David N'Guessan commits to Mike Young and the Hokies

This now moves the Hokies 2020 Recruiting class to 19th in the country. A commit from Carter Whitt could put the Hokies class inside the top 10

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I'm pretty excited about this kid. Big dude that has a soft touch, can dribble, play inside, AND shoot the 3. Reminds me of someone.

Carter Whitt is listed on 247 as in the 2021 class. Are they trying to get him to reclass?

Yes, he has been looking to possibly reclass. But VT will take him either 2020 or 2021 if he decides to come to VT

That would put the #7 (Bamisile) and #9 (Whitt) all-time highest rated Tech 'cruits both in the 2020 class. I'm in favor.

Reminds me of Steve Nash with his hair like that.

6'8", This is new. I don't know we could recruit taller than 6'3"

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6-8, 6-5, 6-4 all in this class

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First thing I looked for when opening the article was: "How tall is he...."

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Finally some good news!

Welcome to Hokie Nation, David!

Mike Young in his 1st FULL recruiting cycle has a top 20 class so far with possibly more to come.

It amuses me to no end that so many people have said its damn near impossible to recruit basketball players to VT, and yet, if Mike Young keeps this up, you're really looking at 3 of our past 4 coaches (including current) who have been able to recruit at a high level here.

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So is VT Hoops Twitter nicer than VT Football Twitter? Is that why the hoops team can get good recruits?

To be fair, Greenburg, Buzz and CMY coached at VT when we were in the ACC. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to recruit when you can tell kids "You will go up against the best competition college basketball has to offer night after night and that'll help you reach your potential as a player."

I still have nightmares about the NIT every time I see Greenberg's name.

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naga naga...n'guessan he'll end up at the 5?

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I think he's more likely to play alongside Ojiako

No he's a stretch 4.

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classic scene, think about it all the time when grocery shopping


A hell of a pickup 😃👀

Open your eyes Nicholas

This now moves the Hokies 2020 Recruiting class to 19th in the country. A commit from Carter Whitt could put the Hokies class inside the top 10

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Any word on how we stand with whitt after his visit?

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This pleases me

5: Aluma 25, Ojiako 15
4: Horne 25, Ojiako 10, N'Guessan 5
3: Cattoor 20, Wilkins 10, Bamisile 5, Radford 5
2: Radford 20, Alleyne 10, Maddox 5, Kabongo 5
1: Bede 20, Cone 15, Bamisile 5

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FWIW, I can't see Ojiako playing any minutes at the 4. As much as we value perimeter shooting and spacing that would be a strange lineup. Also he's always going to be our tallest player on the court.

I would give Wilkins some minutes at the 4, and Alleyne some more minutes as well. Outside of Radford, he was really the only one who could put the ball on the floor and score, albeit by a mid-range jumper rather than at the rim.

I think he is going to have a big year - you could tell his legs just gave out on him later this year.

Isaiah Wilkins at the 4... shortest D1 power forward ever?

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I'm putting him there for his size. At 230 lbs he's only smaller than Ojiako at 240. He can therefore be used more as a stretch 4.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Looks like Wilkins is an inch taller than Malik Mueller so I guess not.

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Oh man, I completely forgot about Kabongo coming back! If he can improve like 3/4 what Radford did last year with some adequate playing time (assuming he can go after his ACL injury) that would be a huge gain for us.

N'Guessan 5 minutes a game? You're fired, no more coaching for you.

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Aluma was a 4 at Wofford but the 5 was a good playmaker. Not a great analog to Ojiako. But I would expect they will use Ojiako at the 5 and Aluma at the 4 a lot.

Bamisile will play a lot. May be the primary starter at lead guard by Jan.

We don't need it even want a traditional PG, we need drivers. That's what Bamisile is.

Word on the street is Kabongo and Wilkins are on their way out.

What street are you hearing this from? Better be a recalculation :(

Vroom Vroom

If we land Whitt and get him to reclassify, it would make sense for Bongo to leave.

It never makes sense for Kabongo to leave, he has a perfect basketball name.

Doesn't shock me about Wilkins. He had a really disappointing year and got passed by some of the younger guys. Kabongo probably just looking for a fresh start

Excited about his length + perimeter offense combo. Article coming tomorrow!

So will our offense basically be the 2008/09 Orlando Magic? Please?

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What a savings

Sweet! Now we just have to hope that we have sports next year!

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Great recruit getting us into the top 20 so I'm bumping it back up. Hopefully Sam posts the article on N'guessan soon. I'm definitely looking forward to more details.