Virginia Tech Hoops will participate in MTE event at Mohegan Sun

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Cool!!! Let's go...

Go Hokies


Well, now I will be getting all kinds of adds for this Casino because I had to google "Mohegan Sun"

Tyler, Can you break down what this means, and what your thoughts are on it?

Is everyone doing events like this? Is it a tournament? Does this take the place of opening tournys of the past?

How should I feel?

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MTE is Multi-Team Event. Basically, there will be group of teams that go into a bubble at the Mohegan Sun in order to play some ball. Tyler can break it down further, but that's the big overview.

And since the NIT and other sort of tip-off tourneys aren't on the board, this will be similar to the pre-conference play, then we come home for the ACC slate, as I understand it.

MOAR ball! So I like it. Especially with this team.

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This is exactly what I was looking for, Leg to you good sir!

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recycling, but so sweet.

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As vtnerf said, MTE is a multi-team event. This particular MTE was submitted to 80+ college teams and to the NCAA for approval, and I assume if Tech has accepted the invite that it is approved by the NCAA.

This "bubble-Esque" tournament could feature up to 24 teams over 10-12 days in Mid-December. A lot of true pre-season tournaments are turning to this style such as the Maui Invitational, as a lot of MTE's are being moved down to Florida. Yes, this would take place instead of these normal pre season tournaments.
Definitely should feel good, as it gives Tech more games than traditional non-conference games as well as a tournament-style play to hopefully get us ready for postseason play. Four games would be played each day over the 10-12 day period.

it gives Tech more games than traditional non-conference games

What do you mean by this? If there are 24 teams, and 8 play each day (4 games per day), that means you'd play on average every 3 days which seems to be in line with normal non-conference play.

I meant through tournament style of play instead of one-off games with teams

Fuck that places lost a hundred there the only time I ever I mean go Hokies

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Me too! In about the first 8 minutes...

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

If I only lose a hundred that's a damn win.

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Tournament information

For those that want a little more insight into the intent of this bubble event and how it works financially. Could be as few as 2 games, or as many as 6, depending on how many teams commit and how many games Virginia Tech budgets for.

Looks like the matchups have been determined, with the Hokies playing USF and Temple

Should win both. Also no championship game? Rhode Island may be the most quality team in the lineup and of course we miss them

Doesn't seem like it, not sure why they went away from the tournament format.

It's pay to play, so they are giving the same number of games, unlike in a tournament.
Plus this is replacing the OOC games, so at least this way you know your opponents, just like OOC play.

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You could still give the same number of games with a winners and losers bracket.

Could, but this is to replace the out of conference games. So this is more like that where you can actually prepare for each opponent before hand.

And for TV purposes, nobody wants to tune into the last place game. But scheduled games, where you know the opponent and time, makes it easier to program. And sell ad time. And actually put on air.

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Well as my mom is a huge fan of URI & Tech and lives about 30 minutes away I will be looking into a ticket for her.

The organizers are not planning to allow fans at the games,

-ESPN article on the Mohegan Sun bubble.
Unless protocols fans.

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Thanks, I missed that.


you know, every time i see "URI" i can't help but think "urinary ract infection"

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