NCAA Planning To Allow Additional Year of Eligibility for Spring/Winter Sports Athletes

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One major point is they are considering waving the counts of any senior on the current rosters against next year's numbers.

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So Kerry can come back?


He would be eligible to transfer if he has graduated and has one year left.

As of this moment, we don't have a spot for him.

If we were to have a spot, we could conceivably have Johnson back, giving us KBJ, Aluma, Johnson, Ojiako, and Horne as bigs

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Is that an additional year for everyone on the roster? That could be pretty beneficial for our basketball team in coming years

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It appears only for those who will have exhausted their eligibilities before end of the 2020 Winter and Spring seasons.

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Yeah, um, this is the NCAA we're talking about. You know it'll apply to every NCAA member school except us, because, Virginia Tech. /s

Somehow Brock just lost another year of eligibility. /s

We put the K in Kwality


NCAA just passed a motion to allow schools to grant spring sports athletes an extra season of eligibility


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I'm disappointed it's at schools discretion though.

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I can see it being a problem for schools that can't afford the additional scholarship money. Outside of that schools should be offering it to any eligible student athletes.

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Raises a really weird question for recruiting. Say duke has 5 recruits already signed, but graduates nobody now do they get to keep the recruits? I could see a ton of transfers this next year

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This is spring sports. So softball, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, rowing etc. it's impact won't be as public as fall sports would have been.

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So if it's up to the school then I'd assume the seniors couldn't transfer, because the school wouldn't let that happen.

I would hope that the NCAA would allow any one affected to not count towards the scholarship limit. Then it's really just a scholarship cost issue.

You might see more redshirts this year though.

The only sport that had limits was baseball

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What do you mean? Every NCAA sport has scholarship limits.

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