OT: If you had to redo one season...

Which one would it be?

I recently fired up NCAA Football 06 on the PlayStation 2 the other day, and it brought back some nostalgia from that 2005 season. This was the season Marcus Vick became starting quarterback. We started out 8-0, with a revenge win over NC State (our only ACC loss in 2004), a blowout win over an undefeated and ranked Georgia Tech team, a win over WVU which happened to be their only loss of the year, and a win over a top 15 Boston College team. Then came the top 5 matchup against Miami.

Gameday was in town, and I don't think I've ever seen more excitement surrounding a game in Blacksburg in my Tech fandom. We promptly lost 27-7 with Marcus Vick turning it over six times. We still got into the ACC Championship after Miami was upset by GT in the following weeks, where we then lost to a struggling Florida State team, effectively costing us a shot at making a BCS bowl game (I actually think we would have gotten an at-large bid had Miami not lost that game, putting them in the ACC Championship instead, saving us the embarrassment of losing to that FSU team). We then beat Louisville in the Gator Bowl in a game that was overshadowed by things such as the stomp and Jimmy Williams' ejection. Then Vick gets kicked out of Virginia Tech, destabilizing the quarterback position until 2009.

We still probably would not have made the Rose Bowl that year as Texas and USC both finished undefeated, unless, of course, the computers thought our win against Miami was enough to make us rise to #2 in the BCS standings. It still would have been cool to go 13-0 and likely finish #2 in the final polls behind Texas. If Tech had to redo one season, for me, it would be 2005. If we don't crap up our backs against Miami, I think we beat FSU and win the Orange Bowl against Penn State, as it took them three overtimes to beat FSU.

What season would it be for y'all? Others that come to mind are 2000. Having Michael Vick against Miami that year would have made that game a lot different. 2003 comes to mind, as does 2009 and 2010.

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is the 1999 season too obvious? I'd love to see MV get another shot in the title game.

Ah yes, when the rules didn't apply to Peter Warrick. I still look down on Bobby Bowden.

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Tyrod having to burn that redshirt against LSU, he would have led us to the title what would have been his RS-Senior year in my biased opinion with that team behind him.

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Agreed. On the other hand, if he plays against Boston College in 2007, that's one more running weapon we have in that monsoon where passing was hard to come by unless you're Matt Ryan in the last four minutes. We finished that year 3rd in the BCS.

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in that case, don't burn Tyrod's RS in 2008.

Agreed. We needed Tyrod in 2007, but I would be willing to bet 2008 could have ended up just as well with Glennon, especially after Evans emerged as a bell cow back. Panicking and burning his shirt after the ECU game was a mistake in hindsight. Having Tyrod in 2011 could have been huge. As solid as LT3 was that year, Tyrod behind center one more year could have been a game changer.

That's a no-go for me, simply because that was Beamer's only BCS win (second if we're counting Alliance Bowl wins as well), and it wouldn't have happened without Tyrod.

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I really think 2008 could have still happened without Tyrod. Basically every game was an ugly defensive slugfest. Tyrod gave us some highlight reel plays here and there, but he was incredibly raw as a QB still. The ACC was also pretty down that year as well. I think had we stuck with Glennon as a game manager and rode our strong run game with Evans along with the defense, the results would have still been pretty similar.

I understand the thought at the time that Tyrod had the most upside and could create some things with his mobility. But in hindsight, I don't think the ultimate value that brought in 2008 justified burning his redshirt.

In hindsight, I really wish Ike Whitaker could have worked out. A) for his sake and B) Tyrod could have redshirted, and we still would have had a mobile quarterback.

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In NCAA 09, I always redshirted Tyrod and made Whitaker the starter. Bought me an extra year of Tyrod and still had the scrambling ability with Whitaker.

I look back at 2008 at Hite's decision to redshirt Ryan Williams. He was likely the most talented back on the roster, but he wasn't quite ready as far as blocking assignments, plus we had other really good options in Kenny Lewis before he was hurt and eventually Evans as he came along. I wish we would have had that discipline with Tyrod and not yanked his shirt. I just think there was so much growing frustration amongst the fans with Glennon, and watching him throw a pick first play of the game two years in a row to ECU and lose the game in 2008 I think cause the staff to have a knee jerk reaction.

Or had we recruited a number of good VA QBs thay would have bridged Marcus to Tyrod.

1999, with someone going full Tonya Harding on Peter Warrick in early December

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or a district attorney with a set of balls in early October...

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Selfishly because I was in school at the time I would say 2002-2003. That team was loaded with Suggs and Jones.

Obvious answer though is 1999. Just need to redo a half of football in the NC, not a whole season.

Where's the beef?

- still have no idea what happened in LSU in week 2
- the Matt Ryan game and some last minute blown coverage

take either of those games from a 'L' to a 'W' and we're arguably in the BCS title game (assuming all else equal that season).

That was the strangest season in college football. The one week a #2 didn't lose was of course when we lost to Boston College. Of course, it brought us the joy of Pitt ruining WVU's national title hopes.

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- still have no idea what happened in LSU in week 2

I thought it was pretty clear that we got our ass kicked by a better team.

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Yeah, I don't remember that game ever being competitive.

My memory is that their DL completely overwhelmed our OL and other than some scrambling by TT, we never created anything positive on offense.

It wasn't. I want to know what went so horribly wrong that game. Our entire team shutdown and we didn't have any way of stopping on D, or making anything work on offense.

It's really close between 2003 and 2005.

Overall, 03 team I think had more talent, but the 05 squad was more frustrating. We laid a total egg against Miami and were a significantly better team than FSU.

That FSU team in the ACCCG was coming off of 3 straight losses, we needed to get a lead early and they would have caved like a straw fort. Instead, let FSU completely take us out of our offensive plan and throw the ball 52 times.

I think that 2005 team was the swan song for the tough and physical Big East VT teams. We came into the league and won right off the bat frankly because I think we were just more physical than the rest of the ACC and played with a chip on our shoulders. The Marcus stomp, Williams ejection, and general chippyness of that Louisville game I think put a sour taste in the mouth of the administration, and honestly that was the straw that broke the camel's back for Marcus, with him promptly dismissed afterwards. We were too much of a rough bunch for the ACC's tastes and needed to conform.

1918 VPI Gobblers

7-0 record
Outscored opponents 152-13.
Only allowed 2 TDs the whole season.
Led by one-handed (literally) Henry Crisp. Crisp was league MVP.

I'd redo that season just to see if we could hold those opponents to 0 TDs.

2004. We ended up 10-3 with a BS loss to USC in the opener, a headscratcher on a missed field goal against NC State, then we ran the table up until a 3 point loss to Auburn in the Sugar Bowl (one dropped pass in the endzone or a missed FG from winning that one).

Additionally, we got a break from the Marcus Vick drama and had a chance to really cement ourselves as a national contender. We won the ACC even with those three losses, but could have finished the season top 3 with a win in the Sugar bowl (and not dropping that NC State game).

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2004 was up there, but that's a season I easily wish I could relive. We deserved to win that USC game. Things would have been a lot different had they not called the offensive pass interference on Hyman. I still think we would have lost to NC State. I think they had like eight sacks that game.

The Auburn one is still tough to stomach. Pace missed an easy field goal. Jesse Allen dropped a wide open touchdown on fourth down. Auburn was easily a top 2 team in college football that year. I think we were easily top 3, which is another reason why 2005 was so frustrating. We returned damn near everyone.

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I remember reading Athlon that summer and they had us 5th. I remember vividly they said they would have put us at #1 if wasn't for the whole Marcus Vick circus in previous years.

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2004 was a really good year. Yes, we were an awful Offensive PI call, missed FG, and dropped TD pass away from being undefeated, but that was a tough as nails team that beat expectations.

After imploding in 2003 and losing serious talent, the media was really down on us. We were unranked to start the year and from my memory, picked to end up in the bottom half of the ACC.

I vividly remember being in the Kroger on South Main before the Maryland game and a couple of Terp fans walked in, talking crap about showing us what "real ACC football is," then we just absolutely stomped them into the ground. I would have loved to have happened into them after the game-- I'm sure they left at halftime, but they still lasted a quarter longer than UMD football did that night.

That Maryland game was an absolute demolition. I recorded it because I wasn't allowed to stay up to watch it, and I watched it many times after I watched it once. I remember Ralph Friedgen being upset that we kicked a field goal to make it 41-3 going into the half, but I always liked that about Frank Beamer. His logic was that if we could do it in one half, so could the opponent. I believe his mother died the morning of that game actually.

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2010 for me. If not for the heartbreaking loss to Boise St in the opener then we don't lose to JMU. Run the table the rest of the year and we have to be in the conversation with Oregon to play Auburn in the BCS title.

Tyrod vs. Cam. Tough matchup but maybe things end up better than they did against Andrew Luck and Stanford.

I may be a little biased since that was my freshman year.

2010 was the first that popped into my head. Boise State matched blows for blows with VT. That was a good game. But losing to JMU? Eff that.

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I still say if the team bus had shown up prior to the 2nd quarter of Boise State we run away with that game. Alas, it did not.

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2010 and 2011.

We had national title contenders. Laid 2 very ugly duds to start 2010. With wins over NC State, Florida State, Miami, and Boise St, we would have been playing for the national title.

Losing twice to Clemson in 2011 still makes me sick, but was also the passing of the torch to Dabo and Co. I didn't get to watch the Miami game, but listened on the radio. still brings chills down my spine thinking about that game. 38-0 bro, and Danny Coale caught that ball. With the way the season ended b/t Alabama and LSU, we could have been playing LSU for the title.

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With wins over NC State, Florida State, Miami, and Boise St

I think you're forgetting one team.

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I only listed ranked opponents w/ regards to contending for a national title.

I don't remember where JMU finished that year, nor do I care.

UVA and Mickey London were what, 4-8? GT can lick my left nut. No one cares about UNC football, Duke, Wake, ECU, we owned the whole state of NC. CMU won all of 2 games that year.

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If we beat Boise State, we beat JMU. But, if we were to still lose to JMU, I don't see any possible way we get put in the National Championship.

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2011 set the stage for the following decade of college football

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1999 with rules that matter and 2000 with a healthy MV7 in the Miami game are the only acceptable answers. Every other season has too many other factors that sent them awry.

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Or, let's say 2000 unfolds as it did, VT wins big against Clemson in the Gator Bowl, and Vick states that he has unfinished business at VT and is mad he couldn't start the Miami game. He vows vengeance and returns in 2001. Our loaded backfield with Heisman contender Vick, All-American Suggs, and number 1 recruit in the nation Kevin Jones, combined with senior Andre Davis at wideout, sweeps through the season until the last week - a showdown in Lane with Miami, #1 vs #2 in the country. Vick leads VT to a win in a classic, VT goes to the Rose Bowl and beats an overrated Nebraska for the title.

This. The 2001 defense was nasty. It also would have been great for Bryan Randall as a true freshman to get to watch Michael Vick.

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This is the alternate universe I want to live in. Oh yeah, and no covid-19, I guess.

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My thought about 2005 is that we're only getting into a national championship if there was a playoff, thanks to Texas and USC. Also, I don't think VT would have necessarily played PSU in the Orange Bowl. I think PSU only got invited to the Orange Bowl after FSU won the ACC so they could have the Geezer Bowl. I remember looking forward to a possible VT/OSU Orange Bowl that year.

I haven't seen this one brought up but the 1998 team was literally 10 points away from being undefeated. The perplexing loss to temple (Ricky Hall dropped the winning td right in front of me)...the Mcnabb pass across the field to win it at the buzzer in the Syracuse loss...and the blown 22 point halftime lead against loluva. We went on to smash Alabama in the music city bowl but that team was so close to running the table with a shot at the natty. Obviously that defense was loaded and Michael Vick shifted the team the next season into what it could have been in 98...I think if we start him as a true freshman in 1998 instead of al damn Clark we may be in back to back nattys..oh what could have been:-(


Since redoing a season doesn't imply that the redo would turn out better than the actual result, I'm going to go with 2000. Far less important to our shared passion than 1999 is, and just as much potential to win it all. We already look at 2000 as one of those "what could have been, but not that much better than a handful of other seasons in the following decade" years.

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