OT: The Homeplace Restautant is closing indefinitely

'We sadly have been hit hard': The Homeplace Restaurant in Catawba closes indefinitely


Man, this one stings. Hopefully they can reopen in the future.

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This makes me sad. What a great little place.

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NO!!!!!!!!! Oh that was one of my favorite restaurants ever.

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Sounds like it's closed through the end of the year with potential to reopen next year. Article made it sound like it's not closed for good.

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Apparently they changed up the way they serve the food. It's no longer "family style - all you can eat". I've heard they limit you to a few pieces of chicken...someone told us 3 pieces total for a couple. We are planning on going this weekend to confirm but in my opinion the fried chicken is what made that place. Bummer either way.

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Go, eat, enjoy.
I guess an adage applies:
Don't be sad that it ended, be glad that it happened.
I try to use this as often as I can... it gets more usage recently, and its tuff to keep using, but faith is a powerful incentive.

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Over 2 hour wait time tonight. They had to stop seating at 6:00

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The business model just did not jive with pandemic living, so I'm not totally surprised. Hopefully "indefinitely" just means when covid blows over and people can eat in a restaurant in large groups again, but IDK.

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I get that for buffets but the HomePlace is no different than any other sit-down restaurant as far as the way the food is served. I suppose what really hurt them is the spacing between tables. If you frequented the place during "normal times" it was always jam packed.

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Maybe that too, but what's different is the all-you-can-eat style doesn't really translate to takeout, doubly so when you're in the middle of nowhere. Sure, some people are cool with dining in, but enough are turned away I'm sure it hurts their bottom line tremendously.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

I freakin loved that place! I eat a LOT for a smaller guy especially there - everything was SOOOO good!

So glad to see the support tonight. Pics are awesome. The weather this week here has been fantastic (I played the River course yesterday...gorgeous). Go Hokies!!

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Loved that place. My roommates and ,I when we went, would always take a couple of frisbees and pass the wait time throwing them in the "yard."