OT: What ever happened to The Hokieman

You'll have to forgive me, I'm scouring the internet trying to find a picture of him and currently failing miserably, so the best I have right now is the description

Always in Maroon and Orange facepaint, typically in a square pattern I believe
Wig, usually dreadlocks
Maroon and orange hat, kind of reminded me of Cat in the Hat
Usually sat in the West stands near the field, also tailgated in the Litton Reeve's lot

When I was a kid (early/mid 2000's), we would always pass his tailgate and I would give him a high five on my way into the stadium. We called him the Hokieman. I'm 26 now and I havent seen him at a game since before I was in college it feels like. Anyone know what happened to him? Does he still come to games and I just havent seen him?

Now I'm not saying he's the cause of our team's recent struggles...but I'm also not saying we went 6-6 when he was roaming the stands....

Edit: This guy https://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3599/969/1600/hokie_man_bird.0.jpg

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Whatever happened to the guy in the late 90s who always wore a hard hat and sat in the bleachers in the old endzone underneath the scoreboard? That guy was an absolute, certifiable nut.

My personal favorites is seeing Drill Sergeant Hokie fan and the other is the fellow who always sport the lunch pail. The camera always seem to find them every game.

I've wondered the same thing for awhile. That dude made a lot of press stuff thru the athletic program and was on tv a ton.

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Saw "dreadlocks" in your post and thought you meant this guy next to Hunter, shuddered

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Thought you meant Leonidas at first

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I remember Leonidas, he was a student tho and I'm sure graduated and went on to other things xD

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That's Phil. He got his PhD in Electrical Engineering

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I played tackle football on the drillfield with him once. Really good and friendly dude. Pretty sure I got a mild concussion that day from someone else (I was Devin Streeter to someone's Kyshoen Jarrett).

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I last saw him in-person, getting ready to board the Metro for FedEx Field with us, off to watch the Boise State game.

What a rough week in football, that turned out to be.

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For you younger fans, we're talking about this guy:

I was able to find this from a VT Mag issue about 10 years old....


Every year for the past decade, the Hokie Man, Mike Schroder (hotel, restaurant, and institutional management '92; M.S. education '94), has organized a catered tailgate event with Professional Catering. His wife, Beth (hotel, restaurant, and institutional management '94; hospitality and tourism management '99), and son, Caleb, help host. The event features a tent, lights for night games, tables, linens--in burnt orange and Chicago maroon, of course--flower arrangements, and food and beverage stations.

The Schroders host at least one tailgate at a home game, and most years hold two, usually for a Thursday night game and a Saturday game. Their tailgates traditionally serve filet mignon sandwiches; Hokie Jell-O; and the famous Hokie Man Dip, which includes shredded turkey, buffalo wing sauce, a special-blend hot sauce with home-grown, finely chopped hot peppers, and blue cheese dressing, all mixed and layered in a casserole dish, baked for 20 minutes, and served hot with sliced French bread, crackers, or Fritos Scoops. Another tradition is a face-painting session where anyone at the tailgate can be painted exactly like the Hokie Man. There are usually at least a dozen participants each year, although others come already decked out with Hokie pride and ready for a Hokie win.

There's a Hokieman94 Twitter account out there with a picture that very well could be him. Full warning that if you click the link, you are jumping right into a conspiracy-filled political hole.

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That Hokie Man dip sounds delicious. I may have to recreate it.

Now that you mention it, that wouldn't be a half bad idea.

Wonder if leftover pulled pork would work well in there, too.

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That's a hell of a tailgate spread.

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He was a fun dude to party with. One year one of the LT's for the Navy Detachment allegedly got his tickets for a game by dressing up as Hokie Man. Could neither confirm or deny this rumor or show the pictures that a young ensign allegedly took with him...

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I used to do makeup for the games as well. One game the CT took some pictures and said I was going to be in it. Apparently they got a better shot of Hokieman that weekend. I'm still sour.

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I once shared space on some promo material with him, it felt like I had reached a select tier in Hokie fandom. AD got a shot of me in full upper body paint and Hokie hair wig and I was popping up on all kinds of stuff for a year. Was on a mural in the men's basketball locker room for a time in the Greenberg years. I like to think I was an inspiration for that tourney team in 2007.

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My family had seats near him when I was little! He was always the nicest guy and took pictures with anyone who asked.

I keep expecting a

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That would be pretty awesome if Sir Alec Guinness was a Hokie...

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
β€œI served in the United States Navy"

Haha I'm waiting for that too xD. I get the feeling he's sailed off into the sunset...hopefully enjoying an ice cold one on a beach somewhere

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Mike and I were in school at the same time and we worked together at Western Sizzlin' on University City Blvd back when it was there. Obviously ran into him a bunch during the Hokieman years when I lived in Roanoke. One of the nicest folks I've ever met.

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Besides TKP tailgates, who has the best gameday tailgate setups?

I remember the '03 Miami game someone had hired a band to play their tailgate. That was pretty wild.

There are a lot of good setups over on chicken hill. BB&T used to host a multi-tent setup that had bands, big screens, etc. throughout the years. Now there is a couple of fully catered and DJ'd experiences in Lot 4 along Southgate drive in front of the Softball stadium. Further afield is the Clubhouse Tailgate crew out in the RV lot who always has communion (Wild Turkey Shots) before kickoff and a good spread of food.

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Valley Tribe has a pretty sweet set up. Got a little big for a while, but seems to have reined in to a nice level.

Cornhole and multitudes of cheap beer is our typical setup, while we rotate on the meal. We're simple. However, I made venison chili past year for our turn and holyyy shit it brought down the house. Too damn hot for it now but just thinking about it makes me want it.

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He worked for Tech for a while then got a different job (at Towson University I believe) and wasn't able to make as many games. He still comes to some of the bigger games though.