OT: Can you tour Lane Stadium?

My family and I rented and Airbnb in Blacksburg for a couple days so we can visit and among other things, show my eight year old son the place his parents went to school and won't stop talking about.

It's probably a long shot given COVID19, but I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to get a tour of the stadium? He's never been to a proper football stadium and it would be cool to show him.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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IDK about how things are now, but when I was a student you could juat walk into the stadium (usually through the tunnel that was unlocked). Not sure if this was actually allowed or not though.

Danny is always open

I once gave a tour of Bristol Motor Speedway to my buddies at 2 in the morning after a mountain of beers in 2015, club level seating included. "Snuck" by cops and everything. I put snuck in parentheses because there's absolutely no way in heaven nor hell they didn't notice us.

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Take him through the steam tunnels instead.

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