Dara Mabrey enters Transfer Portal

Dara Mabrey has entered the transfer portal. That means three starters from this year's team will not be back. Lydia Rivers and Taja Cole are out of elegibility and Mabrey is leaving. I noticed at times this year it looked like she was ready to shoot and then backed off. Was this a result of Coach Brooks trying to push the ball inside to Kitley and putting a leash on Mabrey?

I have not seen anything about WBB recruiting; but I can't help but think next year's team is going to have a hard time replacing those three starters.

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It's very hard to lose a two year starter who still has eligibility left. With the current going ons I wonder who will/can reach out to recruit her? Maybe she goes to play at ND where her sister did.

both of her older sisters (Michaela and Marina) went to ND and were All Americans there -- Michaela is an assistant now. Lots of people around here in NJ were very very surprised when Dara chose VT

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Did she have an ND scholly offer out of high school?



"I kind of want my first name to be remembered because you'll hear Mabrey and then Notre Dame, " Dara said, sitting on the bleachers on the Manasquan gymnasium earlier this month. "I've wanted to pave my own path, which is exactly what I've done. To be compared to your sisters all the time, they're great players to be compared to, but after a while, it was like, I'm my own player, and I'm my own person off the court too. I live a different life than my sisters."


Mabrey said the Irish offered her a scholarship. But the Notre Dame coaches, Mabrey said, had another point guard who was their No. 1 target.

"I was No. 2 on their list, and I'm not ashamed of that," Mabrey said. "I could picture myself at Notre Dame, but when I visited Virginia Tech, I knew I was home."

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I was wondering if this was a desire to play more point than Brooks had her playing this year? Cayla King is a PG, and came in with some solid high school accolades, and we've got a couple high ranked guards coming in next year. Taja Cole was brought in to play PG this year. Was this just a disagreement over how she was being used/how the coaches saw her?

FWIW I thought NCAA was giving an extra year if eligibility to seniors so the other 2 could come back

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It will be interesting to see how the NCAA applies that exemption. I expect it to only apply to minor sports that lost most of their season. Also don't understand how this might affect scholarships. If we have a full scholarship roster and two seniors come back, what happens when the two recruits come in? We are over the limit. And some teams might have 5 or more seniors. This could be a real mess.

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