Jeremy Webb enters the Transfer Portal

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Wish him the best, hope he can find a good place to play with some better injury luck! It must be so difficult recovering from achilles injury just to have another one right after...can't even imagine...

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Will be interesting to see where he lands. But it really SUCKS that we have him through two injuries and all of the recovery and then when he is able to play again, it's bye bye baby. WTH?

We have two potential first team All-ACC (and possibly one All-American) corners ahead of him on the depth chart. If the dude thinks he has NFL potential, of course he's going to go somewhere else to try and show it and not just sit back and hope Farley or Waller gets hurt. I know it's become a meme here, but he came in when we had literally no depth, and got passed on the depth chart. Just wish the dude luck, and cheer for the potential first round draft pick still on the roster.

I get it, and I hear you, and totally agree. It is just frustrating we cannot keep a guy like that (and Ladler, who I was high on) for depth, when the "haves" are stacking up 4- and 5-star talent on the bench like firewood. it's not like we haven't had our share of injuries to our DBs.

He was our #5 corner at best, and more likely #6. He wasn't going to play meaningful snaps unless something went horribly horribly wrong. Can't fault the kid for wanting to get real PT somewhere after all the work he's put in to get back in the field, especially since his NFL dreams are likely shot.

By all accounts he was a wonderful teammate that was beloved by both players and coaches. I'm sure this is a move that was encouraged by the staff. Not everything has to be negative my man

We just seem to have to have this exact conversation way more often than others. I totally see why it is discouraging.

One thing that this staff does extremely well is using the portal to their advantage, and that applies both to players coming and leaving. If you want to bring in guys like Hoffman, Blackshear, Herbert, etc. then you need to make room. I know it doesn't apply in this situation, but the staff is not afraid to encourage current players to seek opportunities elsewhere in order to upgrade the roster. Aside from situations like Hazelton, the amount of players that have left is definitely a positive for the program

Until Auburn starts pointing out our piss poor APR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By all accounts he was a wonderful teammate that was beloved by both players and coaches. I'm sure this is a move that was encouraged by the staff.

Really glad to hear this. Guy can't catch a break injury-wise, would have hated it if he'd also fallen out with the staff or something.

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You make some really good points there, thanks for the encouragement. And I just finished read that we picked up a commit from Jalen Stroman, so things are definitely looking up!

Considering he thanked Coach Mitchell and Scott, I'm somewhat surprised he's still here. I can understand a fresh start after all the injuries and coaching changes. People have left over less, best of luck Webb.

Good on him, hopefully he finds a situation that works out for him and gets a chance to hit the field healthy.

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
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Really disappointed I never got to see him strap it up at corner given how highly he was thought of in Blacksburg.

Agreed. He could have done really well if it wasn't for the injuries. One Achilles is tough but both is brutal.

Maybe he goes to join Mitchell at NC State?

I would guess that he's dropping down a level


I don't get all these UVA jokes that are still going on. They finally have a quality coach, lost on a fluke play 2 years ago, beat us last year and are bringing in quality recruiticorns. All signs are they are trending up, our program on the other hand...

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
β€œI served in the United States Navy"


Cuz - UVA, duh?

ALL the UVa jokes. For me. Give them. Now.

Leonard. Duh.

I don't think Bronco is that great of coach. In 15 seasons as a head coach, his team beat 8 ranked teams, only 2 of which finished the season in the top 25. He's publicly stated that he wants his teams to have the easiest schedule possible. His teams have stingy defenses, but to date, he's refused to acknowledge that offense exists. He's a better coach than TimeCop, but I think he has a ceiling.

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so we're no longer allowed to joke on UVA because they beat once in 15 years and are "trending up"??

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I would say we are absolutely allowed to joke on LOLVA. However this joke stating that LOLVA would be in a lower level of football wouldn't be fitting for the current situation. They just broke the loosing streak, played for an ACC championship and played in a NY6 bowl in the same season. When is the last time that we played in the ACCCG and a NY6 in the same season? If we don't acknowledge what they are doing over there we will be in the same position we were last year, unprepared for what they can do.

LOLVA provides enough material for the jokes to right themselves. We really don't have to stretch to make LOLVA jokes. Also here is a prime example of their fans just not getting it: Reddit post about embarrasing stats

To be honest, I want UVA to be better than they were. I want them to have hope. If they believe in their team, they can't just shrug off their losses and say, "we are a basketball school". When we beat them it's that much sweeter. When they beat us, it won't be such a rankings loss.

Mind you, I still want UVA to lose. But they were awful, and we haven't exactly been wiping the floor with them consistently. Our team needs to be good enough to consistently beat them. But, we need it to not look so bad when we don't.

I don't want UVA to get better. I want to crush them so badly, so often, that they drop the program to FCS.

I want to schedule VMI as our in-state rival because everyone else is scared to take the field because we maul all of them so badly.

But I may be a little "antisocial" in this regard.

I would love to see him at JMU. I know Coach Smith basically had no time spent coaching him, but maybe his connection there would help!

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Note to one DeeDee from TX, for a much needed tutorial on how to exit with class and grace refer to one Big Deuce Webb. Very classy departing statement from Jeremy Webb, all the best in health and at your next stop for college football. Thanks for your time with VT

What a great dude, I know him personally, this is not a negative at all, he has no ill-will towards VT, the coaches, or anyone he wants to get a chance to play somewhere and he knows are DB is strong at the top. He's gonna do great things where ever he ends up on or off the field.

Go for it

What really impressed me about his decision to enter the transfer portal is the next to last paragraph - he was willing to keep "selling" VT and that speaks about his character as a fine young man with a good head on his shoulders. Even impressed were the response of current and former players toward him - including Cam Goode - and it appears that the football team has a tight bond beyond Blacksburg.