247 Releases 2020 Transfer Ratings, Hokies Fare Well

247 Sports has released their updated rankings for Transfer Portal players. Here's how the Hokies incoming transfers stack up:

Khalil Herbert (RB, Kansas) - 4 Star (0.9000) and #1 RB

Raheem Blackshear (WR/RB, Rutgers) 3 Star (0.8800) and #6 RB

Justus Reed (Edge, Youngstown State) 3 Star (0.8500) and #4 SDE

Evan Fairs (WR, Kansas) no Transfer rating and #way down the list that doesn't have numbers and I don't want to count anymore but it's okay he was injured a lot at Kansas and may be kinda good I have no idea

I've said many times, the Portal giveth, and the Portal taketh away. I think the Hokies did just about as good of a job as anyone in the country with getting guys from the portal this year. I really don't care what team they came from.

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Just curious, does 247 update their class of 2020 rankings to reflect transfers?

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I'm not sure if they will or not after these rankings. I don't believe they did last year.

I don't know if they affect the class rankings (I don't think they do), but they do show up on the "commitments" tab in a separate section below the signees/commits.

But what about our losses in comparison?

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Hazelton - 3 Star (0.8900) and #2 WR
Ellis - 3 Star (0.8100) and #21 WR
Pickney - no Transfer rating and #37 WR
Patterson - no Transfer rating and #56 WR
Grimsley - no Transfer rating and #64 WR
Harris - no Transfer rating and #17 OG
Kane - no Transfer rating and #3 C
Mihota - no Transfer rating and #8 C (total of 8 Centers in the Portal)
Proctor - no Transfer rating and #18 WDE
Gaines - no Transfer rating and #19 SDE
Porcher IV - no Transfer rating and #16 DT

So Tech comes out net positive, in my opinion. Opens up scholarship spots, gets better at RB and DE, and a lot of those guys get a fresh start and a chance for some more playing time.

Lol, guess I forgot the /S

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
β€œI served in the United States Navy"


I think a net positive is an okay way to judge this current situation, but I think it's a little more nuanced than that:

Bringing in transfers at all is usually indicative of recruiting failures from classes 2-3 years ago, or to replace early draft attrition, we have much more of the former than the latter. Having so many outgoing players is often indicative of bad evals and recruiting misses in those past classes. On one hand it's great that we are able to offload those players (recovering crucial scholarships) and replace them with better ones, but on the other hand the sheer number of outgoing transfers can reflect a large number of bad evals or development failures. It's not a good thing to be in a spot where we were last year where we only had 5(?) graduating players on the roster. That does not reflect a healthy amount of attrition, and led in part to the bizarre situation we were in with the 2020 recruiting class.

After the last few seasons and the advent and increased popularity of the transfer portal, I think there is a fair argument transfers will forever be the new normal as far as QB attrition and movement is concerned. For many other positions it is becoming increasingly active and important market as well.

I think for VT moving forward a better look would be to have a similar number of quality incoming transfers in years where we need it, but that the number of outgoing transfers would be closer to the number of incoming transfers. This would suggest to me that we are still actively filling natural attrition holes with quality transfer players, but that we aren't having to separate as much chaff from the wheat. Less chaff suggests we are developing better and hitting evals more accurately.

There will always be disgruntled players leaving, among other more anecdotal situations, but over these past two years we saw a large number of players we deemed not to be at VT level that were "encouraged" to look elsewhere in addition to the outflow of disgruntled players due to the locker room issues of two years ago.

At some point this carousel has to stop with better on-field performance. Maybe 2020 is it (if we play games)- but at the end of the day the 85 man roster has to win games on the field. We can't be in an endless cycle of - Hazelton bounces, but we get the Kansas dude but we still go 6-6. Fuente needs to build a winning roster for the field, not the offseason.

I think this is fair. Early on I loved CJF getting all these transfers because I saw it as him plugging the holes in his system from what he inherited from the old administration (Jerod Evans was a home run hit in this regard). And on some level, it also seems like recruiting across the whole sport evolved recently to include more transfers, so that muddy's an evaluation of CJF's recruiting approach.

That said, this revolving door of transfers feels like a losing strategy relative to identifying kids out of high school and coaching them up over time. It just feels like to be constantly plugging holes with transfers indicates a larger problem with getting the high schoolers we want.

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I would love for the the roster to not have any holes and plenty of depth to step right up, but the transfer market is only going to become a bigger part of CFB. Several transfer QBs have gone on to have major success at schools that recruit in the Top 10 annually. I think the better hope is to only need the portal to fill out one or two needs and only need to consider the higher profile players.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

I agree. The transfer market isn't going away, but hopefully we get to a point where we are more often than not trading up instead of neutral.

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Other than Hazelton who was a net lose this year?

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Other than Hazelton is a pretty damn big disclaimer. I don't think we are in bad shape this year. But, imagine bringing in some of the guys we did and keep Hazelton. That is how we take a leap versus a baby step up or standing still.

Generally, I would like to see the numbers in and out be more comparable too but that may be wishful thinking.

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

I'm surprised Grimsley is rated so low. He's not a world beater but i still thought he was a pretty solid receiver for us

Hasn't signed on anywhere which probably lowers his ranking.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Does this end up another case of burned bridges/greener grass? I know that CJF said that they weren't taking anyone back from the portal this year (not trying to open that can again). I'm pretty sure we all would prefer Heze still on the roster providing some experience to that room.

Anyone know what our portal process is - Once you enter your name, do coaches sit down and have the heart to heart with the kid?

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No real sources to this, but I think it has something to do with getting closer to family as well as his drop in playing time.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

TIL learned Hazelton was leaving. Huh. That kinda sucks.

Grimsley was a solid receiver, ot would be great if he was still on the team. He certainly had his role for a while, and seemed to do a good job of blocking, which is the coach's peeve

People are fussing about the transfers out, so many of these were not even football related.

Grimsley had family health issues

Gaines mom died, and he needed a year away from the game to sort things out

It's not always bad evals or recruiting misses

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I found it odd Gaines didn't come back. I thought he was pretty disruptive.

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

He is out of eligibility, would need NCAA to allow him back.

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Reed too low. Going to make a huge impact for us.

I agree, but DE is very deep this year in the Portal. And last season will always have that FCS asterisk next to it, whether that's right or wrong.

Quincy Roche rated a 94 and the #4 overall transfer.

wouldve been nice

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I mean his .85 rating. Needs to be higher than that

This new grading system for transfers appears to be a work in progress.

In the JUCO grading scheme, there are no ***** , which would lead you to believe that is simply a scale that docks points for less eligibility remaining. (Rivals doesn't change the JUCO grades, so they have JUCO *****s)

It looks like they are applying a similar penalty to transfers, but last year they (247 service, not composite) actually moved Justin Fields up from .9998 to 1.000. Not sure they have a plan for this yet, but that grade sticks out like a sore thumb.

My guess is nobody is actually evaluating FCS players. Reed was graded .8503 coming out of high school, (which is essentially a blue chip recruit in the FCS). He has been successful there, so he's basically met expectations.

Round down previous grade because of lack of eligibilty remaining, and a non-Justin Fields isn't eligible for the Justin Fields super-bonus.

My first thought was this grading system makes no logical sense. How are they defining the rankings? Are they using the same criteria they use for an incoming frosh? If so, any player who can immediately step into a starting role at a quality P5 program should be a low 4* at a minimum. If not, what's the point?

My second thought was Reed is ridiculously undergraded.

My third thought was VT easily got the long end of the stick with the portal this year regardless of what these ratings may or may not say.

I forgot Evan Fairs! It's been edited sorry, Evan.

Fairs Enough

Landed the #1 RB. Like.


There are still a few QBs we might be able to go after for the long term. JT Daniels and Taulia Tagavailoa are both true freshmen who have at least 3 years (if not 4) years of eligibility left. Off Course these are the most popular that are available and will have to sit out a year. A few others, lesser ranked are available. Could have curtail the loss of Davis. It would be really hard to land guys like Daniels and Taulia but who hey the portal takes and the portal giveth...you never know.

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Taulia to me sticks out as a potential hot commodity. Would love to have him especially given his brothers success. I bet he lands at a high level P5 school.

Everything I have seen says FIU to be close to his brother.

I bet if he hadn't had the injury issues, Evan Fairs pretty well.

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yipee. if only these were non-transfers...momentum (farting noise)...

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Da fuq? Maryland?

Two year overlap at Bama when Tua was there and when Taulia was being recruited. He almost certainly had built a relationship with Taulia and the family. Locks also left Bama in good standing unlike a few other 2018 coaches (Enos). He didn't try to flip any of Bama's DMV recruits upon his move to Maryland and apparently told them all their commitments to Bama were best for them. I think that move left him with a lot of good equity with the Bama staff for enquiring about transfers in the future. Important to remember not all transfers are a surprise/bad blood related.

Also looking like this was a move out from the nest. There was a lot of speculation based on precedent that the fam would move together to South Florida, but they may all spread out now as Tua and Taulia move on and the family might stay in Alabaster for awhile longer.

Did Locksley's time at Bama overlap with either Taulia or Tua? Maybe that has something to do with it.

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Yes he was OC when Tua was still there.

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