Pookah Williams Opts Out from Kansas: Wonder how Miles Feels Now

Not sure how to imbed properly, but the guy Les Miles chose over Herbert to start at Kansas just [mod edit: opted out] for the year.... Glad #21 is with us!!!!

[mod edit: updated language to be more conciliatory towards a player in a tough situation]

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He didn't "quit" for the year. He mother is sick and he went home to be with her. That is a lot different than "quitting" on the team.

Agreed. Maybe a mod edit of the title is in order to class up the place?

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His mom is very sick. I'm sure he'll pop up somewhere, but school/football ain't on his mind right now.

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"Opts out" is a more charitable title. We sure are sensitive around here lately.

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Well in some circles, people genuinely believe football players are selfish if they care more about their family or personal health than football.

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Unfortunately true.

The people in those circles suck.

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I'm sure that's true. I don't think it's true on this forum and I don't think the OP made that implication.

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On a football related note: his numbers were better than Herbert's, which makes you wonder how good he could be running behind a different line.

Best of health to his family.

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Les Miles has the 'Rona, so he probably doesn't feel very good right now

maybe this is when we'll learn that eating grass is the best cure for it *shrug emoji*

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Maybe Pookah wants to transfer here next year too? :D

Honestly, in recent weeks, Pookah probably felt like a shell of himself...

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Ah ok. This sounds like something Eugene Porter would say from the show.

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Sorry to hear about his mom..best wishes in recovery.

I'm glad we got Heisman Herbert

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Here is his tweet:

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