OT: Going to Stillwater, OK this weekend/college football roadtrip

So with all the sports not allowing fans throughout the summer, it was refreshing to hear some college football schools were going to allow 20-25% capacity (mainly southern schools), so being recently single, I decided to do visit a new college town/univeristy for the new couple of months during weekends where they football team had a home game and allowed fans.

One of my life goals is to see most, if not all P5 college football stadiums, just like how a lot of retired people try to see every baseball stadium as a part of their bucket list. So this weekend, I am going down to Stillwater, OK to see the WVU/Ok State game. For those who may be wondering, planning on visiting/going to games at Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Clemson, Baylor, FSU, and Georgia where the schedule permits.

Wanted to see if any fellow Hokies have visited Stillwater/Oklahoma State... any must visits or eats? I have been told Eskimo Joe's is a must.

Thanks in advance!

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I used to go to Stillwater for work back in the day. Oddly I remember that town for one of the best Hampton Inns I have ever been in. T Boone Pickens stadium is nice - all red brick! Eskimo Joe's is an iconic college landmark - but it is a college bar/restaurant. Was a lot fun back in the day, but who knows what it is like in COVID times. I also recall enjoying Bad Brad's Barbeque quite a lot. If you happen to be a car stereo person, the Car Audio Museum is located in Stillwater on Kicker's campus. Very cool.

Go Pokes!

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go Pokes!

will reiterate Eskimo Joe's because it's the only place that I remember from that weekend. There's a great country bar/line dancing spot that I'm guessing won't be great during the ro-ro. I think Eskimo's has what my mind refers to as a 'Stillwater Rail' on the theory that every college town has some bar with some nasty plastic cup full of rail liquor and sweet shit. Since tots calls it the Rail, that's what everyone's gets called.

Great stadium, great gameday atmosphere that you'll totally miss. #2020.

Be sure to give us an update on how the town is doing and your experiences there. I can't be the only one who's morbidly curious.

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yea will do!

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As a current gator i highly suggest you sub out that fsu trip for a UF visit

As someone who's been to both towns/stadiums, I second this.

That's on my list, forgot to add them... good call!

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I was able to go to the GT game this past weekend. It was great to be inside a stadium. Finally got me pumped for college football.

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yea it sucks I won't be able to experience the tailgating and full stadium crowd but I am just excited to get back to a somewhat normalcy feel... at least when it comes to sports.

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After I moved to Austin, a UT game was high on my to-do list. I was very, very disappointed. You'd think with +100k in the stands it'd be an awesome atmosphere, but Lane really puts them to shame.

I'll also second (third?) UF over FSU, if just to avoid the incessant war chant.

Why go to Stillwater when you can go to Lane Virtually?

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LSU and Alabama are 2 GIANT stadiums, also recommend Neyland stadium for the campus view you get as well

Go for it