ITS BACK BABY Week 1 College Football Discussion

It's week 1 of college football:
Tonight we start off with Miami and UAB


Saturday features:
Syracuse and UNC
Duke and ND
GT and FSU
Clemson and Wake

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Am I a joke to you?

Chick Patty w/ Cheese

Week zero game.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Ah, touche!

Chick Patty w/ Cheese

Why yes, yes you are.

I live in Utah and approve this answer.

SMU TCU postponed to next week

I'm not gonna Soul Bond with UAB if I'm severely rooting for the Blazers tonight am I?

Sure hope the games are a lot better than week 0. Watched bits of 2 of them but quickly lost interest given how bad the blowouts were. The 18 hour Godzilla marathon on COMET was more entertaining. Would sum up the long weekend as:

Godzilla vs. Rodan >> Marshall vs. Eastern KY

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This year feels so weird. With everything going on, I haven't memorized our players' numbers or where they're from. The excitement level is low. I can seriously say I probably won't be yelling at the TV per usual. I feel like a casual observer because I don't know what to expect. With Fuente talking about barely being able to safely put a team on the field, I dunno. Weird times.

I agree. We just haven't had the build up that we typically have. There's been less hype videos, less season previews, less talk about up and comers. I feel like a team's ability to quarantine will have more impact on their results than talent on the roster.

We have a brand new DC for the first time since 1996 and we're barely talking about it. Crazy.

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Fuente and moreso Whit (not spending for a top paid DC) are taking a huge gamble on JHam. He is replacing a guy that was a top 5 DC for over 20 years, and it's his first coordinator's job and it was a "down the hall" hire that Jim Weaver got butchered for. It is a huge storyline that isn't getting much discussion, IMO. Fuente/Corn have not shown that they can simply outscore people at all. In order to win we need good defense. It's a huge gamble, IMO

It's a gamble, but I wouldn't call it lazy - I know you didn't call the hire 'lazy,' but I insinuated it due to your comparison to a Weaver hire. This hire was a calculated risk that we took after being outbid for Ashe and Odom. The staff was put together pretty intelligently IMO. It's not the ideal situation, but there's a potential upside.

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Yeah but combine it with making the decision right on the heels of the Baylor situation, and the optics sure aren't great. I wonder how focused at the time Fuente was on the decision, and if any part of it was a, "...sure...Hamilton" type of response while Fu's eyes were on the classifieds. I dunno.

JHamm is a gamble, but that's why Fuente surrounded him with the experience of a former P5 DC(/HC), and an NFL DL coach.

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Interesting point. From just watching the first few games, with there being little to no fans in attendance, the big crowd reactions to plays I think cause me to watch the games a little less emotionally and in a calmer manner. Now that may certainly change once Tech starts playing, especially opening against UVA, but the lack of crowd noise takes a lot of the emotion out of a big play for me.