pirates fan; at least I used to be. But our owner has driven me away from baseball. And the negotiation between the millionaires and the billionaires has just made my attitude worse. Will probably have a game on TV if there is nothing else on; but I'll be reading a book while it's on.

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I guess it's something... Although after seeing my Sabres continue to fuck themselves (thanks Pegulas...), any positive sports news is exciting to me right now.

Warning- Filter lost.

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Baby shark is in Japan. Calma is in San Diego. Tony "2 Bags" is in Disneyland. But the Nats still have pretty much everyone else so a repeat isn't out of the question, even if recent history says it's unlikely.

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Watched the Long Gone Summer 30 for 30 recently, and got slightly interested in this season, until I saw the owners and players go full toddler mode. So...no.

Baseball needs 73. Just like 62 after the strike brought fans back.

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I'd love to see an honest 62. No one has topped 60 since Bonds did 73 in 2001 and now that the league has started confronting the juicing, I'll actually believe it if someone tops Maris.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Griffey Junior got 56 in 1998, to me he's the undisputed home run king of the 90s. I would love to see a real one take over the sport the way he did.

Best pure swing in baseball in my lifetime. He could connect. Wish the injury bug didn't hit him so hard.

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I love baseball...YES!

With the spikes happening across the country, I feel like they will end up shutting the season down again.

Anyway, y'all are sleeping on the KBO.

It's been fun watching them play baseball in an empty stadium - but now they are pretty close to start letting fans back in the stadiums.

Reminder that this is going to be a weird year of baseball:

I have to think Zim is done for good. I hope Ross fully recovers from TJ and starts slinging it again in 2021.

Edit: Zim says he's not retiring. But will he come back? Another year older and will need a new contract.

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As a Red Sox fan, yep! A season to reset the salary threshold, a quick season where the Chis Sale TJ will be over as quickly as possible, maybe resign Mookie and ...,who knows, maybe get hot for 60 games and let the O hide the pitching.

If the Sox thought he was too expensive to extend while he was still under contact and they had sole negotiating privilege, they'll never sign him on the open market

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As a Sox fan, Mookie ain't coming back.

Probably not but his market may come way down in the current situation