Oh man, this hits just a little bit too close to home for the 2010s

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I love the SEC Shorts videos, they kill me. I knew the end of that one had to be Klempson dominating USCe for a decade and rolling into the playoffs every year. At least VT is located in a beautiful stretch of the Appalachians, rather than dumpy old Columbia. And we had the golden years from 1995 to 2012 where we felt like a perennial top 20 team with some glorious moments in the top 10. Nowadays, not so much, but there's always next year, right USCe fans?

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Columbia is such a shithole. Worst college town I've ever visited.

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Columbia is such a shithole. Worst college town I've ever visited.

Yeah lived there for 2 years....even a lot of the people that live there recognize how awful it is.

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I've only spent one night in Columbia, and my car was broken into.

Maryland has it beat.

One of the drunkest nights of my life was in Columbia. It is indeed a hole. But I had a good time

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Seems to me you could go right ahead and substitute Virginia Tech for South Carolina in that script.

I mean, didn't we play in the last Belk Bowl ever? Did ya SEE the backup QB for ODU in 2018? Guy had the game of his life. How about that time we beat #8 Ohio State in the shoe, and then lost to East Carolina?

Last Saturday morning an Alabama fan was walking by my house when I was hanging my VT flag up for game day - a ritual at my house. He said "Who y'all playing today" "Wake Forest" I said. He said, "Well, you shouldn't have any problem there". I laughed nervously.

I've LIVED that Halloween party. I live that Halloween party. I AM Virginia Tech.

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"sometimes we beat a top 20 team, just to follow it up with a blow out loss where the opposing team's freshman qb looks like Patrick mahomes.."


I feel attacked.

Yikes.....Only part that doesn't make this a horror story for me as a VT fan is that loluva hasn't become a Clemson yet.

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I mean they're pretty much there in basketball

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Thanks for reminding me that the nightmares can get worse. Though I actually think the nightmare may be that they achieve parity, and we remain locked in a battle for mediocrity.

Happy Halloween.