Radford Fam


ALUMA goes big time with 19 points.

Here's to more scattered benches and ball washing

See you against Temple next

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Gobble Gobble y'all. Feels good to watch something positive from the Hokies.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Hoops doing what football can't. I'll take it.

Any Hokie win is a good win! đŸĻƒđŸ€

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if radford had a football team we would definitely lose, so s/o the hoops team for making my sad ass happy

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Goods: a win. 40+% on 3-ptrs, pulled away as time went on, 4 blocks, more assists than turnovers, 16 points off turnovers, 20 paint points, 7 second chance points, great 2nd half scoring, Bamisile with 7 boards, Radford 5:1 ATO, 11 scholarship players played, Aluma's dunking and range.

Bads: 18 fouls, 72.7% FT (I generally like to see north of 80%), outrebounded, 14 bench points (I expected more), not enough minutes to go around, where were Ojiako and Cone? (I'm asking because I didn't follow the game thread, if anyone knows), Bede 2:2 ATO margin

Ugly: early possessions, Djonkam's bear/clock tattoo

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Cone is still recovering from injury. Not sure about Ojiako.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Horne was out as a precaution. Ojiako I hadnt heard anything on him. I was ok with the FT% as we have had years past where its 60 or below.

The fouls and being outrebounded were my biggest concerns, but some of that was CMY using a much smaller lineup. Aluma was the tallest guy for the Hokies much of the game. It worked here but likely will be a problem in the future.

Diarra seemed to fade out in the second half which was also a concern.

Diarra seemed to fade out in the second half which was also a concern.

Diarra seems like a high usage guy in our offense which was great in the first half when we couldn't get anything going and less so in the second half when we were moving the ball well. Overall, I get the concern, but I'm thankful he's on the team so far.

One reminder, that was pointed out a lot was that this was the first time we've played guys who weren't ourselves. Going to be interesting to watch in the OOC schedule to see how the team pulls together. I really like our potential as an ACC spoiler if we get hot, but I think we can all agree this team doesn't have the top end talent of Brent's last two years -- yet.

I remember those BE and early ACC years where we couldn't shoot free-throw at all. Those we rough years, we left sooo many wins on the table because teams just fouled us.

Cone & Ojiako both working back from injuries.

"John Ojiako is a year older and stronger. He's nursing a little injury right now, but we'll have him back soon." - Mike Young, TTL

Cone was seen in a ankle boot last week, and his father posted on twitter today that he would be missing this game. He was on the sideline, looking sharp in a suit.

Yeah CMY postgame said Cone was mostly out for caution at this point, and was able to practice Mon/Tues. Said he'll likely keep him out for the Mohegan Sun games this weekend as well, but he'll be good to go for VMI next Thurs.

Glad for the win, even glader if I could have watched it. So nice to have family threads again

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I tried so hard to watch this game and was looking forward to the ladies' game too, but love the win by the men and haven't heard about the ladies' game yet.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Ladies are up 24 - 14 after the first quarter. Kitley has 9 points and 9 rebounds.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

11 guys getting game action, Aluma leading scorers with 19 points in 24 minutes, Mike Young has a vision and a culture he is establishing at Virginia Tech FAM!

1-0 every week

Non-conference is actually like exhibition this year. Most teams will have 4-5 non-conference games and 20 conference. Hopefully the teams we're playing are just challenging enough for us to win but also work out whatever issues there are before conference play starts

Also so glad we have a hoops double header this weekend instead of football. Got decent opponents too

Watched the first half, tasty appetizer for tomorrow's big meal. Tempered expectations, but cautiously optimistic. FAM

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First thoughts. If Aluma and Boots and continue to shoot the three at even a decent clip we will be a dangerous team. Tyrece showing some range is going to force teams to not give him as much space which will open driving lanes for him. Diarra looks like the type of guy I want with the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. Doesn't shoot the three particularly well, but he has enough of a midrange and drive game that when the pace slows down he's gonna be good for that clutch bucket. Fell off a bit in the second half but it feels like we were trying to play a more system offense where he is gonna go off in more iso and transition situations. We have to hit open shooters like Catoor on the perimeter at a higher rate. It shouldn't take him hitting a couple ridiculous shots for us to be finding him with the ball. The more we can use him as a catch and shoot threat the better our spacing will get for our other guys t drive to the rim. Bamisile looked athletic and had a lot of energy. Loved his drive through a few defenders for the easy lay in, but he looks like he's just trying to out athletic guys right now instead of getting a better shot for his teammates when he's guarded. N'guessan looked like he's got all the potential in the world, but will need to develop some better touch on his shots. His feed to Pemsl was fantastic and if he can continue to playmake at that level were gonna be a lot of happy Hokies.



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Go hoops. Nice to beat somebody we should beat...unlike another sport. Hoping for good things from the team this year! Go Hokies!


My takeaways for what it's worth...
The Good
1. Multiple scoring threats. Boots, Diarra, Alleyne, and Aluma all look like they can get their own shot. Bede! Went 4-8 and 1-1 from 3. If he can keep that up, teams can't sag off of him to clog driving/passing lanes.

2. Better post play: strong post ups, nice duck in-hi/low game, sharper dives on the pick n roll. As has been repeated multiple times, last season all teams had to do was to guard the arc and keep the ball in front of them. We didn't have a consistent paint touch threat (drive or post) to force teams into help/rotation to free up our shooters.

3. Depth-COVID will eventually hit, there's always the potential for injuries and it appears we have enough productive guys to absorb the normal attrition most D1 teams experience in a normal season.

Don't want to rain on the parade but the Defense needs work.

1. Weak side D was inconsistent some guys were on the line/up the line and would lose sight of their man which led to slow rotations on penetration, offensive rebounds and easier shot attempts.

2. Transition D was weak. They didn't wall up well. Good secondary break teams will own them in transition. Most teams will have shooters running to the corners, ball attacking up the sideline with a runner crashing to the post. A couple of college coaches I know teach "walling up" to take lanes away while stopping the ball. If my team is built the right way, I'm attacking them in transition forcing VT to scramble and communicate. Even on makes.

3. Fundamental on the ball D. They never "jumped" to the pass which allows O to cut in front of their face on a basket cut. Simple hop step in the direction of pass prevents that cut.

The good news is that it's game 1 and some of these issues were present early last year but improved as the year went by. The defense needing work isn't surprising as that stuff takes longer to mesh, especially when you factor transfers/portal kids who were in different systems. I have no doubt that CMY will tighten that stuff up as the season develops and the guys get more game reps and game film to learn from.

I'm optimistic! The potential is there for a good season.

The Men and Women Hokies both handled the business they were supposed to. FAM!

Ladies won big, taking down Richmond 85-64 and definitely took their foot off the pedal at points. Kitley with 17 rebounds and the rest of the team with 23. All five starters in double digits but only two other bench players scored, which is concerning since they combined for 60 minutes of play and contributed as many fouls as points at 8. Good win though and a much more polished effort from their starters then the Men's.

I'm not going to get a chance to watch but how would Nolley fit in with this team? Could he have been a wing?

Edit: stupid auto correct!

Nolley? He would have been able to play more in his natural position but as for meshing, not certain it would have been a good fit when you look at where the points came from in Alleyne and Cattoor both hitting double digits. Not sure that happens if Nolley was still here.

Glad to see Mike Young address the poor shot selection and lack of ball movement in the Radford postgame. "At times it looked like an AAU game out there and that makes me sick" god I love this guy.