Pro Football Focus: VT Ranks #21 In FBS QB Situations


Hooker has proven to be one of the most dangerous running quarterbacks in the country this year. He ranks first among Power 5 quarterbacks in: rushing grade at 83.2, 15-plus yard rushes with 12, total broken tackles with 26 and yards per attempt on designed runs at 7.3. As a passer, Hooker has been reliant on play-action to help get that facet cooking. When Hooker uses play-action, Virginia Tech has generated 0.51 EPA per pass (ninth in the FBS) and the quarterback has averaged 11.1 yards per attempt en route to an 87.0 passing grade. Without play-action, Virginia Tech has generated -0.22 EPA per pass (98th in the FBS) and Hooker has averaged 5.9 yards per attempt for a 60.1 passing grade.

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Kudos to PFF for perfectly capturing our passing offense and QB play in their grading system.

In our current scheme the passing attack is extremely reliant on play action and misdirection (schemed open) options. Even in our most reliable passing offenses (2016 and 2018) we really didn't show a lot of variance or consistency in true passing situations, particularly if our favored bread and butter route combos were taken away (2016 Cuse and GT).

Agreed. As French has indicated all along, this offense, although run from spread formations and utilizing multiple receivers, is not a sophisticated passing attack. It is heavily reliant on the run game and schemed-open passes off of the misdirection and play action. It's basically a one read and scramble passing attack. Sometimes only one receiver is actually running a designated route because the QB is only targeting one particular guy. As French has alluded to previously, we are basically running something similar to Paul Johnson's GT offense from the spread in a lot of regards.

When at Memphis it looked like there was more than 1 read but yeah thats what we have seen so far for the most part.

Eh, I would disagree with that. The difference is Lynch seemed to complete a ton of back shoulder throws when defenses would play deep shell.

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my impression is that Lynch got handed more and more of the playbook each year as he showed that he could handle it. I was hoping to see a step up from Hooker this year but COVID derailed all the offseason development

W/O playaction, we are shit. That's very obvious when you see HH drop back to pass. In 5 years, you'd think our route structures evolved. Nope. We have the exact same offense in 2020, that we had in 2016.

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Hooker has proven to be one of the most dangerous running quarterbacks passing running backs in the country this year.

There... that looks more accurate

That's how Corn read it.



Pickett has thankfully returned from injury, as Pitt's next option, Joey Yellen, put together the worst PFF grade in the FBS during his absence. Pickett hasn't been an elite presence when on the field by any means, but he isn't a liability out there like Yellen was. He at least provides reliable play at the position, ranking 32nd in the FBS in passing grade at 77.3. We wanted to see Pickett make far more big-time throws downfield in rhythm this year, but that hasn't quite happened. His big-time throw rate has actually declined from last season and ranks just 95th in the FBS.

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I know somebody has to be the worst, but damn. They were savage on Joey Yellen.

I'm really interested to see how the dropback passing game looks against Pitt today.

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