Michael Durr Commits to Hokies (USF Transfer)

The 7-foot-1 junior averaged 8.8 points, 7.9 boards, and 1.0 blocks per game this season.

Are we allowed to have players this tall?

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Does this mean we get to have nice things after all? Tallest player since Robert Krabbendam?

Not if you count football. Remember Bucky Rodgers?

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Didn't he also wear really large gloves? Like 6XL or something?

Luke Minor 7'3"

Nah, this guy is 2" taller than Krabbendam

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Anyone know what his style of play is? If he is mobile and athletic, than I will be much more happy with him than someone like Pemsl.

Pemsl is leaving the team per Twitter.

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Pemsl had a knack for getting in the right spot at the right time on offense and by that nature got some easy layups that not every player is smart enough to find the spot for, he was just over matched on the defensive end and his ability to create offense was very inconsistent

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I don't mean to trash Pemsl, but in the modern game your big man has to be able to matchup with guards on switches and Pemsl isn't the best for that.

That said, apparently Durr only shot 41% from the field last year, which seems absurdly low for a 7 footer, so Pemsl might have him beat there

I think Pemsl's body didn't match his skill - in that his best numbers came as a freshman before he started suffering from injuries. That's the downside with really any big - feet, knees, and back can go at any moment. His actual instincts on the court looked useful but his actual movement always looked labored at best.

Pemsl never was able to get into a good rhythm. He was out for a month-month and a half with his back then came back to the two Covid pauses

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Durr isn't going to matchup on the perimeter on switches any better than Pemsl.

Durr is basically best case of what we hoped Ojiako could be next year. Big guy, some post moves, physical player, a little bit of a shot, gets after it on the boards.

He basically Cordell Pemsl + 2". He's a role player on our team, assuming Aluma returns, but an important role (as Pemsl showed when healthy).

Michael was one of the first offers by newly hired Patrick Ewing at Georgetown in 2017, fwiw.

A rim protector, that will allow Aluma to play some 4. Not a huge scoring threat but does add nice size.

1-0 every week

I'm very interested in what CMY sees as his role. I don't think he's good enough to move Aluma to the 4 full-time (their best lineup will still involve an Aluma-Mutts front court imo).

His potential really intrigues me though, seems to have a nice touch from 18 feet out. Can he extend it to the three?

All of these highlights are on offense. I was hoping for a few rejections on the tape. Can he really be the rim protector we would like to have on defense?

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He averaged just over 26 minutes per game this past season...I don't imagine he would transfer for a significant cut in floor time, but I think he could give us 20 or so minutes a game. Will be interesting to see if Ojiako stays or not, this gives us 5 big men at the 4/5 spot (David, Aluma, Mutts, Ojiako, and Durr). I guess against bigger teams (UNC, FSU) we could have times where we slide Mutts to the 3 as long as we have 2 other shooters on the floor.

Ojiako should be a RS Sophomore (I think) next year. He would be a sophomore if he hadn't left HS early. He could end up being the starter for his final two years, which is more normal for big man development, so I'm not sure this impacts him staying that much.

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Ojiako will be a c-SO this fall. He's played 2 years, but all players are getting a free '20-21 because of COVID. He has 3 more seasons to play, plus an available redshirt season.


David N'Guessan for anyone like me who couldn't remember his first name.

Unless Ojiako makes a big leap (which can happen), my guess right now is Durr will primarily be the back up to Aluma. Ojiako is still pretty damn raw. Watching what highlights I've seen of Durr, he looks more comfortable out there. We'll probably see some Durr/Aluma cross over minutes as well.

I'm pretty positive Durr will start with Aluma and Mutts

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His FT percentage climbed each year from 53%-63%-79%, one of my personal preferred indicators for shooting ability, if that 79% is real and he has worked on his shooting stroke a 3 pointer is more than possible

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Looks like he has played 3 years. But with the Covid freeby, he should have 2 years left.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

A 7+ foot player in Blacksburg and he's on our team.....that's allowed now?

10 points on 50% shooting, 7 rebounds and 2 steals against us this past season.

Hey remember when we used to whine about having to go up against the sequoias that FSU had?

yeah, that seems like so long ago now.

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stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

I can't see this

the way that site is describing each players class is a bit off.... it's not accounting for the free covid season everyone got for '20-21. For example Maddox and N'Guessan are FR again this fall, with 4 more seasons to play.

Hey, an actual center! I didn't think those were allowed to play in Blacksburg.
I fully believe CMY will use him as such, too.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I am simple man, I see tall basketball recruit, I give turkey legs.

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Obviously a TE in the making, just has to get a little taller...

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Then they'll just move him to QB and TKP will melt down. It'll be a whole thing.

a 7'1" center seems like he'd have bad leverage in pass protection tho

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